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    Allergy Shots, What Should I Do?
    tonifloback posted:
    I grew into all of my allergies in 7th grade. The basic allergy test of around 34 allergens showed up positive for every single one of them. Then my freshman year of highschool I found out I was allergic to Tree Nuts as well. On top of that I have Asthma....
    Anyways, I've been receiving allergy shots since I was in 7th grade, so for 8 long years now.
    I am currently attend an University in Michigan, but am originally from Illinois, so I have to have vials made up to bring to a different allergist in Michigan to get shots here..... It is extremely frustrating working with two allergists..... and I am beyond tired of getting shots. Like you have no idea.

    In the beginning they really did help since my Peek Flows were at around 140 or 170 and during my good time (when I was on Singular----which I CANNOT be on anymore due to horrible side effects) i was reaching 370. Now that I am no longer on Singular my peek flows have plateaued around 320 and I have been consistent for around 3 years....

    Even though I have been on allergy shots for 8 years I still have yet to reach maintenance because everytime I get close to the highest dose of the highest concentration I have a huge allergic reaction that has sometimes hospitalized me.....

    So.....What should I do?
    Should I continue with the allergy shots?
    Would I relapse if I stopped them completely?
    Any advice would be extremely helpful!


    atti_editor responded:
    Hi Toni,

    Have you discussed your concerns with your allergist (or allergists)? This article about allergy shots says that experts are unsure how long allergy shots work after you stop getting them, and that while some people never see their allergies return, others allergies may return within a few years. You should ask your allergist about the pros and cons of stopping the shots, and ask how continuing will be of benefit to you. Please keep us updated on how you are doing!

    Best wishes,
    tonifloback replied to atti_editor's response:
    Hi Atti,

    Thanks for your response, I would love to say that I could honestly talk to my Allergist about this situation, but all they continue to tell me is that I HAVE to be on shots and never explain why.... even if i do ask.....
    So, My decision has been to stop shots for the time being since I cannot get to the fullest dose of the highest concentration because I have huge allergic reactions every time I approach .5ML of the shots. Also my allergist will not let me go on maintenance because I cannot reach a "good enough" dose.

    I will just have to monitor how I feel off of the shots and see how everything goes.

    Fingers crossed that I don't relapse to how I was before!
    coughy16 responded:
    Are you getting your shots regularly without waiting too long in between? It also took me a long time to reach a maintenance dose due to reactions, but we certainly didn't wait 8 years to resolve that issue! Finally we just accepted that my maintenance dose was going to be lower than the normal maintenance dose, and once we stopped trying to increase beyond that point, my severe reactions stopped. I would suggest that if your main allergist hasn't recommended any course of action to fix the problem, maybe you get evaluated by a different allergist? U of M has an excellent reputation, why not get tested and evaluated there? Are the shots helping at all? What allergens are you taking shots for? Can you leave things out of your serum that you are rarely exposed to? For example I am off the charts allergic to cats, but hate them and always avoid them. Therefore I made the decision to leave cat out of my serum thus giving me one less thing to react to!
    coughy16 replied to tonifloback's response:
    btw, my maintenance is I think .4ml and it is working very well for me! My asthma is finally under good control! I did have to push my dr a little to get him to stop there though.
    tonifloback replied to coughy16's response:
    Yeah, I tried to push my Dr. to let my maintenance shot be a lower dose, but the two or three appointments that I have tried to make them keep it there she always responds with "lets try waiting another 6 months and see how you feel after that"

    I was getting shots for
    mold/mite mix
    weeds/rag weeds

    For right now I might just see how I feel when I am no longer on the shots, and eventually I will not be living in the same area as my allergist in Illinois, So, I might try going to a new doctor when I graduate from college and get a job!

    Thanks for the advice, I will keep that in mind when I am looking for a new dr. and tell them how I want it done!

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