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    Includes Expert Content
    ADD help please!
    mommyplus5 posted:
    I'm a mother that is WELL aware of ADHD. My little brother had it and so does my son. My only problem is, I suffer from ADD and so does my daughter who is just now diagnosed. I've lived through mine without meds but now that I'm trying to find the best meds for my daughter, all I get is ADHD results! She's on her second day of Vivance and already has burning welts on her face, hasn't eaten, and is getting headaches. It's not helping her yet with concentration. She's getting Hyper. She's NOT a hyper kid. she's fidgeted before but now its even more. She cant stop talking too. What can she take for REAL ADD??
    pgrant75 responded:
    I All three of my boys have ADHD. My older son took Adderall XR and my middle son takes Focalin XR. They also had side effects that in time wore off. But my six year old has had severe side effects from both meds. He had emotional as well as physical. So much so he would shut down at school, easy to cry, constantly biting his fingernails, fidgeting with his clothes, and those awful tics in his face. Just last week my husband and I took him off completely and his doctor agreed the side effects were too severe for him. We tried Focalin first then Adderall neither worked. In fact the side effects became worse. There are some children who just can't take the meds my baby is one of them. This has been on going since Sept. Some meds have a different effect on kids. Instead of helping it does the opposite. His teacher and I stay in contact. She has notice a HUGE difference in him in just a couple of days and so have I. Adderall XR and Focalin XR helped my older two. Ask your doctor about them hopefully it will help your daughter. Good luck.
    mommyiam1 responded:
    My daughter has inatentive ADD. She is not really that active. The stimulants didn't work for her. She either didn't sleep or eat. What I have found that works for her is Straterra. She has been on it for quite a while, As she has gotten older, she has needed something else, so we have her on metatdate CD or methylphenidate cd. It works really well. They are older meds, but sometimes they work better, They have in my case.
    Gina Pera responded:
    Hi mommyplus,

    Finding the right medication for ADHD is a process involving trial and error. There are many choices of both medication and the way it's delivered (patch, time-release, osmotic pump, etc.).

    It cannot be determined ahead of time what will work best for a person. There must be a careful trial of various types to see what works best.

    What did your physician say about these results?

    What do you mean by "real ADD"? Do you mean there is no hyperactivity? That doesn't matter. The same medications work for ADHD with or without hyperactivity. It more depends on the person.

    Was the dosage of Vyvanse too high? Does she definitely have ADHD or could there be some other issue, such as food sensitivity (gluten, etc.)? There could be a co-existing condition (anxiety, bi-polar, etc.) that could be exacerbated by the medication.

    Primarily, I will advise you quite strongly to address your own ADHD. It takes all the focus and attention we can manage to navigate the healthcare system for ADHD. A parent who has untreated ADHD is operating at a disadvantage.

    Moreover, a parent's ADHD symptoms can further exacerbate a child's problems, especially if the home is disorganized, there is conflict, the child is not receiving proper help with getting organized, having a quiet place to study, etc.

    Good luck,
    Gina Pera
    mommyplus5 replied to Gina Pera's response:
    Dear Dr. Pera,
    ADD as in She is not hyper active at all. So far what has worked well with her meds is she doesn't get up in class all day and can sit still long enough to focus. Her emotions are a bit sensitive or testy. But she's always been an emotional person. I'm a bit manic an compulsive so every thing is constantly being organized and cleaned. Some would say you can't even tell I have 5 kids. She has tutoring twice a week with a church member of ours and receives extra help in school. Her grades are getting better so I think what we'll end up doing is giving this med. a chance for another month so we can get a bigger picture. She does suffer from head aches. Is there something safe for every day headaches for children? I also try to give her some extra protein in her diet. It took a year or so to get my son on the right meds too which we now have to get a booster for the rest of his day.. Sometimes it's like there's too much going on with my children, I put my own disorders on the back burner. --What is your personal input on Dr. Amen and his study of the 7 different types of A.D.D.??
    atti_editor replied to mommyplus5's response:
    Hello mommyplus5,

    You might be interested in this article about home treatment for headaches in children. I'm glad that you have found a treatment plan that is working for your daughter! With 5 kids I can only imagine how busy you must be, but it's also important to try and take some time for yourself -- you deserve it

    Best wishes,

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