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    Advanced Allergy Therapeutics
    adj40 posted:
    Does anyone know anything about this treatment for allergies? It is a form of accupuncture without needles, performed by chiropractors. They claim an 80% success rate for "AAT" with one or two treatments PER allergen; is it effective or is it a scam? Oh, the charge is $195 for the first visit and $95 for additional treatments. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Aqua14 responded:
    Sounds like a scam to me. I would ask whoever is recommending this to you to show you the medical research studies showing that this treatment is safe and effective and does what they say it does. The AAT website itself says "controlled studies have not yet been conducted." Meaning, it has not been medically proven to work.

    I think the most that this treatment would relieve you of would be a lot of your money. Buyer beware. Judy
    bbernazzani replied to Aqua14's response:
    Amazingly enough, this has been a life saver for me. It may seem odd that it works but I've been a life long, extreme allergy sufferer and I've been completely floored by the results. I can clean my house, touch cats, be around molds, go outside on a windy day, sit in the grass, etc. all without symptoms or problems. I've had severe and chronic allergies since I was about 5 (35 years) and I would have given $50K or more to be free of them for the rest of my life. My $95 treatments to me have been virtually free. None of my family or clients can believe the change. I can barely believe it myself.
    Lelliott1961 responded:
    This therapy has given me my life back. I suffered for years with food allergies, allergies to antibiotics and steroids and environmental allergies. I've had amazing results. This is not a scam. It seems far out of the realm of rational medicine, and I was a skeptic, but I can't dispute the results. Things such as celiac, or allergies to things that you were born with, like a nut allergy in a child or a lifelong dairy allergy they sometimes cannot help, because they are due to a missing enzyme for example, but things that have "developed" over your lifetime can ususally be fixed. They also cured my sister's eczema......she had that for 40 years. Worth a try!
    An_241313 replied to Aqua14's response:
    I think it's unfair to call this a scam, if you haven't experienced it nor no much about it.
    Aqua14 replied to An_241313's response:
    The placebo effect is indeed truly miraculous!
    It's never too late to be what you might have been. ~ George Eliot. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
    plushbottom replied to Aqua14's response:
    I have a friend who took his toddler for this treatment and because results were so outstanding he took the treatment for crones and is in remission...all this to say toddlers don't know about placebo effects
    physics_guy responded:
    I have 37 years as an experimental physicist. I am naturally skeptical and I look for direct evidence.

    From personal experience, I can say yes absolutely it works. It is a form of "electronified" chinese medicine. In my own case, chronic post nasal drip was "turned off" by removing sensitivity to a) mold and mildew, b)dust and dust mites and c) a nasal fungus that most people have and are normally not sensitive to. Occasional seasonal treaments have been necessary to turn off sensitivity to air-borne pollens.

    A close friend had an allergy to apples. His throat would close over as he bit into the apple. Since treatment, several years ago, he has had no problems with apples.

    I cannot give a definitive explanation for the effect although aspects of the treatment have been known and used for many decades.

    Even if you can't explain something it does not mean you shouldn't use it if it is shown to work. How many people can explain to you how plugging in your refrigerator makes an ice cube? Does this lack of explanation stop them from using ice cubes?
    MinneapolisMama responded:
    I have been going through treatments for myself for environmental allergies (dust, mold, pollen, etc...) and sensitivities to things like sudden change in barometric pressure. I have had migraines for 5 out of 7 days a week for a long time and knew that some of the allergies that I have contribute to my migraines. I needed to try something! My regular physician (family practice, integrative medicine) actually referred me to AAT. A good friend who has a large number of food allergies- including ones that are quite acute has been going through treatments and having astonishing success so I was actually familiar when my doctor suggested it. It has been pretty amazing. I am not migraine free (allergies/ environmental triggers are one part of my problem). But I am significantly improved. Quite a difference!

    And my daughter, who is now 16 months, has been treated with AAT for both her dairy and egg allergies (previously confirmed with blood and skin tests). And also dust, pollen and mold allergies. It is seriously like a miracle. Before AAT, if I touched a drop of milk to her skin, she would get a hive where it touched. After the dairy allergy treatment, she no longer had any reaction. You slowly build up your consumption post-treatment. Now she can drink a quarter cup of milk, then a little later have an ounce of cheese... she even tried ice cream and *no reaction.* It's been 3 weeks since the first treatment (which was dairy), and so we're still slowly increasing it. But I am just floored with the results. And I am a huge skeptic. But it's hard to argue with the results.

    It is expensive, but for a potentially life changing treatment, it is actually a "deal." I have had to buy so many specialty foods for my daughter to avoid dairy and egg. And prescriptions for both of us, but co-pays for conventional allergist appointments. And lots of Benadryl, Claritin, etc...

    In October, my daughter will be going to a (previously) scheduled appointment with her allergist. She will have skin tests for her dairy and egg allergies and I am really curious to see what the western medicine results say about the eastern medicine treatments.
    Foodallergysos replied to MinneapolisMama's response:
    Please keep us posted--this is the answer I have been wondering about--will AAT alter the skin and blood results? Thank you!
    mintyfresh replied to Foodallergysos's response:
    I have heard of one case where the treatment did alter the RAST test result quite dramatically. As far as I know, though, no one has yet done any research on it.
    mintyfresh responded:
    I was treated over 5 years ago for severe allergies to cats, foods and pollens. Since then, I don't react to those items at all. AT ALL. 5 years and still holding strong, I say it's worth it.
    daizie responded:
    AAT has changed my life. I suffered for years with problems and the docs didn't know what it was because my sensitivities started in my gut where most of the immune system is they kept misdiagnosing me.

    I love my doc. if anyone has allergies or sensitivities I advise them to do it.

    Foodallergysos replied to MinneapolisMama's response:
    Any updates on the skin and blood results? How have the allergies been since this post???
    kathyspring replied to daizie's response:
    AAT does really work. I stopped treatment a year ago without completing the testing and my condition worsened. A few weeks ago I began treatments again and have had major relief of nausea and pain from a hiatal hernia. I still have reflux from the taste of food into my mouth that is bitter and oily, irritates the tissue of the roof of my mouth, tongue and gums but that has lessened a little and I can now eat more foods. My intestinal tract seems to be "operating" normally and I am now regular! I will spend whatever it takes to get this condition under control--it has nearly ruined my life for the last 4 years.

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