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    Includes Expert Content
    Allergic to Mold
    Jen2642 posted:
    I have been dealing with dizziness and memory loss for the last 7 months now and within the last 2 weeks it has gotten worse. I have been to a neurologist and they did a MRI but everything was fine. I am wondering if this could be from mold. I know we have some mold in our basement and I am wondering if mold could cause these symptoms. I am so frustrated because not only do I have no clue what is going on it is starting to affect my job.I sit in front of a computer all day and it is so hard to focus when everything on the screen seems to be jumping around.

    Please help!
    Gregory M Metz, MD responded:
    Allergic reactions to mold typically cause symptoms such as sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion or respiratory problems. This is because allergies trigger specific allergic cells to release chemicals that cause these symptoms. There is not a well understood mechanism by which mold allergy could contribute to neurocognitive symptoms. Because of this, I often recommend that patients pursue other investigation beside allergy so they don't miss another cause of these symptoms. If you are concerned that mold is causing symptoms, you could always try techniques to decrease the mold level in your basement such as dehumidifyer.
    Tamey31 responded:
    Maybe you are alergic to dust mites. Buy some dust might covers for your matress box spring and pillows. Wash your bedding in hot water frequently. Can't hurt.

    No kidding !! Fixed me; well that and alergy shots but i saw an immediate improvement with dust might defenses.

    You could have alergies to the mold and many other things all reeking havoc on you. You could see an alergist too.
    sambo007 responded:

    In my case, I discovered an old leather jacket I hadnt worn in yrs in the back of my bedroom closet - it had become COVERED with mold. As I get cold most nites, I mostly closeup the windows thus the bdrm gets stuffy, warm and humid - good environment for mold growth! So I threw out the jacket and my health began improving immediately. Its been many yrs since, but as I recall, nausea and memory loss were 2 of the gradually worsening symptoms I'd been having till I discoverd the moldly jacket. I thought I was going nuts and the fact that doctors and specialists couldnt find anything wrong w/me didnt help, either! (Too bad they were only looking at ME not my LIVING-ENVIRONMENT.)
    I'd suggest you research the so-called 'toxic molds' just to make sure your basement mold's not one of these, BUT dont overlook the simpler (and probably, more likely) cause - longterm exposure to large amnts of 'regular/household mold' (i.e., not any of the 3 'toxic mold' species). I'd suggest you get rid of all the mold you can, ASAP. Besides the visible mold, research how mold can grow inside your walls out of sight (and I think mold can even start growing underneath wallpaper). There's places that'll sell you a 'mold-tester kit' which include a q-tip you use to swab a sample of the mold, seal this in a ziplock type bag, and mail to them for testing - this should give you a definitive answer as to wether you have regular/household mold vs one of the 'toxic molds' (which can sometimes even be fatal)
    I'd also suggest you immediately buy a high-quality HEPA air purifier for use in your bedroom while you sleep. is a favorite source of mine. Also, Sears in our state has some really good purifiers plus an excellent return policy if you find it doesnt help you. Running a good air purifier in your bedroom overnight is, IMHO, an excellent way to 'test the mold-allergy theory': it'll keep the air much much cleaner of mold and/or any other airborne allergens overnight. Thus, if your problems ARE being caused by something airborne, for example mold, then I'd bet you'd start seeing improvements to your health pretty quickly. I know I did.
    On the off-chance this helps, know this - in our state there's different mold-testing and mold-removal companies you can hire and one of them's even got a 'mold-dog' - a dog that (supposedly) can sniff out mold inside walls etc. If you find determine that mold IS the cause of your health problems, then once you remove all the visible mold and you can afford to spend more $$ for peace of mind, then you might wanna consider this type of non-visible mold tester service. (Otherwise, how would you be sure you got rid of all the mold?)
    As I researched health problems caused by mold ('toxic' and household species), I found that lots of people had had various, mysterious, undiagnosed, health problems that finally were found to be caused by mold. And not all symptoms went away after the mold was removed - some damage was permanent. ("As I recall"; this was many yrs ago).
    So, I really wouldnt wait to try the air purifier idea! At the very least! One last tip: I sometimes take AllergyMD, an herbal supplement which helps reduce my runny nose. Its real hard to get, but I'm sure you could find similar products at your local health food store. On the theory that this type of product reduces many/all allergic reactions, I figure that its reasonable to hope that it might help reduce less-common allergic reactions like you and I experienced.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes!
    H20LILLY responded:
    I had problems in the past with vertigo. I would have dizziness every 6 months. Been to a ENT dr several times, and had many tests done also. Found out the problem was related to the birth control I was on. I was on the birth control shot. I stop getting that and ended all birth control and havent had any dizziness or vertigo for years.
    loumoo4 responded:
    did have an issue with black mold and was int he hospital 2x in one week due to was terrible and never want to go thru that again so i watch for it and try to get rid of it if i can.but as for the dizziness. i have also experienced for the last 6 mnths every single say.i went to my dr who sent me to a nurologist who did blood work, mri sent me to therapy thinking it was the crystals in my ear were off which they were not..said there was a spot on my brain that all people have that suffer from migraines has was nothing to worry about.gave me migraine meds that made me more needless to say the dizziness is still there. i too work in front of a computer all day thought that would be the reason also but it is happens all day everyday at home, work anywhere.and i still dont have an answer
    cconway69 responded:
    You should get a blood and skin allergy test
    Balanced42 replied to cconway69's response:
    The skin test is not recommended and the blood tests need to be specific. A physician/whomever does the testing needs to be specialized in this. I have been going through this for 7 years so have done much researching and saw various healthcare providers. If you have any questions I may help with, my personal email is .
    cuppycake1 responded:
    hi jen , i have been dealing with a severe mold allergy for 6 yrs nnow. alot of my symptoms mimic other things as in ms, asthma , arthritis and gallstones to name a few. i get mildly dizzy to vertigo. all my test come back negitive as well and nothing they give me works. mold can be in any home and yes basements are famous for it. the odor/gas from it can seep through walls etc. then add heat it becomes a deadly toxin. like i said i have dealt with this for many yrs now and only thing the drs are telling me now is to move. natural herbs etc seem to help but removal of the mold can be costly. most extreme you would have to tear down ur home. wish i had some words of wisdom here but i dont . have an allergy test to make sure. and if u find a dr that helps u, please let me know.
    machru responded:
    mold allergies can most certainly cause those symptoms! i had a similar problem which started with dizziness, 'fuzzy brain,' and memory issues. after over a year of bouncing between dr's, my symptoms worsened and increased. by then i had a compromised immune system, my words seemed to 'not come out right,' intense chest pain, delusions, extreme paranoia, extreme exhaustion and about 50 others. I was in the Speech-Language Pathology program at the time and several teachers even pulled me over to say that they could see frightening symptoms (similar to apraxia, anomia, tongue fasciculation/deviation, ect) in my speech often indicative of neurological issues.

    Eventually i found the mold and was able to get a diagnosis. but i was exposed to a high level of mold for over 2 years and i am left with permanent neurological issues. exposure to mold (it doesnt have to be black mold) can cause a sensitivity to mold, which in tern can make you more ill, which causes additional increased sensitivity. in this way someone without any allergies can become sensitive to mold, and then allergic to mold.

    mold health problems are not currently well understood. but one thing all the dr's agree on is, if you think mold in your house is causing you to be ill, then spend a day or 2 away from home. then, when you come back, see if you suddenly start to feel unwell again, it may be mold.
    deluxehd replied to machru's response:
    I have been diagnosed with mold illness after 6 years of being ill. I started treatment in October 2013 and already have much improvement. You can read more information at: . Good luck with getting your health back.

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