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    People are allergic to me (PATM)
    myself2000us posted:
    Please don't take this as a joke. Doctors aren't believing me and think I'm crazy, but I'm not. I am a professional worker and living a healthy normal life. People are allergic to me. Some people in this world have the same problem and still looking for a cure but doctors are not believing us. Read these forums if you don't believe me:

    Whenever I am around people, they start coughing, sneezing, rubbing their noses...allergies reactions. It's very random, but I deal with this everyday. My life is sad because of this. And it's not in my really happens. I have proof.

    It could be that we are expelling toxins from our bodys that causes allergies in people. Sometimes I react to myself also. It could be that are have some similar protein in cats that causes harmful airborne particles that people breathe in. It's not the deordant or perfume or anything. I've tried to elminated those things. It's something in our bodies I feel.

    Monamia responded:
    I'm just guessing but think about your environment.... dust, mold, pets, feathers, etc. You may be carrying it around with you.

    Do others actually say to you that they sneeze more or rub their eyes, etc., more when you're around, or is that your perception?
    myself2000us responded:
    I guess my reply post didn't post properly...

    I live in a clean environment, no pets, no mold, clean every week. I am a clean person too....I've tried many hair shampoos, and soaps, body wash....

    Please don't think it's in my head, because it's not. It's not my view or coinidence all the time that I cause people to sneeze, rub noses, cough, etc. I do have something wrong with my body or outside it. Sometimes I get PATM on myself. PATM is so random though but again, I deal with it everyday (at work, at home, restuarants).

    I thought I was the only one that has this, but there are some people with the same disorder (read the forums I mentioned). It's really sad that doctors don't believe us and we cannot get any help to fight our battle.

    No one says that I am the one causing their sneezing, coughing, rubbing nose because they are around other people too, so they cannot assume it's me. I am the one who notices because I see these people and feel really bad....

    I wish there was a doctor out there to help us. Please help us.
    myself2000us responded:
    I forgot to add that for some reason, some of us are attracting dust. You cannot see it, but at the end of the day, in my black hair, you can see dust....I wash my hair really well after the shower but end of the day, hair is dusty.

    Why are we attracting dust? Maybe dust mites in them that cause allergies? Do we have static in our bodies? My hair is not oily at all...

    What attracts dust to us?
    itchy_one88 responded:
    Hi myself

    Yep I totally agree with your post, this is real. The major problem is that our symptoms can be explain by other causes which makes it very difficult to isolate us as the source.

    People who have PATM get very good at identifying the cluster of symptoms that appear in people around you and unless seen it is hard to beleive it is possible - but it is!!!
    0rganique responded:
    just showing my support by saying I know this is real because I have the same condition-as far as i know it isn't a smell or body odor issue- alot of people point in that direction but i have asked everyone I know, even strangers and they all say i don't smell or if they smell me I smell normal or even smell good... roughly 95% of the people I come into contact with have the same reactions-itchy eyes and nose, sneezing and dry coughing... some of the people I'm around for longer then others seem to develop some kind of immunity to me (like my wife) but not everyone. my in-laws always react to me with these same symptoms or at the very least their noses will start running when I come around. I went to my wife's work the other day and she works in a tiny office where one of the two people there started coughing violently as soon as we showed up... the other employee just had a smaller reaction consisting of a few sneezes runny nose and small dry cough... it has been stated before it could be coincidence, right? well it can;t be coincidence that about 66% of strangers i am in proximity to seem to shift from normal health to having these symptoms INSTANTLY... for example like you said when you go out to eat at a restaurant the wait staff who serve us and other diners who are sitting in close proximity will react... when i go food shopping the other shoppers as well as the person behind the counters react... when we go shopping at the mall the people we walk past will get about 2 steps behind us then sneeze as well as anyone who happens to be around me... at first I had the same theories about dust mold or cat hair/dander but I moved 5k miles into a totally different environment and nothing has changed... it reminds me of a sitcom where the girlfriend thinks the boyfriend is allergic to her but gosh darnnit it was just the sweater she was wearing he was allergic to (I think seinfeld had an episode like that too) and at the end it's all laughs and hugs... well anyone living with this will tell you it's just not that simple( we really wish it were)... I do believe it could be partially physiological and that stress makes it worse... from the posts I've read on forums my current theory is that our bodies seem to have a hard time breaking down certain chemicals and we end up producing excess amounts of certain other chemicals which maybe secrete through our skin as an oil which then eventually flakes off similar to pet dander OR emit as a gas (odored and sometimes-like in our case odorless)... it's possible that it's a combination of the both... it's been said that the chemical is similar to some kind of histamine. The trickiest thing about this condition is how rare it is and how easy it is to explain away the symptoms other people have as something else that getting to square one is next to impossible (for example what i just explained is simply the explainination as to how it could be possible for someone you have never even touched could react from you-however it doesn;t even begin to explain what is causing the actual chemicals inside us to be produced)... some have said that it could have something to do with certain bacterias in our mouths and that they interfere with the digestion process and that makes sense... I know I have more questions then answers myself but at least I hope it helps knowing you ARE NOT crazy and neither are you alone
    0rganique responded:
    when i say 95% of people I come into contact with react but then go on to say 66% of strangers who come into proximity i mean if I talk to someone face-to-to face then 9.5 out of 10 people will react but if they are simply around me in relative proximity then about 6.6 people out of 10 will have a reaction (depending on various factors...wind direction, crowdiness, and other factors i probably don't even know about)
    itchy_one88 replied to 0rganique's response:
    Hi Guys

