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    At a loss and need direction
    teratos posted:
    I am the father of an ADHD 5 y/o boy. I myself am ADHD and I remember what it was like growing up with this. I want better for him and to be accepted. my wife and I have tried so many doctors, and methods, read so many books- none have worked and I'm at a loss. I dont know who to go to see or even talk to. Every doctor (4) we've seen says a different medication is the answer based upon a flier that we fill out in the waiting room. They all say the same thing - "it's classic, It's classic" but the meds dont work or he's so slow that he can't even tie his shoes. I need a doctor that wants to help not just fill his schedule. I will drive anywhere. I live in MI. and will go anywhere if i can make his life any better. please give me advise as to where do i go from here? who can I trust?
    momuv4girls responded:
    I feel for you - this is really tough. Unfortunately medication trials are necessary to find one that works, BUT it is imperative that you have a really smart Child Psychiatrist well versed in treating children with ADHD.

    I am not sure where in MI you live, but a Children's Hospital such as this one I found (in MI) is a really great start.

    If you scroll down the page on the link, there is an "ADHD Clinic" - and I believe this is a great place to start.

    Your son is young and needs a top-notch Dr. who can help and guide you through his school years.

    Take care, and I hope this leads to some good help for your family!
    akwsu responded:
    I hope for the answers you seek as what's cool is you're working hard for your boy and being his advocate. All I can say is we've started our 6-year-old on 5mg of Adderall. It has worked tremendously for me and changed my life so that's the first route we started with. Plus its been around for almost 100 years I believe.
    He's been having a hard time in kindergarten and shows all the my relating to him as you are with your boy. So this first week of the 5mg has showed some nice results; however we'll need to see if it needs to be changed to 10 or try a time release and see if that works. I'm also trying to temper this all with the fact he's still 6 and will act like a 6-year-old does. But we're also doing behavior therapy along with it so we're covering both sides of it all. I haven't focused on diet and other issues as they never helped me. My medication and own therapy is what's made the difference in my life so that's the route we're taking with him.
    I wish you all the best in your efforts. This is hard...we want the best for our kids. Again I wish you all the best in your efforts.
    smw695 responded:
    I understand your frustration. I took my son to his Pediatrician who seen him with a School Physcologist for 20 minutes and said he was borderline ADHD and wanted to push meds right away. They didn't seem to really want to go through the process I felt was necessary. I dis a lot of research and found a local health provider that specializes in ADHD. I would suggest you do the same. I took him to Harbor Behavioral Health Center in Toledo Ohio, not too far from Michigan, so maybe they have one in your area. They have a system where they see a Physcologist as well as other professionals. They did testing and spoke to him one on one a few times a week for about a month before they came to a decision. I felt he and I were treated appropriately and that they gave him the time he needed. And like most of the people on here, we tried a few different meds before finding the one that was best suited for him. Unfortunately with the meds its all about trial and error! The other thing I will add, is that he still see's the Phsycologist every other month to keep things in check to be on the safe side. These meds can have serious side effects so I have him seen every other month and have an EKG done every year so I am comfortable that I am doing what is best for my son and hgis health! I wish you all the best
    Gina Pera responded:
    Hi Teratos,

    First of all, I'd like to compliment you for your honesty. So many times, parents get so confused by the dizzying array of opinions (especially online) that they throw up their hands in resignation. Some find it easier to blame "drug pushers" or "Big Pharma" for the very idea of ADHD. You have risen above all that and staked your claim solidly in getting appropriate help for your son. Kudos!

    Other commenters have given some great advice. If that clinic is not convenient to you, there are other good resources in Michigan.

    Oren Mason, MD, is in Grand Rapids:

    Arthur Robin, PhD., who is a top ADHD expert in the field of children and teens, in particular (he co-wrote, with Russell Barkley, "Your Defiant Teen"). He is the Chief of Psychology and the Director of Psychology Training at Children's Hospital of Michigan. He is also in private practice, near Detroit, in Bloomfield Hills.

    Finally, you mention that you have ADHD. Plenty of research has shown that parents with ADHD have a harder time parenting effectively and, more to the point in your case, identifying and following through on good interventions for their children with ADHD. If your ADHD remains problematic, it might be that you and your son could pursue treatment together. That would be quite the bonding experience, and bound to be very helpful for both of you.

    Good luck!
    Gina Pera

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