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    Ritalin and Celexa Mix
    jcooper66 posted:
    Are there any dangers involved with mixing Ritalin and Celexa (SSRI)?

    Please do not tell me to check with my doctor, I am asking here and this really is a straight forward question.

    I have a friend that is taking 40mg of Celexa once a day and he went to his doctor because he has no energy at all and needed something for it. His doctor prescribed Ritalin for him twice per day. I just want to make sure there are no dangers related with this. I know the doctor knows better than I do, but I dont care for that doctor and I just want to make sure.
    Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome welcome! I'm sorry, there is no one here that could answer this question responsibly. There is no doctor on this message board that can answer this question. This is member discussion, some times busier than others, so it might seem quiet here at times. Your friend needs to call the doctor or pharmacist to be sure. It just makes sense. If the doc prescribed the meds, we can only assume he/she knows of the other drugs your friend is on and knows of reactions. But I would have your friend call just to make sure.
    jcooper66 responded:
    I think I said dont tell me to call the doctor. I am asking here! I called the pharmacy and they said no interactions "that they are aware of ". Not a very good answer if you ask me.
    vai1972 replied to jcooper66's response:
    I was currently prescribed Ritalin with Celexa because other things were not working. They tried Nuvigil (which insurance wouldn't cover) and it made my OCD worse (pulling hair). I started it today. Because other options were not working (Wellbutrin and other less sedating anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds) the psychiatrist prescribed this. Ritalin is not something to mess around with though. I'd be careful and I'll let you know what happens on my end.
    Ender12 responded:
    I know this is an old post, but just thought I'd give my experience since this is what I'm on. Been taking 20mg Celexa for about a year for OCD thought patterns, mild depression and SA. Totally helped with my OCD thought pattern, all of a sudden I was no longer constantly lost in my depressed head. Bad part was fatigue, never could get enough sleep. Read about Provigil, Dr gave me a trial Rx, did the trick, did not feel sleepy, but way too expensive, insurance wouldn't cover.

    Then he give me Ritalin Rx about six months ago, I have never felt so complete. OCD thinking was gone from Celexa. Ritalin gives me energy, confidence (which I've NEVER had), love of life, love of new experiences. On 30mgs per day of Ritalin, also take Adderall for two days every week or so to fight Ritalin tolerance.

    Literally like I just started a new life at 38. So outgoing, love to be around people, coaching my son's soccer team (something I NEVER would have done before). Have been taking Taekwondo with my kids for about two years. Now wanting to actually teach it at the gym. Before the thought of being in front of people made me sick. Now almost like I crave to be in front of people to do anything.

    Ritalin is not dangerous if you keep dosage to prescription level, do not start taking more (which is tempting), will build up tolerance faster. It has COMPLETELY changed my life.
    goldenresume responded:
    I think I can answer this for you. I am NOT a doctor or anything, but I was diagnosed with ADD about 11 years ago, and taking Ritalin since that time.

    I've always had some degree of depression, been hospitalized several times, different meds, etc. but have periods where I'm ok, that's about the best way to describe it. In the past couple of years, however, things in my life were becoming worse by the minute, and finally, I knew I was in serious trouble if I didn't do something. I saw my doc and told him I wanted to try an antidepressant, because I was at the point where no talk therapy, self-help remedies, or a good kick in the ass were going to help me. I was beyond those solutions. He agreed and the first drug he put me on was Celexa.

    I had some mild nausea and dizziness for a few days, but otherwise didn't have any other side effects, (which really surprised me.)

    Oh, before I forget, he also put me on Clonazepam for anxiety. To make a long story short, there didn't seem to be any drug interactions, or problems, however the Celexa simply did not work for me, even after doubling the dose. Next we tried Effexor, with the same results, and now I'm on Welbutrin. It's helped more than the other two, but this couldn't be the best I would ever get, so we may have to go to plan D, now.

    Anyway, to answer your question, there was no problem taking the two drugs. Even if my doc made a mistake, I have a pharmacist I trust with my life, have known for almost 20 years and is a personal friend. He would never allow me to be on a combination of drugs that could do harm, so that's the answer.

    Now, don't quote me, because everyone has different reactions to drugs. It may not be good for you, but generally speaking there are no negative interactions.
    rcros replied to Ender12's response:
    Your inforamtion was very helpful. do you take 30 mg of Ritalin once a day or do you break it up? I am also on Celexa and have been for over 10 years and just started taking Ritalin for ADD. I have said for years that I am always tired and could never get enough sleep so I am very excited that it will help with this as well as my ADD.
    49651 replied to Ender12's response:
    Hey I was reading your post and I gotta say I feel the same way you used to... I just feel like a slave to my short comings all the time, no energy I sleep in all the time. My depression is so intense somtimes it makes me physically ill to my stomach. This dissorder has cost me many jobs and relationships over the years, so I've been self medicating with opiates just to feel like I belong you know... But when ever I run out or what ever my depression is just waiting at the door stareing me down. How did you go about getting put on this drug? Cuz it seems like every doctor I talk too contridicts the last one and all the things I've been perscribed just doesn't work or it has horrible side effects that which out wiegh the bennifit. How do I go about getting what ever it is you were perscribed because your mood disorder sounds alot like mine brotha! Please I need help and I am so sick of self medicating...
    kathyva replied to Ender12's response:
    Hi, I just want to say that your post on Wed MD explained my life completely as well since I started taking both of these medications. It is amazing to know that there is another way to live! I am also ready Delivered from Distraction. Who knew I had ADD all this time! Anyway, thanks for sharing and I hope that your life contiues on this progressive and postitive path
    kathyva responded:
    It was suggested to me to take Celexa at night and take the Ritalin during the day. It sure helped me.

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