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    BBC72 posted:
    I can't believe I've found this page. I have been having the same problem for months now. Every morning when I take the train to work, people in my immediate vicinity start to sneeze, cough and rub their eyes. I am very clean, my clothes are clean and I practice good oral hygiene. At first I thought it was my perfume, so I stopped wearing perfume, but it didn't make a difference. I don't know what to do. Now it's happening at work. I am starting to get really depressed about this because I don't want to be around people. I feel like a walking allergen. I wish I were independently wealthy so I wouldn.t have to work. This is seriously affecting my self esteem and social life. I don't want to be around people. This is such a lonely condition. I haven't spoken to a doctor because I'm afraid of how crazy it sounds. May be we can help each other by listing vitals and see what we have in common.

    I'm 39, Female, Black, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. History of fibroids, had surgery to remove fibroids in 2009. Have scoliosis. Suffer from depression (it's getting worse thanks to this issue). Heavy sweater (I don't glow, I SWEAT). Over weight (but losing weight - lost 20 pounds so far). can't think of anything else right now. I hope we can find a diagnosis soon because I am at my wit's end.
    AnswerSeeker responded:
    I'm so glad I came across your post. I feel your pain. I've been dealing with this PATM for a while. Looking back, it started 6 yrs ago. Back then, I wasn't even aware that I had a condition. I just thought that certain scented products didn't agree with me. Through the years, more and more products began causing allergic reactions in me and in others, including products I've used many times before with no problem. It has gotten to the point where I can't really wear scented anything. I use Almay Hypoallerginc fragrance free deodorant, Aveeno fragrance free lotion (the store brands work just as good). I have to be careful about what detergents I use (Gain I stay away from) and how much I use. The same with bodywashes. Hair products, I have no control over. I go to a hair salon and the products my stylist uses have such an overwhelming scent. Scents on me are not only strong, they linger. I wonder if she notices that her other clients don't seem to have the same problem.

    I'm also Black, female, overweight, and in my late 30's (37). That much we have in common, but I would like to know more. Would you mind sharing some of your experiences with me? Had you had any dental work done prior to developing this condition? Did you have severe upper abdominal pain accompanied by vomitting, diarrhea, and sweating around the time that it started? Did you lose a lot of weight and regain it?

    If you read this post, please respond to it. I could use someone to confide in. I can't really talk to anyone else. When I dare bring up PATM, they look at me as if I'm crazy. Maybe I am a little bit. Dealing with this issue is killing my self-confidence and is turning me into a recluse.
    BBC72 replied to AnswerSeeker's response:
    Sorry I took so long to reply. I've just been feeling a little hopeless about the situation and have not been checking the site. Last dental work I had was years ago to have my wisdom teeth removed. I don't remember any severe abdominal pain, vomitting, diarrhea or sweating. I have become a heavy sweater with the last few years. Don't know if that's part of it. I aloso have IBS. The last time I lost a lot of weight was 12-13 years ago. But since then I've been gaining and trying to lose the same 20-25 pounds.

    I noticed this problem I guess about 18 months ago. It seems to be worse around people who have allergies. I really think something is coming out of my pores leading to this reaction. I have become more of a recluse. I am trying to go out but the thought of it frightens me. It's gotten so bad that I was watching tv and a character rubbed his eyes and I immediattely felt anxiety. I had to remind my self it's tv. It used to be worse in the mornings and virtually none existent in the evening but no so anymore. Now it affects my family but I haven't told them anything becaus it seems nuts.
    pogo651 replied to BBC72's response:
    Hi BBC72,

    It appears you and AnswerSeeker have not been on the ideal PATM forum.
    This is a despairing condition to go through as involvement in society is something we all HAVE to go through. I'm a long-standing depressive so the days of contact avoidance and self-isolation was something I could not put myself through longterm.
    This is a condition. For every condition there is a cure. It just needs to be stumbled upon and most probably has been.
    It has been tough for years to isolate a full-proof solution. As you'll read on this forum you'll see every avenue sufferers have gone through. For me it was the medicinal route - $$$$ - failure. Changing one's diet to a green, unadulterated, one seems one of the most proven to reduce PATM to a large degree. No sugar. No alcohol. No dairy. This diet is an option but there is more to it. The energy fields we create around others play a huge part. Confidence and steadfastness will create a positive one which is the one we strive for.
    It may sound partly daunting to you as, if you are still depressed, positivity is one helluva difficult pursuit.

    Yes, as you and AnswerSeeker have mentioned, the intense reactions we illicit in others, causes us to become 'paranoid' i.e. people on the TV, Telephone, etc coughing, itching, sneezing and so on. Very often, as you may see on the forum, closer/sympathetic people (doctors too) will write it off as a mindthing - CRAP. IT IS NOT as psychiatrists and the like will maintain. Family and close friends will try their utmost to hold it back as to not cause further hurt - they know and see us taking these knocks.

    You needn't read all the posts as their are tons but if you two have the time, do so. Follow intently what some suggest. Their are many wise people on this forum and their solutions must be taken seriously. 6 members on this forum are PATM-free now.

    Here is the site. Read from July the 8th onwards - just the page im providing a link too. As you'll see there are just under 6000 posts on this entire forum. Go back if want be but that's a lot of reading. Perhaps start at the beginning of the month, this seems to be the month where members are gaining more confidence.

    Good luck and God Bless
    pogo651 replied to BBC72's response:

    Also tell your families and friends, show them how many people are sufferers. Show them how many people have considered suicide the only route. This is something serious. It is a FACT. We are not WACKO!!
    imakethemitch replied to BBC72's response:
    did you find anything to stop others from scratching around you???

    i need help ASAP

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