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    caffeine allergy
    gbssvcs posted:
    Anyone with first hand experience dealing with what I believe my allergy to caffeine? I have been searching the web for tests to determine if caffeine is one of my allergy causes. I have skin allergy to dust and mold. Have food allergy to MSG. That is all that I know of. But I have for the past few years become less tolerant of caffeine. My suspicion is that for me it causes sinus congestion, throat tightness where my vocal chords are affected as well as constant frog in my throat making it frequently necessary to clear my throat before being able to speak. I am age 60 and for years have been receiving treatment for depression with seemingly no improvement. Now on an experimental basis, a new doctor is treating me for possible ADHD. ADHD medication has the same emphasis on stimulating the body's neurotransmitters. Kind of like what caffeine would do I am guessing. Anyway, for me after a few weeks of this ADHD medication, I have la feeling of reduced need or desire to drink coffee. This has resulted in an unexpected (to me) benefit with noticeable relief from sinus congestion including better sleep because of clear sinuses and ease in breathing. I had long been self-medicating with generic Actifed to help clear sinus congestion but that may no longer be necessary. In the mornings, I no longer have bloody mucous when blowing my nose trying to clear the congestion. I'm optimistic that most or all of my ADHD and maybe depression problems may be significantly relieved if I omit caffeine intake. For me that is coffee only because I always knew I had problems with caffeinated soda and chocolate. I've got my hopes up!
    Aqua14 responded:
    Just as an FYI, caffeine is a known trigger for GERD (i.e., acid reflux), and GERD can also cause sinus problems and nasal irritation, post nasal drip, coughing, throat-clearing, hoarseness, etc. Judy
    Harryhoo responded:
    I have had a similar experience with regard to caffeine and nasal congestion but with the added problem of severe heart palpitations. Cardiologist verified no underlying heart problem, and concurred with me that caffeine should be eliminated as a test. I have found it hard to give up some caffeine sources such as Darjeeling tea and chocolate so I pay a little price when I indulge. Palpitations definitely seem to be related to caffeine intake. Congestion relationship is less clear at this time because of my compulsions. BTW, I dont buy the idea of small molecule allergy such as to caffeine. To my knowldge, the body has no mechanism for developing a true allergic response to this small of a molecule. Sensitivity, yes, however. I know that I have become more sensitive to caffeine as I have grown older, 64 now.
    GRANDPAFRED responded:
    I am still searching for relief...i seem to get very congested after a meal could be this be some acid reflux causing my coughing,constant throat clearing and hoarseness. i have post nasal drip that causes that in the morning..but lately it happens everytime i eat. Fred
    Aqua14 responded:
    This is exactly how my acid reflux symptoms manifest themselves. I never have traditional heartburn or other common reflux symptoms, but morning coughing/runny nose and congestion, throat clearing, hoarseness after a meal I will have every day if I don't take my reflux medication.

    It would be a good idea for you to speak to your doctor about this and ask if you could perhaps try a course of reflux medication. OTC Prilosec is what I use (after I talked to my doctor), but there are many other over the counter medications to treat acid reflux, from Tums to Zantac to Prilosec. On your own, it would be safe to take Tums after a meal, and the bonus is that you would get extra calcium.

    You may also want to look into changing your diet. Google "reflux diet" and a number of websites will come up. It's commonly recommended that those with reflux avoid coffee, chocolate, mint, and acid foods like tomatoes or oranges, but everyone's triggers are different.

    Hopefully these thoughts help you. Take care & good luck. Judy
    voodoochild29 responded:
    i've been getting migraine headaches a long time,but in the past month or so i wake up with one side of my nasal passages swollen up and a migraine.I had being drinking alot of coffee in morning and often late afternoon,so i cut that in half,and cut down on soda and choclate,but the headaches and nightly stuffy nose continued,which im guessing now is some sort of dust allergy.anyone else here with similar situation?i'm getting desperate for answers,but i dont want to throw all kinds of drugs at the problem until i've considered all my options.i would appreciate all responses to this. thanks sleepy james
    shep102 responded:
    Read the book Welcome to the Dance !!! I have caffeine allergy and gave up all caffeine and my life has changed..
    shep102 replied to voodoochild29's response:
    Listen, you really need to give up all caffeine !! No chocolate, coffee, cocoa etc .. read the book "welcome to the dance".
    undefined replied to shep102's response:
    Hi shep102, I believe I might have a caffeine allergy and not ADHD. I stopped consuming caffeine the weekend. When did you start feeling/seeing a difference?
    gnp11 replied to Harryhoo's response:
    I get "missed heartbeats" from caffeine-a little scary. I
    thought something was wrong with my heart, but the
    cardiologist said my heart was strong. I can feel the pulse
    on my wrist missing every 4-6 beats.( not regular) When
    it misses I feel a bit lightheaded. Also when I get a missed
    heartbeat, I feel a little thump in my chest.( wierd)
    I attribute this to overloading my system with caffeine
    when I was younger, and my body was no longer able to
    cope with it, or clear my system of it.
    I then eliminated caffeine from my diet an they went away
    for 10-12 years, and I was so relieved.( eliminated coffee)
    I do drink decaf now. Also eliminated coke and pepsi from
    my diet. I do drink the decaf versions now.
    Now they are starting to come back ?? I'm wondering if
    they are not making the decaf sodas properly, or maybe
    I'm getting caffeine from chocolate or Tylenol extra strength,
    and also wondering if the decaf process for coffee removes
    all the caffeine ??? Please advise UR opinion-thanks

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