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    Adderall XR
    downrightdaffy posted:
    I was diagnosed with ADHD-Acute Inattentive Type before starting college. I have been taking Adderall XR for 6 years now. I have seen a vast improvement in almost all areas of my life, including my focus while behind the wheel. I went from struggling through school and constantly hearing "she's so smart, why doesn't she do her homework" to getting on the Dean's List at my university. I highly recommend looking into this medication if you have been diagnosed and are struggling as an adult.
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    healthfreakgrl responded:
    As someone that did not start taking adderall and being diagnosed until my 4th year in college, I am happy to hear this! It helped me very much too I went from barely passing to nothing lower than a C-If that. It provided great self confidence for me to see that I really am smart and that I just have ADD. I also have the inattentive type. I am curious, do you plan to stay on adderall after college? I am now graduated and I wish I could go without medication but I am afraid I can barely function without adderall now!
    Boyzmomee responded:
    My son has been on this medication since he was 6 and he's now 13. It helps him a great deal.
    angeltots responded:
    my son was diagnosed of add and adhd when he was in kinder and his now in 6th grade, and he was prescribe an adderral xr 5mg, in the first month of him taking it we noticed that his appetite was a bit low and he was not been sleeping good, and when it comes to school the teacher stop complaining in the long run he continue taking it but we are scared of what we read about the side effect, and just this summer fast we take him out of it, and when the school year start the complait start again, we were thinking if we can swicth him to another medication? do you thing thats a good idea?
    Boyzmomee responded:
    My son is 13 and has been taking Adderall XR since the age of 6.
    deogratis responded:
    Do you know if this drug causes more or less loss of appetite than Vyvanse?
    FocusChallenged responded:
    Thanks for your information. I have been taking Ritalin at work for a long time and am at a point where I want to learn about current meds for ADHD. I may ask my doc about this. Appreciate your post. My issues at work are over-focussing and too many disruptions at once. I'm a checker and if a coworker interrupts me while I'm counting change or trying to work 2 different transactions, I get snippy. I don't mean to, but I have to focus and get tripped up easily. The Ritalin helps but I'm wondering if other meds are better. Sometimes I have to run 2 "lanes" (transactions) simutlaneously and then I'm risking a walkout.

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