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    Includes Expert Content
    fish oil for ADD
    An_191072 posted:
    I give my ADD son fish oil, (omega brite to be exact), and it works better than any of the ADD meds out there.
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    Boyzmomee responded:
    I'm glad you found it works for your son. For most people it does not work as a single treatment. I use it for my son along with medication and environmental supports.

    This is a very interesting site that lists supplements and appropriate medications for sub types of ADD/ADHD. You might find it interesting.
    Stephanie_Mom responded:
    Fish oil? What type of dose do you use? I have a 5 year old and a ten year old both with add would they use the same dose or is it based on body weight?
    SFGiantsgirl responded:
    I take fish oil and it doesn't help me remember things. Glad it's working for you, I take Carlsons fish oil sold at Vita Cost.
    SFGiantsgirl replied to SFGiantsgirl's response:
    Maybe I should up my dose to two? I weight about 125lbs.
    becca_madd responded:
    My son has many things wrong with him and 1 of them is ADHD. I would just like to ask... what sings did u see with the fish oil? How did it work batter then meds. He has been on so many meds and he is only 5, but if it was not 4 the meds I could not care 4 him. Plz help I would love to try any thing then meds!
    Tina5050 responded:
    Which one did u try
    Gina Pera responded:
    I guess that means your son is doing well? Or, do you mean you didn't have luck with the medications?

    Sometimes physicians aren't as careful as they should be in both selecting and titrating medications. That means parents give up, often too soon.

    Of course, all humans need essential fatty acids for brain health as well as healthy skin, hormone support, etc.

    But there actually is no evidence that fish oil has a mitigating effect on ADHD symptoms. Here's a blog post on the latest research, excerpted here:

    "Results from this well-conducted study provide clear evidence that EPA supplementation is not a helpful treatment for a general sample of children with ADHD. This conclusion is based on the finding that the primary outcome examined by the researchers — the sum of parent and teacher ratings on the Conners rating scale — showed absolutely no difference between treatment and control groups. There is thus no basis for recommending EPA supplementation as a general treatment approach for youth with ADHD."

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