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    Son Desperately Wants Dog But is Allergic to Dander
    PJTOnline posted:
    I have an 11 year old son who is allergic to dog dander but wants nothing more than to get a dog. Are there any long term regiments (shots, etc) that could reduce or alleviate his sensitivity? While his reaction appears somewhat mild, it is hard to imagine bringing home a dog and having my son live constantly with either itchy eyes, a runny nose or congestion. If there were a way to desensitize him, over a 1 - 2 year period, we would consider pursuing such course assuming there was a reasonable likelihood of success.
    Nicole_2007 responded:
    I understand what you are going through. Me and my 5 year old are severly allergic to cats but love them. My daughter actually had to go to the hospital because she broke out with a rash after me and her dad split up and he didnt clean his house after him and his room mate got rid of a cat. You might ask his allergist about Allergy shots and see if that helps were maybe he can get a dog in 2 years
    flowerchild4ever responded:
    I'm 56 years old, as a child I was highly allergic to dogs, so my family got a poodle, @ the time...they said that a poodle would be less allergic. I didn't seem to have as much of a problem with that type of dog....Best to research types of dogs that are less of an allergy problem.

    PS....Still have dogs, 4 of them.....Still Breathing
    msdingaling responded:
    I, too, am a dog lover. However, I am allergic to both dogs and cats and a few months ago my cats triggered a severe asthma attack which ended up in them needing to be re-homed .

    I was told by my allergist that sometimes asthma sufferers fair better with dogs than with cats as long as extra steps are taken to preserve an "asthma-friendly" environment. For example, we bought a vacuum cleaner model that has a good Hepa filter and is designed to pick up pet hair and dander. It is very powerful --- sort of a "vacuum on steroids."

    We have also installed air cleaners in every room of our apartment and clean the filters regularly.

    Another step we took was making sure that all of the bedding including the blankets and quilts is washed frequently as (despite my doctor's orders) my dog sleeps with me.

    We also bathe our little Papillon twice a week and that helps a lot. BTW, the smaller the dog the less dander there is to deal with so I would suggest a small dog.

    Lastly, teach your son to prevent his dog from licking him in the face as allergens exist in canine saliva as well as in the dander. And be sure to teach your son to wash his hands right after playing with the dog -- before he touches his face.

    Good luck to you. Depending on the level of your son's allergies these steps may or may not work for you but I would say it is worth a try. Whatever you decide, have your son spend some time with any prospective dog you intend to adopt to see how he does with that particular dog. In general, poodles, poodle mixes, bichons, and Yorkies are a few breeds that people have had more success with, but each dog is different, so spend some time with the dog in question before you take him/her home.


    Dev05 responded:
    my knoweldge ppl arent allergic to poodles
    Dev05 replied to Dev05's response:
    also poodle mixes
    sgbl88 responded:

    I have been allergic to dogs all my life. Two years after starting allergy shots, I no longer react to them. I would highly recommend allergy shots.

    If his reactions are mild, he may do well with precautionary measures like not allowing the dog in his bedroom, cleaning and vacuuming regularly, making sure that he washes well after playing with the dog, and sinus rinses. An antihistemine may also keep his symptoms controlled.

    Take care and
    God bless.
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end... Ye shall seek me, and find [me]

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