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    Includes Expert Content
    Chronic Post Nasal Drip
    asabado123 posted:
    I have chronic post nasal drip for almost 10 years now. I have had every nasal spray, every anti histamine, every over the counter medication. Ive been allergy tested and am allergic to grass and weeds, but im never around them. My ENT is out of ideas, nothing makes the post nasal drip stop, and its BAD. It drains into my stomach all day long and makes me nauseated. I am going to National Jewish Hospital to see a doctor there, hopefully they have an idea.

    Anyone else have any ideas?
    Gregory M Metz, MD responded:
    Sorry to hear about your drainage. Have you tried sinus washes? Do you have chronic sinusitis or nasal polyps. Have you ever been treated for acid reflux? Hope your upcoming appointment is helpful- keep us updated.
    asabado123 replied to Gregory M Metz, MD's response:
    I was checked for acid reflux, didnt have it. I had a CAT scan to check for polyps, there werent any. Ive done the nasal rinses 2 or 3 times daily, isotonic and hypertonic, doesnt help. I am seriously out of ideas.
    Aqua14 replied to asabado123's response:
    Thes might be dumb questions, but have you tried Atrovent (ipratropium) nasal spray? And have you tried a nasal antihistamine like Patanase or Astepro? Atrovent is particularly great for stopping runny nose (in fact, that's the only thing it does). Have you been evaluated by an allergist? Allergists would probably have better expertise than an ENT in evaluating this. Also, have you tried different combinations of medications -- say, Zyrtec-D plus Atrovent -- or just one med at a time? Sometimes we have to take multiple meds to address all of the causes of allergy symptoms.

    Just some thoughts, hope they help you. Judy
    It's never too late to be what you might have been. ~ George Eliot. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
    sgbl88 responded:
    Yes, have you tried atrovent? It stops the drip for me to the point of driing me out. I can have break through drainage in about 20 minutes if I don't use other stuff with it.

    I pretreat for problem situations with Patanase, Atrovent and NasalCrom. I never have a problem when I use all three, but if I leave one out of the mix.... not pretty.

    Just a thought.

    asabado123 replied to Aqua14's response:
    Yep, ive tried that. Both 6% and 3%. It used to work but now it doesnt anymore. Ive tried zyrtec D too with the nasal spray. Trust me, ive had every nasal spray there is. The steroid ones make my nose bleed after about 2 days. The Atrovent nasal spray was the only one that worked, but it doesnt anymore. The only thing i can think of is its osme kind of food allergy, but i cant find anyone who does food allergy testing. Im hoping National Jewish Hospital does.
    valh60 responded:
    I would be very intersted in knowing how if you get any success or have anything that works. I have had post nasal drip for several years as well and have had little to no success either. I have had one doctor tell me I had allergies and then a second one tell me I didn't. I have had allergey medication that actually made my symptoms worse and we didn't find out until we stopped it for allergy testing that it had caused me to have two years worth of a chronic cough. I have had no success with nasal sprays either. Tried several kinds as well. Nasal washes made me feel as though I had been swimming underwater and actually made me feel worse so I had to stop them. I have a cough most of the time and get colds and laryngitis quite often. It is awlways feeling like there is a ball of phelgm at the back of my throat that I can never swallow. Feeling very fed up!
    ACuriousOne responded:
    Have you tried avoiding wheat in all its forms (eg. including rye)? Wheat sensitivity has been known to cause PND.
    awalk33 responded:
    Try not ingesting dairy products in any form.
    awalk33 responded:
    Try not ingesting dairy products in any form.
    joekhar responded:
    I have the same experience as you. Went through all that you went. 3 years ago I started allergy shots, starting weekly, and
    now doing it monthly. Along with allergy shots I was taking
    tussionix ( A cough medicine containing hydrocodone). This
    made a normal life possible for me. I always had problem
    refilling my cough medicine which was the major source of drying my throat. As of this Friday, my physician refused to
    renew my prescription because of having hydrocodone. He said that his license will be in jeopardy. So, for the last two nights I have been drowning on my own saliva. Looking to find
    someone who can help me. I am a business man on my 60s
    Not a drug dealer, nor a drug user. My physician was Dr. Maguire from Palo Alto medical foundation. In palto alto California. I have major issue with a physician that refuses to renew a medicine, with no warnings. I am a human being and
    deserve to be treated with dignity. I was mistreated. Now looking for a good facility in San Francisco bay area to go. Any suggestions?
    jonnycash responded:
    In the most cases post nasal drip is a result of a chronic sinusitis.

    Maybe you can find some usefull information on this site:

    chronic sinusitis

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