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    my son currently on adderall xr
    hobbsmommyof2 posted:
    my son is currently on adderall xr and it doesnt seem to have any positive side effects for him. His mood swings and anger is in extreme mode which is very rare. He is always upset or angry about something and my poor little boy's smile and happiness has seemed to disappear. the dr told me to lower his dose to 5 mg ( it was at 10mg) and to come in and see her on Monday. I am at a loss on what we do from here. I read up on a lot of other medications but seems so confusing. He is only 6 and has had a really rough childhood ( he is adopted) and I am really trying to find some advice, suppport groups. Please help me
    momuv4girls responded:
    Does your son see an ADHD specialist, or Child Psychiatrist?

    In my opinion when a child this young is medicated, it should be by a specialist.

    hobbsmommyof2 replied to momuv4girls's response:
    Yes we have a team ! we have his pediatrician, social worker, psychiatrist, and clinical supervisor and his team at school. so there are a lot of people involved.. Just trying to find some advice and suggestions.. thanks you
    momuv4girls replied to hobbsmommyof2's response:
    I see, well that's awesome he has a whole team working with you guys!

    So, does your son have an IEP yet, or is the team working on implementing one ?

    The good thing is, there are a lot of medication options - so if one medication doesn't work, then the Dr. can choose another. Medication trials can be frustrating, because each child reacts differently - so trial and error is the only way.

    I will attach some links for you to explore, and hopefully you can find some support and help.
    Some areas have more help than others, just depends on where you live.

    Take care!
    hobbsmommyof2 replied to momuv4girls's response:
    thank you sooo much for the links. I really appreciate it!!
    Gina Pera responded:
    Hi hobbsmommy,

    Please know that Adderall XR is only one of the possible options, and it's not for everyone.

    Your physician should be working to make the best selection of options and trying each at a low dose, slowly increasing.

    Also, please know that the majority of adults and children with ADHD have a co-existing condition (anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, etc.). So, these need to be addressed as well when making medication decisions. The stimulants (but especially Adderall, in my opinion) can exacerbate anxiety/depression if those aren't also being addressed.

    Please read up on the medication choices. The only way you can know if you are getting good care is by educating yourself first. If you know more than the physician, you might want to keep looking.

    My book is for adults, but the guidelines for medication are generally the same for children. it's called "Is It You, Me, or adult A.D.D."? I offer it only because it's hard to find "real world" guidelines about medication. So many books say, "Talk to your doctor." Well, what if your doctor is not as expert as he or she should be?

    Best of luck,
    Gina Pera
    Gina Pera replied to hobbsmommyof2's response:
    All those people and the only thing that's been tried is Adderall? No, that's not good enough.
    mommyplus5 responded:
    My son which is 8 is finally on 10mg of Adderall xr. This took about 5 other trial and error meds to find the right one. Even the mg. was so touchy. I understand how you feel seeing your little boy not be himself. My bubby gets a bit o.c.d. at times now and used to get ticks from different meds too. I remember a time when my own brother would even hear voices. Stay strong and know that just by asking questions you're being a great mom and showing more love than a lot of other parents. It may take months or even years but you're on the right track. Good luck to you all.

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