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    Includes Expert Content
    Chronic hives
    Krosel2 posted:
    Ten years ago, I started getting hives everyday. Along with the hives, my face, eyes, and lips would swell up. My parents took me to several doctors, and I was tested for all sorts of allergies, but the results were all negative. I was told I had an unspecified autoimmune disease, and that my body was basically attacking itself. I started taking benadryl every day, but that stopped working after a little while. Next they put me on Zyrtec, but even that stopped working, too. Finally, I was prescribed prednisone, which I took every day for almost a year. I gained almost 20 pounds, and nobody said anything about the frightening long-term side effects. Finally, after about a year, the hives just went away, but the doctor warned me that they could come back at anytime in the future, especially during times of emotional stress.

    About 8 months ago, I woke up with hives. I took some benadryl, and assumed it was nothing, similar to the rare acute attacks I'd been experiencing about once a year or so, particularly during finals week during my college years. But one day became a week, a week became a month, and then the angioedema started to happen along with the hives. I still remember clearly the day they started again - March 29th - and my emotional state at the time. I was in a relationship that had started to unravel around February, and I was extremely unhappy, frustrated, and angry. When this relationship was officially over, in mid-April, I was completely devastated. And the hives got worse. I ended up in the emergency room twice because the swelling had spread to my throat, and I felt like I was suffocating.

    I went to see an allergist/immunologist, who ran a series of blood tests, none of which came back with any results except one, which simply told me that I hive. The tests came back negative for autoimmune diseases, thyroid conditions, and any other identifiable infection/disease-based sources. I started getting acupuncture once a week, which seemed to help a bit, and my practitioner recommended I start seeing a therapist.

    My allergist gave me a list of foods high in histamine levels that I should eliminate for three weeks to see if this might help. It didn't, but she still insists that I shouldn't eat things like tomatoes, citrus, berries, etc. She started me on a course of benadryl every 4-6 hours and Zyrtec in the morning. Finally, around August, this seemed to be working. I still had hives everyday, but they were much less severe than they had been. I'd wake up with a few spots on my legs, but they would disappear by mid-morning. At my next follow-up with her, she told me that she still wasn't satisfied because I was still having the hives, even if they were MUCH better than they had been. So she switched me to Doxepin at night, which is essentially an antidepressant when taken in high doses, but it acts as an antihistamine in low doses. I stopped taking the benadryl, then, and just took 10 mg of Zyrtec in the morning and 10 mg of Doxepin at night.

    Now my hives are unmanageable again. I switched back to the benadryl, but it still isn't helping. I feel like I've regressed back to the months when it was really bad. My allergist doesn't seem to be helping, she even seemed angry that I switched back to benadryl. The acupuncture helps with stress, and I think therapy is helping, but most of the time, I still just feel frustrated and depressed with myself. I just want these hives to go away. My allergist told me I should try an actual antidepressant, but I've taken them before to treat depression and anxiety, and this time I really wanted to avoid them. It seems a little extreme to take antidepressants to treat a broken heart.

    So right now I'm on the fence about going down the antidepressant route again. I am wondering if anyone else with chronic urticaria has gone this route, and whether or not they've seen any positive results.
    gottingolder responded:
    My chronic urticaria began in 1995 when a perm broke open in my face. I have fought hives to the extreme since then- I even had to quit working. I have been hospitalized many times and took meds that include claritin in the am. Allegra at noon and Zyrtec at 6 and 9 pm in one day. I still broke out. One day I can eat shrimp and another day I cannot. Through my course of meds I was put on steroids. I am a diabetic so I can not stay on them for too long. In 1997 I got Gillian Barre syndrome which paralyzed me. I had a small course of IVIG but there was a shortage at the time so I had plasma pharesis(sp?) done. guess what- all that stress- 2 small children, my husband worked many hours, my mother moved in to help- and after the plasma phresis my hives went away for about 2 years. I tried to have the red cross give me the treatment again but they would not because there were no studies showing that it helped with hives. I still suffer today.internally and externally
    Glorr22 replied to Glorr22's response:
    I've been doing what taiwanguy's suggested and the hives have's been almost 4 weeks... Drink 8 class of water per day. 2 glasses every three hours..I've been just drinking water whenever I get the chance and with every meal.. and stopped drinking coffee and alcohol...

