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    Chronic Phlegm in Throat
    andia2000 posted:

    For the past few years I have had had excess mucus and phlegm in the back of my throat. I can feel it there, and I can hack it up and usually get a thick, clear, mucus that I have to spit out or swallow. It is gross. I cough a lot during the morning and at night, and from time to time throughout the day. I try not to clear my throat too severely during work because it is disruptive and disgusting. My husband gets tired of me clearing my throat all the time, and so do I. It affects the way I talk, causing my voice to be hoarse all the time and I feel like it affects my ability to communicate professionally at work as my voice is not strong and clear.

    I have gone to a General Physician and they told me it was allergies. However, it doesn't get any better or worse at different seasons. I do not have a runny nose or itchy watery eyes or any other allergy symptons. I am currenly taking Veramyst, and have not seen any difference.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I have heard it might be post nasel drip or something like that. I am frusterated that it won't go away and don't want to live the rest of my life with it!

    If anyone has any advice or suggestions please let me know.

    Aqua14 responded:
    Sure, this sounds like post nasal drip, and it could be due to allergies, or chronic sinus problems, or even acid reflux. Clearing your throat constantly does do minor injury to your vocal chords, which could be the reason for your hoarseness.

    Veramyst is a nasal steroid, one of the newer ones, and sometimes it takes a while to work -- up to a month -- and you have to take it every day as prescribed. Also, sometimes people need more than one allergy medication to control post nasal drip. Talk to your doctor about adding a daily antihistamine like OTC Claritin or Zyrtec. If an antihistamine helps, then that would likely mean that you do have allergies.

    Please note that if your symptoms don't get better or worse in different seasons, you could have allergies to things inside your home, like mold or dust mites, that exist year-round. It would be worth getting allergy tested to see what you're allergic to, because then you can take steps inside your home to reduce what you're allergic to.

    One nonmedicated thing you could do that might be helpful is to start doing a saline sinus rinse several times a day. Pharmacies sell these over the counter; NeilMed is one brand to try. It takes a little getting used to, because it's a bit like getting water up your nose while swimming, but it can be very helpful. Here are a couple of articles to read to learn more about saline sinus rinses:

    I do have to share my story with you, since I also had this symptom for years, not knowing what was going on with me. Turns out that, after being allergy tested, I was allergic to mold and dust mites, along with seasonal pollens and dogs. I also had allergic asthma. Since I'm on good allergy and asthma medications and have done things around my home to reduce mold and mites, I no longer clear my throat all the time.

    Hopefully these thoughts help you out. Take care and good luck. Judy
    furyhellcat responded:

    Yes i do, i have chronic sinititus, i was told to drink lots of fluids they say it thins out the mucus where it wont stick to the back of our throats....when mine is at its worse i drinks lots of hot herbal tea, my favorite being bigelows i love lemon tea. Its even help get me through bronchits.

    good luck

    dill787 responded:
    Hi , I understand your frustration as I too have the same problem for years. I have done allergy test and am told that I don't need any treatment . I have seen two ENT Specialists. The first one used a camera thru my nose all the way to my throat and said he found nothing wrong . The second one without any tests done , wanted to do a Sinus surgery to improve the drainage system. Due to many advises I called off the surgery . I am using "Flonase" a nasal spray twice daily . This loosens up the mucus. I could use this only twice a day & in between I struggle at work . Tried drinking warm water , yet cannot bring out the phlegm to clear my throat. But the spray helps at night time allowing me to breathe easily . My wife now sits in the back seat of my car & complains to every one. I hope someone will help. Good luck.
    anthonycastro88 responded:
    wow i just found this website a month ago or so and i have had questions about the same thing iit drives me crazy im always hacking up my email is [email protected] lets share storys maybe we can help eachother?? anthony
    jmanor responded:
    Hi, I have had this problem for years now also. It sure is annoying and tiresome.

