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    Includes Expert Content
    An_267787 posted:
    hi everyone my name is corey I'm 19yr old and suffer surver adhd, my anger rattily I have been surfing it more and more I have a 10 month year old baby that I'm still learning things about how to look after and things but my anger is getting the better of me and I was wondering how to prevent this problem as my mum and rest of my family keep telling me I really need help iv come to my sense that I do need help I was on concerte xl when I got diagnosed at 16 stopped taking tablets as my anger was still to bad for the tablets to work as most teenagers are yes I have done drugs that I shouldn't have i.e cannabis to keep calm and some uppers because I am j=young and was stupid and yes have been in trouble with police good few times, so my question is I'm looking for help is there anyone recommend in Scotland Inverclyde that can support me and guide me to control and help my adhd I have been told to say to my doctor to refer me to the anger management team but I really having got months on then to here back as I need help as soon as possible thank you for taking time to read my problem and hope someone here can help me out

    your sincerely


    p.s sorry about half the spelling as I didn't not get kept in mainstream school because I could not be in a big group of classmates as I got distracted and misbehaved, and went to a school that was meant to help but put me back a couple of steps that I shouldn't have.
    Gina Pera responded:
    Hi Corey,

    I'm sorry to hear of your struggles.

    You know, a study just came out recently showing that children with ADHD who are medically treated early and continually have less chance of developing a substance-use disorder.

    In other words, ADHD itself can present a greater risk of "self-medicating" with marijuana and street drugs. So, this is not personal failure of yours but a biological vulnerability.

    It might have been that the Concerta was at too high a dose. Or, even too low a dose. It's impossible for me to say.

    Hard-to-control anger can have many causes. Some are "psychological" and will respond to "anger-management" classes or therapy.

    But with conditions such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, and even depression/anxiety, the anger has a biological cause. And, it's best to focus on that first. Especially if other attempts to control temper seem fruitless.

    You have a little baby, and that means your hormones might still be affected from the pregnancy. But of course a little baby places demands on one's "focus" and patience.

    ADHD itself is associated with "emotional dysregulation." That is, anger, temper, etc. The stimulants (such as Concerta, Vyvanse, etc. ...I don't know the choices in Scotland) can often help the person to better control emotional reactions.

    Perhaps the Concerta was not the right stimulant for you; there are other choices you can try. Perhaps you needed a different dose. Or, you might have needed a second medication to address depression/anxiety.

    Many adults with ADHD do best on two medications -- one for core ADHD symptoms (a stimulant) and one for the co-existing conditions such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia (typically Strattera or an antidepressant).

    Perhaps you can connect with a Scottish support group, to get some tips on finding medical care, etc.

    Here is a link:

    Good luck!

    Gina Pera
    Adult ADHD Expert And Author

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