    Water is my best friend!!!! thank you taiwanguy's !!!! you don't know how much you've done to change my life....
    For all of you who is suffering just as I have been suffering from hives for the past 9 years!!! Drink water!!!!!!! Just do it!
    Glorr22 replied to taiwanguy's response:
    taiwanguy you are amazing!!! thank have made a difference in my life...I've tried the water therapy for almost 4weeks and my hives are almost gone... I've suffered for 9 years... and I just can't believe that the cure was water!!!! I wish I knew about this soon after it started...but I can move on from this finally and LIVE!!!

    taiwanguy replied to Glorr22's response:
    Glorr22, I am glad water therapy helped you , it also helped lots of people as i posted in various forums and most of them got cured.I certainly can imagine how it feels to be hives free after such a long time ,For me it was only a year of suffering but i can imagine the pain of those who are going through this for years and my purpose of posting is to help as many peoples as possible, God has not created us in a way that we must spend thousand of dollars to stay healthy , the biggest reason we get sick is that we get away from nature and the rules it has set for us. Let me tell you something amazing, more than 90% gastrointestinal or digestive disease including high sugar levels and obesity caused by not eating food properly and can be cured only by chewing the food we eat preperly. each time you put food in your mouth chew it 30-40 times and you will never have any digestive issues and your sugar levels will remain in normal range. try it
    Cheers to your new hives free life and remember me in your prayers.

    K4RL4Z replied to Glorr22's response:
    Yay so happy for you feel great aye
    rosabird replied to taiwanguy's response:
    I'm very curious about your dehydration theory, however, there are "classic" symptoms (such as dark colored urine, thirst, etc.) that indicate dehydration. Are you suggesting that in absence of those classic symptoms, it could still be dehydration-caused allergies or did you have other indications as well?
    ngraceong responded:
    Hi. I'm 17 and I have been experiencing Chronic Urticaria (atleast that's what I think). My dermatologist told me it was Physical Urticaria but I did some research about the condition myself and so I diagnosed it as Chronic. It's been going on for more than a month. The spots are of various sizes, red and itchy. They are raised ares at first but flatten and spread widely eventually. It usually appear in the mornings upon waking up which goes on for the entire day. It seldom disappear in the afternoon, but when they do, they usually appear again in the evenings before sleeping. Food is definitely not the cause. I did trial and error on antihistamines and none of them worked. I apply Betamethasone everytime they itch and it usually works for me. It's just that they don't diappear and it worries me because it's been going on daily for a month. It scares me. What should I do? Will this stop? I'm just worried, plus, it makes my legs look ugly. When red flattened spots disappear, they become a little dark. Like a light bruise or something (but not violet). You prolly know how I feel. I'm a teenager who doesn't want her legs to become ugly.

