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    How Can You Get Most Out This Community?
    Lainey_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Hello members,

    Welcome to the ADD/ADHD community! Please feel free to post or join in any discussions on this community.

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    Yours in health,

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    allen1964 responded:
    Hi everyone, I'm a 47 yr.old male. I found out last year I have ADHD. Which answered a lot of questions I've always had. The Dr. told me I've had it since childhood, which I believed. I'm thankfull I found this site. Need your support. Thanks
    Chris_WebMD_Staff replied to allen1964's response:
    Welcome Allen!

    I'm so glad you found us too! Please don't forget to start your own discussion at any time by clicking the orange "Post Now" button at the top of the page.
    He who has hope has everything. - Proverb
    nettablessed replied to allen1964's response:
    allen, i am so glad to meet you! i'm new here as well and just making myself available to support, understand and help wherever i can and needing some of that myself from time to time.

    anytime you want to talk, just do so and welcome once again allen.

    below is just a snap-shot of where i'm at right now in my life:

    hi community, i'm glad to have found you!

    49 yr old female here who has been challenged with adhd since age 16, (among other related conditions).

    here to learn, listen, share and care.

    currently on ritalin but have taken:
    adderall, (ir and xr)

    it's been a long road trying to find the medication that will work for me this time.
    jclyd responded:
    Hello I am an Older ADHD problem child and new to this whole thing here so I hope to get involved with something helpful in my
    crazy lonely world? Thank you very for things I will learn about?
    mizrallen responded:
    Hi! I think this site has a ton of information. I am newly diagnosed-although, based on the many messes throughout my life, know this is not new. My college-aged daughter is also being treated, hopefully it will be a better year for her. My question is - I am a 1st grade teacher. How do I keep all the stuff organized, meet the deadlines, and be a good example for my students? Also, how do I best help my little ones who have the disorganization mastered and their parents (I am not allowed to suggest ADHD, but can think of at least 10 kids in the past 2 years who did not have the hyperactivity piece, but certainly were off the charts on the attention factor. Thanks for any help/ideas!
    berolrnr responded:
    Hi, my name is Dennis and I am turning 70 soon. I am a bus driver who has been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and am certain that I have ADD and probably ADHD. I am looking for professional help to confirm my suspicions and get help. All the reading and online evaluations I have done point directly to ADD and maybe ADHD. I want better control over my life and future. I live in the Seattle area.
    berolrnr replied to berolrnr's response:
    Thank you for the helpful information. If anyone knows how I might find professional help in the Seattle area and how I can determine what type of help would turn this frustration into triumph I would be eternally grateful.
    Madelinlu responded:
    I am new to this community, but not so new to ADD. I was diagnosed at 61, and could have had a party when I realized I finally had an explanation for the awkward way I had lived most of my life. It was miraculous at what I could accomplish after I started on Adderall XR. I am now 64, and a nurse in Home Health pedi skilled nursing. For the past several months I have gradually become more anxious, much more fatigued, irritable, late for everything- including my job, my paperwork, housework! At this point the Adderall XR (45mg/day) isn't working at all and I was in a better place than this before I was diagnosed with ADD. I am due to return to my Dr. on the 8th and would like to know what alternatives I might have -other than just increasing the dosage on the Adderall? Has anyone else had this happen? and did you change medication? I have low blood pressure and I take vitamin supplements and eat a balanced diet. I have no other medications or illnesses. Thank you for whatever feedback you would share with me!
    makhail9 responded:
    Hello I am the mother of a son born 9 yrs ago premature thats been diagnosed with adhd. I didn't want to put him on meds but i tried everything i could think of. I dedcided this year to put him on focalin. It's is great but it don't last long. The first dosage was 5mg did nothing. The second dosage 10 that worked great he was doing well in school. Now i noticed that its not working i'm not happy. Is it normal for the dosage to change in months? I'm nervous because i dont want to give him this anyway and now i dont know what to do?
    melbwell responded:
    Hello all, I'm a dad of two boys(24 & 19). The nineteen year has exhibited what I believe to be signs of ADD. By no means is he hyper, but in the past attempting to get him tested and diagnosed seemed to be a bunch of red tape and cost an arm and a leg. Right now he's a senior in high school and is struggling to get through. He has a lot of difficulty focusing. What do I need to do?
    ARTerrall responded:
    Hi everyone, I'm a 40 year old female who was diagnosed a year ago, four years after my daughter was diagnosed. Which explains alot of the problems I have throughout my life, especially with implementing the suggestions for her . Now I'm learning how to deal with it and create a better structure for her and her younger siblings. This site is helpful.
    msyomac responded:
    Hi, I am 56 years old and have been employed as an administrative assistant for about the past 8 years. In those years, I have been reprimanded for botching calendar items and other scheduling errors. this has indeed left me feeling like a dunce, but my other skills (soft) like great customer service, problem solving and troubleshooting (the same I guess) and researching items no one else wants to do is what I do best. I am also pretty hands on and finally realizing that perhaps office work is not my mien. What would you suggest for someone who has no problem starting over, but in what kind of work? I have to make a living as my husband is a retired carpenter on disability and I am the primary wage-earner in our house. I do suffer from anxiety and have dealt with chronic depression in the past. Admittedly, these revelations about my work is pushing me toward depression and I just landed a job where my probation has been extended and I already want to look for another position. Any advice?
    sankarsan responded:
    Hare Krishna
    This is Sankarsan Nitai Das from INDIA. Few days back, i really getting stressed out why I am always confuse, no active output (even after thinking so much), procrastinate. I search over net to get solutions!!!! Thanks Web MD for posted nice articles & slide shows (esp daily living tips for adult adhd). By following instructions of this article there is lot of change and hope in future i'll recover myself with WebMD. Thanks once again
    dspikeris2 responded:
    I'm 54 years old. I have been struggling for years. When I have looked to my doctors for help they shrug me off and give me anti depressants. Not the answer. I'm not looking for meds to mask the problem I would like to be tested and diagnosed and go from there. I believe after years of extensive research that I possibly have ADD and Anxiety disorders. Can't get a doctor to take me seriously. Anyone else dealing with this?

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