    I'm trying to get some information about symptoms and reactions to "people are allergic to me" or PATM as it is known. I am really keen to get a Wikki page up and running but I need some data and reports before that happens. Here is a link to a survey I have created. Please follow it and hopefully the results can help our cause.

    "tiny" dot "cc" forward slash "pvgmj"
    edwardX replied to 0rganique's response:
    I just wanna say i feel ur pain guys . i live everyday pretty much in complete misery from this. I know for a fact that people itch, scratch, and cough near me or oddly enough sometimes not even close to me... sometimes they dont even have to be that close for it to happen i can be way across the other side of a store or a mall and a reaction can still occur in people. i know u guys want to hear about a cure or something but i can't help because i havent found one. i noticed that bugs are attracted to me or something and that i attract dust to me lots of it. i cant tell whether its coming from my body or just being attracted to me somehow near my body from outside in the environment. im not the type of person to take my own life but this disease i'm sure has caused other people to do that. from what i understand though this is a rare type disease though it maybe connected to morgellons in some way? im not sure. or maybe this is another type form of morgellons. either way i love all u guys i feel like there is a strange common bond between us because we suffer in this way. i will pray for u all and even when im gone one day i would try my best to try and help u guys out in some way.
    i am very lonely and i live a sad life i am not the type of person to take my own life but i know a disease like this could lead a person to do that. dont give up the fight though guys we are human beings even if we are sick or ill or have strange diseases or whatever we deserve the same respect that any other human being gets.
    ShawnMW3 replied to edwardX's response:
    HI peeps! Well for me this the second third time I've googled this subject and read some forums. Although living with this so called disease sucks. what sucks more is that there isn't much information on the web or even forums for that matter. seems that there is so few of us that actually have the disease we aren't simultaneously going on this site to give each other feedback. Well id love to hear from everyone in this forum and see how they are after last posting. like EdwardX said I truly do feel your pain and feel a connection to you guys. With that said i'm going to put some info of mine out there in hopes to get information on what similarities we have in common. So guys my name is Shawn I'm 23 Hispanic and was raised in southern california . i was 15 when I first started noticing symptoms. At first i thought i was just really bad tripping! maybe smoked one too many joints or idk it was hard to come to grips with the idea that these people sneezing and coughing as I'm driving down the street even that are in their own cars WITH THE WINDOWS UP! are reacting to me. so i didn't really except it until about 18 i refused to believe it. especially after my doctor laughed in my face when i told him. It took a lot of courage to even tell him then to just be ridiculed. so I've shared some facts and personal info here with you guys. If you read this id like to hopefully connect with you guys. I am going to comeback to this page once a week and hopefully you will too. one last thing i want to say before i go is that. I live with this disease but most of the time i totally forget that i have it. And that is what has kept me sane. I notice that i only really have mass reactions when I'm in a stressful situation. which is why i stay away from movie theaters LOL . when I'm thinking about it it's worse. my advice is F**K IT! lets just live our lives. learn from this and help those that need help copping with this. peace and love . Next week I'll share one benefit of this disease that you guys might not have thought of. till then
    1cjmasch1 replied to ShawnMW3's response:
    I'd never heard of this before, but that doesn't mean I don't believe you. I've had a similar experience with another issue. Doctors just respond with, "Interesting..."
    Just a few thoughts... Have you gotten together with other sufferers? Be interesting to see how you react to each other. Have you tried eliminating food groups, one at a time?
    Like one of my doctors told me- Maybe we just haven't developed the right tool to measure what's going on with you, yet.
    Hang in there.
    1atatime replied to edwardX's response:
    EdwardX, I feel you and I feel for you although I have the same condition, only difference, I have a family. My husband can never smell it. People at work smell it and they immediately cover their noses. I don't understand what is going on. I don't have the experiences where people are coughing/sniffling, but they do immediately cover their noses and I am thoroughly clean. I don't understand why this is. I know that I am going to take the advice of other sufferers and try any and everything to get rid of this. The first thing I am going to try is to eat Activia EVERYDAY. Next, I am going to drink more water than I ever have and I am going to loose weight. Hopefully this start will help. How old are you? Life doesn't have to be lonely!
    reality12 replied to 1atatime's response:
    Hello all!
    Over the past three years, I have read so many forums/websites that talk about this PATM disease. I have read and tried most of the suggestions people have posted (pills, antibiotics, sugar free diet etc.). I am 22, in college and I want to go to medical school. This disease has destroyed my life. Every day is torture. I wake up every morning hoping that is the day this disease will disappear but that day never comes. I sit in class wanting so badly to concentrate but end up walking out early because of the constant sneezing and coughing. I go to the library to study and every person that decides to sit next to me never sits there longer that 5 minute, at which time they get up and find another place to sit (I have actually checked). I have no social life! At first people are excited to talk to me and invite me to place and to do things but they later learn they can't stand being around me long enough to know anything about me. I told my family about this disease but their way to deal with anything they can't handle is to ignore it. They tell me it must be stress and just to relax!! I went to a psychiatrist who gave me anxiety, depression meds and it never seemed to work. It's really hard to have hope with this disease. I have read that some people have had this problem for over 20 years! I'm sorry I don't mean to be so negative but I just don't understand how some of you have lives with this debilitating disease. How do you cope? I tried to ignore it but that's just impossible to do!!
    Mariojones replied to reality12's response:
    Hey everyone,
    I want to say I know what your going through. Im 16 years old now and this all started when I was In middle school. One person started sniffing...then it seemed to get contagious like the whole classroom had allergies except me. I was freaking out because I thought it was me & that only made me more nervous so I start to sweat and get irritated. I've tryed everything to get rid of this.

