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    Allergy with all foods
    SupShin posted:
    I am writing for my daughter who is 20+ years old and a university student. She has allergy / food intolerance against all foods. She can take only boiled rice, boiled green beans and boiled low-fat chicken. That's it - nothing more, nothing less. She cannot take even mineral water - only tap water from England tap. Without food she is fine. If she takes food, her stomach swells (becomes like a hard football), breathing trouble, itching finger tips and palms, shaking limbs, inside trembling, throat infection and throat ulcers. She stopped all foods now for an year. Even then this allergy attack happens just like that. Now she develops sugar craving. Sometimes it becomes so strong she becomex violent. If she takes sugar then allergy symptoms appear. If she does not sugar then she becomes mad and restless. I don't know what to do. GP did all tests and scans, now gave up. These come from almost all foods, say, vegetables like cauliflower, potato, spinach, aubergine, tomato etc, all fruits like apple, strawberry, grapes, banana, nuts, dates, oranges, peanuts etc, all dairy products like milk, yogurts, chocolates etc, fish, soya products and many other. Besides food, perfume, shampoos, hand wash chemicals, dust etc also cause severe problem. She doesn't have any hay fever or eczema. We don't have any pet at home. Our life style has become totally pathetic.
    The GP sent my daughter to St. Mary's hospital, London for allergy test. The hospital did visible Dermatographism. They did skin test for her with grasses, trees, house dust mite, moulds, cat, dog, hazelnut, walnut, almond, peanut, brazil nut, cow milk and wheat. All of them came negative. They did prick test with fresh fruits such as apples, strawberry, lemon, grapes and banana. All were negative. They diagnosed it as possible chronic idiopathic urticaria, the cause of which is impossible to find. They referred to Dermatology department. My daughter takes medicines like Nasonex nasal spray and Loratadine tablets for some relief. The dermatology did numerous blood test and found everything OK except high antibody. They prescribed Piriton tablets, but it didn't help much.
    Do you know any similar case? Why does allergy come from all foods? Is there any way that you can help? I live in West London, UK.
    ryanandleigh responded:
    Has she always had these problems or is this something new? My daughter is 3 and allergic to many foods. The allergies were diagnosed with the RAST blood test. I do believe that you can show a negative on the skin test but a positive on the blood test. I do recall reading somewhere that you can be allergic based on skin contact to something and not when you eat it or vise versa. (I can't touch raw shrimp but I can eat cooked shrimp just fine.) Anyway, when my daughter was diagnosed, I searched the internet and found other cases of people worse off. Some of them sound similar to your daughter. I would try searching on the internet for "allergic to everything". I recall there was a case of a 13 year old in England who could only eat like 3-4 things. Maybe looking up these stories will give you another avenue to pursue. (a doctor's name or disease to check out)

    Another option you can look into is Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. We are actually trying this on our daughter since her allergies (food and environmental) have caused her eczema which we can't get under control since we can't possibly eliminate everything she is allergic to (nor do we know all of the things that cause her itching.) Check out for a practitioner in England. We have been going for 7 weeks and have seen an improvement in our daughter's health and a reduced allergic reaction to some foods.
    SupShin replied to ryanandleigh's response:
    Thanks a lot, RyanandLeigh. I reallly find your response helpful. I am really confused. She is studying now engineering in nantechnology. She did not have these problems, say, 18 months before. Gradually she became sensitive to all foods. e went to St. Mary's hospital in London (best for allergy). They did skin prick test with many items and did not find any allergy. We did many blod tests with negative result. They told that it was urticaria. Only Anti-histamine is the medicine. We went to homeopathy and they prescribed medicine R83. It seems to us that after 3 doses her symptoms became more vigorous. We saw dermatologist, gastroenterolgist, did scanning etc. But all are negative. So no allergy. We checked 113 food intorance test from . Only 8 foods like wheat, milk, egg etc are mildly positive. But she had same symptoms with all other foods which are positive. Then why is she reacting to all foods so vigorously? Puzzle! I don't know who can crack this puzzle. Anyway, thank you very much for your response.
    Katayoe replied to SupShin's response:
    I would start researching candidiasis - or systematic yeast infections. There is a lot of conflicting information out there - but seems that this could be part of the puzzle with your daughter, especially considering the sugar cravings.