    I am after all these years of different drugs, sprays etc, going to have allergy testing done this week. Dr's have tried everything except the allergy test so maybe finally I will be able to conquer this problem.. Due to now being taken off of all the meds I have developed a uncontrollable itch through out my whole body. It is so severe that I am spending my time in the shower rubbing baking soda on my whole body, about to try vinegar, Please can some one tell me what to do to control this itch. I am so miserable I can hardly take it much longer. Wednesday won't get here fast enough. HELP!!!

    sbb2009 responded:
    You are not alone, and I'm glad I'm not either. This definitely feels nasty for me too. I have a hard time falling asleep because I feel like I am choking, and often feel the sensation of phlegm in the back of my throat--a burning feeling--followed by me swallowing it no matter how hard I try to cough it up, which is DISGUSTING. The sound of me clearing my throat also distracts my boyfriend from sleeping. Awesome. I hate it!

    Mine is also year-round and I can't seem to get rid of it, although it does slightly improve for me with a saline solution and also, I use a tongue scraper after I brush my teeth, which sort of helps. I will certainly be visiting my doctor though soon to get an allergy test, etc. YUCK.
    NeroAZ responded:
    I have the same issue!!! My doctor did the while allergy test thing on my back and says I am allergic to mites.

    I have been prescribed zyrtec pills and flonase nasal spray, both before bed.

    I'm not finding that its working for me, I have told my doctor that I do not feel like its working and he just says you have to continue taking them because it may take a while. But he did recently send me for a chest x-ray to see if I may have asthma. I guess ill find out results on my next appt in a few weeks.
    Wingsy80 responded:
    Oh wow! I'm SO glad to finally find people who have the same problem! I've had this problem for a number of years and nothing has helped. It's so incredibly frustrating and annoying! And to make matters worse, since I cough all the time because of the crud in my throat, I often miss it when I'm coming down with something more serious. A few years ago, I ignored pneumonia for nearly 2 months before seeing a doctor I didn't realize it was anything more serious than my "normal" coughing until I developed a fever!
    marsdog replied to Wingsy80's response:
    I was hoping someone here had found some resolution, but it seems many have just gathered to say "me too". So, ME TOO!
    I've been struggling with this for years. Seen the Primary Care and ENTs. I've been told similar things, reflux plus nasal drip. I've tried many things, antihistemines, plus acid reducers, but nothing seems to give more than temporary relief. Lately I've been using a generic Mucinex/Sinus and seems to work short term. I've speculated I have "tannin" allergies (coffees, teas, red wine, chocolate etc... kill me now ). This was a surprise as coffee didn't always effect me, but then I read that milk counteracts the tannins, and I drink coffee with milk, it all seemed to makes sense, because the effect is at it worst after I've had green tea or red wine! I'm soooo tired of coughing and clearing my throat any futher advice is so welcome, but for now, it's just good to know that I'm not alone!
    An_190962 responded:
    I've had this for a very long time. It turned out to be sinus infections and sometimes just does not end.
    An_190963 responded:
    Prednisone cleared up the phlegm in my throat. It would not go away & always felt like it was stretching in my throat. No matter what I did cough, spit it would not go away. I started reading & thought that maybe I had Accute Bronchitus. Prednisone is the cure for accute bronchitus. So I called my doctor & I went on prednisone for 6 days & I no longer experience the phlegm problem. Ask your doctor if Prednisone might help you.
    LMH53 responded:
    I have the same problem and I know that it is annoying to you and everyone around you when you have to clear your throat so often. I have found that if I take one Mucinex (over the counter) pill each morning, I can usually be clear within a couple of hours. I have tried generic brands of Mucinex (Walgreen's, etc.) and have not found any difference in the product. I hope this helps!
    debbaru responded:
    Your complaints are similar to what I have suffered. I remember using Allegra and Zyrtec and that helped. The doctors cannot say if I am suffering with Allergies or Sinus. So try these two medications and I hope you get better.
    doraleeshannon responded:
    I do!!! It is awful and embarrassing. I can control it best by using my netty pot and irrigate in the morning and at bedtime.

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