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    Confusion about Adhd Medication
    stregoi posted:
    Hi, a great ressource here for ADHD, i hope someone, can help with some suggestion about how to deal with medication. any help will be appreciated.

    I am a 35 male, diagnosed with ADHD, for 4 months ago. I do work as a doctor, taking my residency in Orthopedic surgery. Due to the stress at work, my symptoms were aggraving, and i was at the point of loosing my residency. Thats why i seeked help, at a psychologist and a psychiatrist, who diagnosed me with ADHD.

    1) i startede with 5 mg Ritalin, increasing to 20 mg x 1, which was the optimal dose. then i started to took it 3 times a day. It was very good. but i was interessted in taking a drug that lasts a long time so i do not need to take it many times.

    2) My psychiatrist, changed me to Concerta 18 mg x 2, and then increased 36 mg x 2. But i could feel nothing at all. i felt kind of depressed.

    3) My psychiatrist changed me back to Ritalin long long lasting, this time, 50 mg x 3 a dag. i had no sideffects, and it was working i got more productiv, and the inner and outer restless disapeared, so i could sit and study quitly and focused. the problem is that i have to take it every 3,5 hours, which is not optimal at work, and after 3-4 weeks i startes to get ticks in my eyes and takycardia.

    4) lately my psychatrist changed med to Vyvanse 50 mg x 1 and Ritalin 10 mg as a supplement as needed. the problem is i cannot feel any changes with Vyvanse, other than no apetite, i feel alot of inner and outer restless, i cannot sit and study, i start procrostinate. but as soon as i take 20 mg Ritalin. after like 25-30 min. my body quites, no resless legs, no inner anxiete.

    My questions are:
    - should i increase Vyvanse to 70 mg ?
    - Is it better to go back long lasting Ritalin ?
    - i have night shifts sometimes ( 15:30 - 09:00) ... who should i take medication there ?

    Sorryl, but i feel kind of lost, kind of desperat, because i know that the medication works, i just cannot fint the right way to take it, and my psychiastrit are not that much help.
    I hope you can give me some suggestions.
    Thank you.

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