    I know for a fact though that when you sweat from physical activity this helps. Sweating flushes out the toxins in our bodies that may be causing these allergies. After just getting out of my Weight training class I head to Geometry. Im thinkin Man ! Classmates are gonna be sneezing like heck. As time goes by ...No one sneezes. Try Sweating!
    I_have_it_too replied to Mariojones's response:
    Hey all, I've recently noticed that I have this disease too, it's so awful. I first figured it out a few wks ago, I'm a professional worker and catch the train to work, well one day on the way home I noticedthe guys untying behind me having a really bad reaction, constant runny nose, coughing and then suddenly a lot of other people in the carriage were coughing and sneezing. That continued all week, and realizing that you're the only one not reacting makes it quite obvious that it is you. For me I think it began with a smell, I put vanilla beans in my clothing drawers to make my clothes smell nice, read it on the Internet, well that was the biggest mistake ever cause the scent was overpowering, I've now rewashed my clothes several times, and my bedding too, bought new pillows. I felt like the scent was stuck on my body, then I put antiperspirant on my hands and arms, googled that too, it made me sweat a lot and the scent is off me, but I'm still making people react. I think it's also related to stress, and it's hard not to with this condition! It's ruining my life in such a short time, I don't want to go to work, definitely don't want to catch the train, trying to avoid the cinema at all costs, it's making me anti social I just want it to end, I want to wake up and know its over. I broke down yesterday and told my family and they all think it's in my head, they think I'm crazy and that it's a "phase". They want me to go to the GP now but I feel like he's just going to think the same, so what's the point? I live in Sydney, so this disease is worldwide. I've prayed for all of you and myself, I don't want it to change my life!

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