    Good luck!
    stlllooking responded:
    this is a really old post - i certainly hope that you and your daughter have been able to figure out what was going on. i'll add though that i'm experiencing the exact same thing - for years now. i can eat virtually nothing or i get a constellation of symptoms from every system in my body.

    at this point, after so many normal tests, these are the things that i'm currently looking into, in case something here might help someone else: allergy to h pylori or giardiasis or other intestinal bacteria, ibs with atopic symptoms, gastroparesis, d-lactic acidosis, small bowel bacterial overgrowth (bacteria produce histamine), a mast cell disease such as mastocytosis or histamine intolerance, tropical sprue, and pancreatic enzyme deficiency - all over the board, yes, but i'm doing this on my own, since none of the doctors have figured it out.

    with many of these illnesses, malabsorption can ensue, causing extra symptoms. in any event, your daughter's not getting the proper nutrition that she needs, what with eating so few foods, so she truly needs to take a multivitamin/mineral.

    do wonder, as you mentioned throat ulcers, if your daughter may have what i think is called eosinophilic gastroenteritis or esophagitis. the only way i've been able to survive this (and i don't survive terribly heroically all of the time, as sugar and salt are my absolute addictions) has been to eat my five foods only, eat only a small amount at a time over 4 or 5 meals a day, take vitamin d (i can't tolerate any multivitamins), and keep the amount of fiber down.

    this is a pretty hard way to live, but your daughter's lucky in that she has your support. i'd really like to hear how she's doing. good luck to you both.
    SupShin replied to stlllooking's response:
    Thanks a lot, Stillooking. I appreciate your kindness to reply to such an old post. My daughter is not doing good. There is no improvement. She even now lives on boiled green beans, boiled low-fat chicken and cold cucumber, nothing else. She was able to take boiled rice before. Now she cannot take rice even. Few months before she had problem with mineral water. Now at least she can drink mineral water. Currently her problem is mainly with stomach/guts. If she eats any other item, say, sugar or bread or rice or lentils, then her stomach swells (it becomes very much visible!) and becomes as hard as a pumped-up football which is painful and uncomfortable and her head spins. She doesn't want to go to the doctors as they do not give any suitable medicines and as such they do not talk sensibly. It seems that they are at a loss and so talk gibberish. I am doing nothing - only praying that some day this nightmare will vanish! anyway, thank you very much.
    undefined replied to SupShin's response:
    I'm 24 now and I'm pretty much allergic to everything as well besides chicken. But, i still lead a very normal life. Just a lot of will power to eat what you can and be healthy. I gave up on trying to figure out what happen over a few months. Just hopeful it goes away. I do notice i can handle what ever food once in a blue moon if i stay away for a long time. I guess there's others exactly like me =(
    undefined replied to 30024058's response:
    At the age of 28, I became allergic to various food groups. The culprit? I went to Africa for work, but before I left, I had received 6 vaccines. After two weeks in Africa, I became sick and was give Amoxicillin, as per a doctor in Houston, which did nothing. I remained sick for two more weeks. A month later, I started have reactions to several food items.
    I've heard of many kids getting the same result after certain vaccines and antibiotics. So, if you get sick, tough it out if it's flu or a cold. Ask if you can do without antibiotics or penicillin. Most people don't know, but young adults rarely need antibiotics.

    On another note, allergists will recommend desensitization. It is a 50/50 shot. Nobody is certain why or if it will work. If you don't see an improvement after a year, it is not working. Food allergy tests can detect allergies to food, but ONLY if you have recently eaten the allergen food. I'm allergic to caffeine. The first time I took the food allergy test, it pointed it out along with several other food items. Two years later I took the test, again, and it said I was not allergic but intolerant. Well, I started drinking tea once a day for about a week before getting the same reactions again. I waited two months without drinking tea and I tried again. The same results appeared; I was able to drink tea for about a week before the reactions were severe.

