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    Includes Expert Content
    Is there something wrong with my brain?
    rookfive posted:

    My parents and friends could potentially see this, so I've written the apology right at the top. I'm sorry for anything personal you learn about me that maybe you didn't want to know.
    And here we go. I smoked some kind of super marijuana. It was of a much higher standard than what I normally smoke. The interesting part is, it suddenly feels like something in my mind has cleared. In the last week ( These are non-horn tooting examples ) I have managed to: Put into motion a business model and proposal for a startup that will generate large sums of money with virtually no overhead, began working on attempt to help an indie Game company pick up steam by suggesting content hosting company for their game community's custom work. I've suddenly become more active with my closest friends and family. I've noticed an increase in motivation to do simple things that I had previously thought to put off. Washing my car, going to get my health checked out, which isn't terrible for a twenty eight year old man. The point is, I smoked the stuff and it feels like a world of terraformed in the flash of an eye. A week before that, I really had no idea where I was going in life to some extent. I work as a service desk technician for a rather successful local hometown software company. The work isn't bad nor is the pay, but I personally think they could be printing money if they changed two or three things. So a job, an amazingly supportive girlfriend, but still I was the epitome of procrastination, I avoided my friends and family more than the recommended amount. When the Item-9 ( Pineapple Express and now what I'm calling it ) hit my frontal lobes, something suddenly changed. I haven't smoked in a few days <= four, maybe five days?
    Here are my closing thoughts. You're nearly finished. So here I am, smoke free for 2 days and the Monster Sea Horse is still running full tilt ( hippocampus - Wiki this ). Research and breakthroughs must be credited to encourage those just beginning their research to see it through, I feel. And we let the ancient traditions of a few scared and long since passed individuals from the early 1900's that our scientific research can't continue?

    My own personal research during the course of writing this has led me to the conclusion is that we haven't scratched the surface of what restorative powers the sixty plus chemicals found in Cannabis are capable of when applied correctly to the right parts of the brain. I searched for twenty minutes trying to find a side effect of ( CBD cannabidiol - The strain of cannabis that reduced a young girl named Charlotte's 1200 seizures a month to three. The strain is officially named "Charlotte's Web" Look it up, the story is very uplifting. If we can't put our own ignorance and fear on hold long enough to help everyone instead of just those that can afford it, then I truly believe we have already failed on a global-wide level.

    I didn't think I advocated the use of cannabis, but the benefits certainly appear to outweigh the negative side effects. I'm not exactly sure which side of the thin line of clever and insanity I stand, but I'll continue forward on either side and enjoy wherever I'm headed.

    TLDR: I smoked medicinal grade marijuana for the first time in my life and immediately felt faster, smarter, stronger and I also believe I could have possibly self diagnosed and treated or at least improved, what I believe to be a defect in my own brain.

    Have a great day everyone! I look forward to talking to some folks. I'm about to get ready to go into work, but send me some messages. I enjoy discussions. I believe that's what brought me here.

    rookfive responded:
    Quick edit because I can't do it in my OP

    And we let the ancient traditions of a few scared and long since passed individuals from the early 1900's that our scientific research can't continue?

    Should be:

    And we let the ancient traditions of a few scared and long since passed individuals from the early 1900's tell us* that our scientific research can't continue?

    Again, have a great day!

    rookfive - Just a guy
    Gina Pera responded:
    I appreciate that you are enjoying what you perceive as increased brain function. That's always welcome!

    I would caution you, though, about conducting grand-scale experiments on your brain and about the changes in perception that such substances can create (hint: they aren't always accurate).

    Still, I know many adults with ADHD who have resorted to marijuana for various reasons, none of which are "for kicks" but because they perceive real benefit.

    I would encourage you to look into other methods of improving your brain function, though. Some people with ADHD are more impaired by the crushing anxiety accompanying it; for them, marijuana seems to quell that anxiety and free them to be more functional.

    Still, even those people risk impaired brain function over time.

    I've heard of Charlotte's Web and its alleged impact on seizure disorders. For children who have been treated with more benign methods, to no success, it sounds like a lifesaver.

    But for ADHD anxiety, there are MANY other avenues to pursue before you resort to a highly experimental "last resort."

    You can make dietary and exercise changes, and you could look into amino acid supplementation as well as vitamin/mineral deficiencies and food sensitivities. All these changes will serve you better in the long run, and not just in terms of brain function but whole-body function.

    If all that enough, it's worth looking into medications for ADHD, prescribed carefully and monitored closely. These are well-studied medications that, when taken appropriately, have a very low risk profile, especially in terms of liver damage.

    Good luck in making your decisions,
    Gina Pera replied to Gina Pera's response:
    Pleaes add "IS NOT" to that last paragraph, i.e.:

    If all that IS NOT enough, it's worth looking into medications for ADHD, prescribed carefully and monitored closely

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