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    Can a persn be allergic to salt?
    MaggieRose83 posted:
    I was wondering if a person can be allergic to salt? Not the additives but just salt itself.
    crazybaconeater73 responded:
    I don't think so. There's salt in your blood.
    Michael H Land, MD replied to crazybaconeater73's response:
    Dear MaggieRose and crazybaconeater,

    The answer is No, you cannot be allergic to salt. Regular table salt is Sodium Chloride (NaCl), which are both essential elements for us to live and maintain normal electrolyte balance. We all need to eat "some" salt (just not too much of it, since it can raise your blood pressure).

    When people develop allergies, it is often to proteins from plants, animal dander, dust mites, etc.

    Hope this helps!
    MaggieRose83 replied to Michael H Land, MD's response:
    Thank you for your reply, I know it was a rather silly question. I have been having eczema and sometimes get a hive (usually just 1 or 2) I had stopped eating a bunch of things and still had some eczema but when I started eating everything again I started getting a lot more again. My doc did allergy testing for food and it didn't show any so I am confused. Do you have any suggestions?
    ommani1 replied to MaggieRose83's response:
    You can absolutely have an allergy to salt! Don't feel silly for asking this question. You are probably allergic to regular table salt that is bleached! Smell it (it smells just like chlorine) ... I know as soon as I have a tiny amount of regular table/white bleached salt my nose, ears block immediately and it later brings on asthma... use organic unbleached grey or pink Himalaya salt that is non toxic for the body. Research bleached salt I've read that it is like poison to the body! I was very surprised and relieved to find this out my whole condition is gone when I don't use this kind of product. Try also testing yourself for certain food additives like Sulphites (E numbers in foods) in could be like me allergic to toxic food additives! Best wishes and health!
    mshomam replied to ommani1's response:
    The answer is No, you cannot be allergic to salt. Regular table salt is Sodium Chloride (NaCl), which are both essential elements for us to live and maintain normal electrolyte balance. We all need to eat "some" salt (just not too much of it, since it can raise your blood pressure).
    Kerry_irvin replied to mshomam's response:
    I am actually allergic to salt, the doctors were baffled and took two years to diagnose me as its been said everyone needs salt, recently I was at the G.P and mentioned it to her she looked at me like I was stupid then went on to read my notes. I am on a special diet where with no salt whatsoever even natural salt is out the question,I was born with to much salt in my blood and my kidneys can't tolerate it , been in and out of hospital all my life with tests an experiments, because salt effects my kidneys they are constantly looking at my bladder aswell, been told Even with very limited salt intake I will defo need a kidney transplant by the time I am 40, which is scary considering i am 24 and already started having chronic kidneys pain, also when I found out I was pregnant the docs were very apprehensive about my kidneys and if my daughter would have the same, so the answer is yes u can be allergic to salt as strange as it sounds as u do need salt but trust me I have lived with a salt allergy and it ain't fun
    ermahampton replied to Kerry_irvin's response:
    According to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj in "Your Body's Many Cries for Water," a salt shortage in the body can trigger a histamine reaction. Basically, the body is trying to preserve fluids for vital parts of the body like the brain, lungs and liver. Lack of water or salt can cause an overactive histamine reaction which produces allergy-type reactions.Use this drug forum to discuss more.
    Finesista responded:
    Yes, It is not an allergy per se it is a sensitivity. I had a toxic exposure to salt dust and now I go into shock from salt a trip to the beach put me in the ICU. I cannot even have an IV with sodium.
    malauna responded:
    yes . I am
    malauna replied to Kerry_irvin's response:
    I'm allergic to salt, I had to figure it out by way of trial and error:t It took yrs no doctor could resolve my condition, upon figuring it out; no doctor recognizes it . I had trouble with my kidneys but until now did not consider a possible correlation. the most
    common response is: ' you can't be'. I try to avoid the demands so much. and I still seek pieces to this puzzle. and perhaps you have resolved the cause for me. in fact I'm going to assume such because I to react to sea salt himalayan and the other natural salts . your letter was welcome here.. what works ? Research. that's where my interest is. what molecule naturally unites with sodiumu , what foods hold this? and in concentrated form how and what would the effects be. look onthe internet or in books. chemistry interesting. if you find any thing let me know
    piron responded:
    Whilst everyone reacts differently to allergies and their symptoms, I AM allergic to SODIUM. [br>[br>I have been tested by doctors, specialists and dieticians and they have all told me people cannot be allergic to salt or sodium, but no one can explain why, as whenever I come into contact with anything that contains SODIUM within 5 minutes I look like I have been put under a shower head with the water turned on, to say I sweat profusely is an understatement. [br>[br>I am now paying for my own research to be done by a london hospital as to why I am like this when in contact with salt or sodium. [br>[br>I just wish people would understand the problem and ACKNOWLEDGE their is such a thing as an allergy to Salt or an allergy to sodium, because this is REAL, people. It causes me so many problems in both my daily and family life, that most people will never understand or appreciate.
    allergictoeverything responded:
    I definately believe you can be allergic to salt!!! When I turned 331, I am deathly allergic to wheat, shellfish, beef, pork, peanuts, beans, dairy, and my husband and I just moved to the west coast of florida from the mountains by asheville, nc. I am now having horrible reactions to salt!!! I am living on my benedryl! We are now putting the house up for sale, and moving back to the mountains,,, we figured I must be on salt overload, with the salty sea air, the salt softner in our water, and I can taste the salt in my chicken, ( you can tell they were raised in a salt air environment).... I cannot go anywhere, and as for doctors in this area...... not many... Do not let people tell you you cannot be allergic,, my doctors were shocked, when every 6 months I was ending up in the er, with a new food allergy.... my new id bracelet says "allergic to everything!!"... I personally believe that when our food supply was tampered with, GMO food, that it had a horrible effect on my system... it makes me wonder why all other countries in the world banned genetically modified food, because they say its bad,,,, but monsanto is "praised here " in our country,,, it must be the money changing hands.... read every label... you would be surprised what salt is in.... good luck!!
    robertachryssan replied to MaggieRose83's response:
    MaggieRose83, I really hope you still get replies to this! I see you posted this 2 years ago.

    But I seem to be experiencing the same eczema symptoms you are and cannot pinpoint it.

    I would love to hear what foods you stopped eating!

    Fingers crossed you reply to me!!
    SiennaLu replied to robertachryssan's response:
    I believe I have an intolerance to salt as well. I use pink Himalayan salt. I notice it makes me cough maybe because I have a sensitivity on my mucous membranes in my mouth? I never considered it could affect my excema!! interesting correlation. I know doctors used to say I should not eat shrimp (which is an ocean salty food) but also oranges. This is so rare I think we only can use trial and err.

    I saw a Facebook page maybe we can help each other with advice there

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