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    Adderal and Testicular Pain
    An_266223 posted:
    Are you taking Adderall? Even if you're not, I'm sure I know what the problem is. Doctors call it Retrograde Ejaculation, but your father/grandfather called it Blue Balls. Follow this; Adderall can restrict blood flow to extremities (such as, perhaps the penis?) even during sexual stimulation and physical arousal routines. This blood flow restriction can, in turn, affect the erectile portion of stimulation, ejaculation and orgasm. However, even when blood flow restriction makes erection more difficult you're still just as likely and sometimes more likely to get sexually stimulated when taking Adderall. Now don't freak out, I didn't say erection was impossible, you're simply less likely to get wood from seeing some random cleavage or a particularly salacious photo of Martha Stewart (sexy!). Just tell her (or him or them as the case may be) to stop laying there like a lump and put a little work in and you both (all) will be fine. In fact, because of the way stimulants affect your body and brain chemicals many people report that stimulation can happen more frequently and orgasms can be much better and more intense when taking Adderall. Because you're more likely to become sexually stimulated but less likely to become physically aroused, when your "boys" (and when I say boys I mean your testicles) get the arousal and emission signal from the sympathetic nervous system, they release the 'hounds' (sperm) regardless of your current state of erection. These 'sperm' (hounds) then swim up the canal, get lost, turn around, and finally become stuck, creating buildup that can get painful. Even without the restricted blood flow, if you're fooling around with your significant other, maintaining erection and a high level of arousal without ejaculation the same thing will happen because the emission sequence has already initiated, however the orgasm and resultant ejaculatory reflex has not released the ejaculate. Essentially, once sexually stimulated a reflex is triggered by the sympathetic nervous system which then triggers the emission portion of ejaculation and orgasm. This will create a build up of sperm which has unsuccessfully tried to pass through your ejaculatory ducts. Fluids from your seminal vesicles, prostate, and the bulbourethral glands (and yes I did have to look this up) that combine to create ejaculate can also build up in the general area, creating more pressure. Because the penis is either not erect or has not been allowed ejaculation, the resultant build up of ejaculate can become painful. As for seemingly non arousal retrograde ejaculation due to Adderall, remember how I noted earlier that another side effect of Adderall is heightened stimulation and sensitivity in orgasm? It's important to note many people experiencing this problem notice small amounts of ejaculate or 'dripping' immediately or soon after urination. Simply stated, it feels good to pee because urine comes out of the same mucus membrane ejaculate does (that's the head of your penis, a very sensitive area.) The process is as follows: A person urinates, this causes a little over stimulation of the mucus membrane, the body produces ejaculate, but because of no erection or ejaculation it has no where to go, so some seeps out and the rest gets stuck. Causing TESTICLE PAIN! Unfortunately for some people Adderall can: 1. Restrict blood flow, making it a little harder to achieve erection (the main way men realize they are sexually stimulated) 2. Increase stimulation in your sexual organs, making them more sensitive and reactive. 3. Tend to lower the sex drive (perhaps because when not sporting wood, men don't realize its sexy time.) So some men may masturbate or have sex less then they regularly would, creating unusual fluid buildup, then get more physically stimulated then usual and not achieve release. Basically Adderall is penis tease. No wonder you tentacles are mad at you. All right, we solved it! Now the solution. Masturbate more. That's right, the best way to fix your testicle pain is to ejaculate more often, and for most men that means masturbate frequently. 'Clean the pipes' as a medical solution may sound silly, but less stored ejaculatory fluids means less involuntary ejaculatory emissions, meaning less 'blue balls'. And if the situation happens again and becomes painful, try cranking out a quick one. Once you've tried my miracle cure I bet you'll say, 'WOW, the pain is gone!' or your money back. NOW get out there and start playing with yourself. It will make you feel much better.

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