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    Ritalin not working
    adk522 posted:
    Hello, i have been on Rittalin for about a month now. i have experimented with different dosages and the only benefit i am getting is more energy. I called my DR and he wants to try Adderal, but i am not sure that will work either. I tried adderal with another DR a while back and it was about the same as the Ritalin.... Has anyone had a similar experience and what med eventually worked? I was wondering if something like Wellbutrin would be a better direction.
    teeny79 responded:
    Even if adderall worked great for me that isn't a guarantee that it will work great for you. Make sure to let your doc know if a med doesn't work for you and ask about the wellbutrin. He may be willing to try it with you. If not wellbutrin there are other options out there. Research a few different meds you would like to try so that when you go back to the doctor you can ask him or her about them.
    sandie_law responded:
    Like any other medication, Ritalin doesn't work for everyone. Granted, it helps a lot of people - that's why it's usually the first drug doctors try. Work with your doctor very, very closely.

    It may take a while to figure out which drug/dosage works best for you, but you shouldn't give up. You doctor may end up prescribing a combination of medications - from what I've seen here, that's not uncommon.

    I was lucky in that Ritalin worked wonders for me. I'm currently taking both Ritalin and Wellbutrin and I feel like myself for the first time.

    It might help to keep a symptom log for a while. While we were working out my dosage, I kept a log tracking my medications, basic ADHD symptoms, and other emotions like depression, stress, and anxiety. I was able to see how long my medications lasted before wearing off, that I didn't need the same dosage throughout the day (I take less in the late afternoon than I do in the morning and at lunch), and that my symptoms get much worse (regardless of dosage) right before my period. I had my husband add notes to the journal to provide a more objective point of view.

    Keep at it...and ask your doctor about ALL the available options. If you're not seeing a psychiatrist yet, you might want to find one - they specialize in these types of medications and have more experience with them than a regular primary care physician.
    Collegekid2k responded:
    I tried Adderall first day ever on ADHD meds, at 10mg, very low dose, and I feel so ###### fantastic it's just amazinggg......27 years of insanity, semi depression, wondering why people couldn't be around me...I was a complete a$$, cut everybody off, talked way to fast, way to much, didn't care what anybody had to say, and now, I have a 2-3 beer buzz and just want to talk and listen to people.....I think you should give it a go man, you can always email me and I'll give you a daily update since I just started

    God Bless and keep on keeping on


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