    There is no push for research into this disease which, I believe, will become an epidemic in the future. I'm better off diagnosing myself and finding a treatment if not a cure.
    Good luck everyone.
    noble_hospital responded:
    I have an acquaintance that has severe food allergies, have tried tests, and everything possible but in vain. How overwhelmingly pathetic! Can have only 3 foods, can't be any worse.
    deluxehd replied to noble_hospital's response:
    Hello to everyone,
    I have also become allergic/sensitive to most foods and have a very limited diet. I actually have 12 foods I can eat without having my asthma triggered. Like most of you I am negative to blood and skin testing. I am also sensitive to many everyday items: latex, plastics, woods, metals, medications, clothing, etc. I was diagnosed with mold illness in September 2013. This is NOT a mold allergy. You can research this at:
    I started treatment to remove the toxins from my body and some of my sensitivities have lessened already and I am not taking full doses yet. I hope this information may be helpful.

    Take care and feel better.
    masa5 replied to deluxehd's response:
    I am 25 and i have exactly the same problem. I was always allergic (hay fever from 3 years old) and developed first food allergies at 18 after stomach virus. That was manageable and i felt fine on my diet. At 23 i became allergic to almost everything - i lost almost 20 kilos (15 in one month) and 5 in next months, so i am very undernoursihed. I can eat only few foods and i am always bloated and have diarrhea. If i try to eat anything else than my few 'safe' foods i can't sleep even a minute as my gut issiues are so terrible. I had to stop working and doctors weren't helpful at all, so i am pretty much on my own too.
    After 12 months of this nighmare my stool test showed a parasitic infection (blastocystis hominis) that is very difficult to get rid off and i believe this triggered all food allergies.
    In 2 years i tried almost everything in despair to help myself: probiotics and food enzymes, general vitamins, i went to holistic doctor who suggested removing amalgams at biological dentis. After removing amalgams my hay fever almost disappeared but no changes in food and gut issiues. I am still detoxing heavy metals. I tried biotherapy, accupunture --> no help!
    The most helpful was this webside:

    I am now waiting on a doctor/naturopath who administrates EPD and i feel this is my last hope for a cure.
    I will have to travel to UK for the treatment as i am from country where this isn't available.

    My life became such a misery when this happened and every day is a struggle. I ended up on antidepressants as this was to much to handle for me.

    I gave up with medical profession as it seems they have no idea what is this phenomena and how to help it.

    I would like to hear feedback on all of you who are struggling with the same problem. How are you doing now? Any better or idea how to help ourselves?

    I wish good health to all of you!
    alrupe32 replied to deluxehd's response:
    What is the treatment for removing toxins?
    abrown1999 replied to SupShin's response:
    Hello, I am so sorry that your daughter's condition has gotten worse. I understand what this is like, I can only eat a few things also. My diet is chicken, pork, green beans cucumbers, rice and plain green lettuce. I had a terrible case of food poisoning about 12 years ago and my stomach has never been the same since. I would be in pain every meal. If I ate things like pineapple, bananas, and onions I would vomit ( at times so much I saw blood) had a fever and in the bed for the whole day.I never eat those foods again. Now my stomach swells like I'm 4 months pregnant and I'm so miserable.If I have wheat, dairy, or nuts my throat closes up. If its fish I go into anaphylactic shock. I am a mom of 4 children so being sick like this is taking so much from my family. I am desperately looking for some answers. I did have an herbologist recently tell me that I have parasites called liver flukes living in my liver, gallbladder, and bladder. I have been taking what she recommended to me for a month now but don't know if its helping or not. I stick strictly to the few foods I know are safe because I'm afraid of the reaction. I'm hoping by now you and your daughter have found some answers. If so could you please share. I would really appreciate it.

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