    They usually appear on my thighs, legs, arms, neck (big ones) and butt. HELP!
    brownceyes replied to taiwanguy's response:
    Woow this information will definately help me thank you very much I have been having this hives for about three years now sometimes it goes away for months and sometimes weeks but then they are back its a very frastrating thing to live with you go to bed feeling good and wake up there are those painful swells.
    I live everyday hoping and praying that one day GOD will just remove them for good my faith is what is keeping me .I sure feel the others pain and fraustration.
    brownceyes replied to ngraceong's response:
    I read two post and they both say that water is the remedy drinking lots of it and also u can add alittle salt to it I just started it and i believe it will work water flushes the system
    brownceyes replied to Glorr22's response:
    CONGRATULATIONS Glorr22 am sure going to start and i know it will help me too am having mines for three years now woow GOD bless you Taiwanguy
    Glorr22 replied to brownceyes's response:
    The hives have not completely gone away, but I'm still working on it...I noticed that as soon as I had coffee... And little water...My lip started to swell before bed... And very swollen upon waking up... So my plan is to stay away from coffee and alcohol for awhile...
    Angie_baby responded:
    I had Chronic Hives for about 5 years of my life and they made me miserable. Endless days and nights of flare ups and itching. Trying Different meds from Bendary to Zyrtec and steroids and different itching creams. Every medicine would work for the first couple of weeks then would stop working. I sometimes would bleed from just scratching so hard. I came to a point to just live with this pain. But For the past 2 years I seriously been cure. What has Cure my Hives is Exercising. Once in a while I will flare up and that when I don't exercise. I also notice when I'm very mad or stress out I with start getting a cluster of hives behind my ears forehead and chest. I also have a feeling the reason I mainly got hives was that I wasn't having a menstrual cycling. At 25 years of age I went a whole year without a menstrual cycling and at the time my hives were at my worst. I hope this post was helpful. good luck to everyone.
    Allietango replied to Glorr22's response:
    Congratulations!! I'm very happy for you. When I was reading these comments I got so emotional because I've been suffering from same condition as everyone for almost 10 years.. I first got hives when I was in middle school and it was bad! Then I wouldnt get for like half a year then get it back again..but when I get gives it's to the extreme especially on my face and it would take the longest to go away.. It is so embarrassing and there are times where I can't go to work because of this issue.. I was good for about past two years and I would only get small bumps here and there but recently it's been unmanageable.. I broke out in serious hives after being exposed to the sun for a long time then ever since then I've been getting hives non stop for a month now.. In fact I had to call out for work today since my face is swallon. I've been to the doctor and he prescribed me this steroid based pills and it went away while I'm taking it but them right after I took the last pill I started to get hives again. My doctor wants to do a blood test which I'm waiting for a result but at this point im just frustrated and also angry about the pills that my doctor gave me.. I just read taiwanguy's post yesterday and I'm starting to drink more water. It's only the second day but I'm going to stick through it.. This is my only hope! I really hope this will work and reading people's comment about how drinking lots of water helps is truly inspiring.. I can't wait!!
    mamabearo4 responded:
    Please, please go see an endocrinologist. Ask to be screened for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. My daughter had symptoms similar to yours, and we had almost given up all hope before we found articles like this one: Basically, even if your doc says, "Yes, you have Hashimoto's, but your Thyroid is not yet low, so we would not treat with thyroid replacement," - EVEN if they say that, show them the article and ask that you been given 60 days to try it. I am on a mission to share this life-changing information with as many chronic-hives sufferers as possible. The general public does not understand how debilitating this can be. Good luck!
    easternmaineman replied to taiwanguy's response:
    I'm 54 yrs old. I have ankylosing spondylitis since 17 yrs old and have been on every nsaid drug since, I'm on celebrex and sulfasalazine now and have been for 10 years. I've also suffered from depression for many many years but I've never been allergic to anything but poison ivy.

    A few days ago I suddenly started itching all over and started getting hives, benedryl takes them away quite fast, but I have never drank enough water, ever, we all know doctors say drink 8 glasses a day, but nobody that I know actually does it. This morning I got hives so bad my eyes began to close up, so I have to do something and I already take more drugs than I want, but I need them to move, if I don't take the sulfasalazine I will get iritis which is treated with pred forte, (not good) so I have to take the meds.

    Instead of doing all the stuff that people say for hives, I'm going to give the 10-8 oz glasses of water a try, a little sea salt and see what happens. Also cut back on the coffee, that is the only changes I'll do so I can actually see if the water fixes the problem. We should be drinking that much anyway.

    When you say "pure water", you're not talking about distilled water, are you?

    Thanks for the info, will keep you posted.

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