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    Help Getting rid Of my Pound Puppy Stuffed Animal
    srathelper posted:
    I need help with ideas on who to get rid of a pound puppy stuffed animal that I have been told to get rid of because of allergies and asthma issues and I am wondering how to do this without feeling quilty that I gor rid of an stuffed aniaml that I love and won't let out of my site.
    deluxehd responded:
    This sounds like a very tough task for you. And I'm sorry that you need to let go of your beloved pound puppy, but sometimes we must let go of the things we love for the better. Maybe you could find something to replace the puppy with. Like a little leather pillow (that can be wiped off) with a picture of a puppy on it. I sure hopes this helps you.

    Take care.
    Aqua14 responded:
    I'm wondering who told you to get rid of your pound puppy -- was it your doctor? And if so, why does your doctor think that the pound puppy is aggravating your allergies/asthma? I have read that stuffed animals may contain dust mites, which are microscopic insects that live and breed in pillows, mattressed, and upholstered furniture (and stuffed animals). If your allergies/asthma are triggered by dust mite allergen, then the pound puppy could be a problem.

    I have a couple of suggestions that you could try before getting rid of the stuffed animal. One -- you could wash it in the washing machine with hot water and dry in a hot dryer. (You'd have to check first to make sure that the materials will be able to stand hot water and hot air.) Two -- you could freeze the pound puppy overnight in the freezer. (Why freeze it? Freezing kills dust mites that may be living in the stuffed animal.)

    You would have to wash or freeze it frequently, but if either of these tactics work well, it seems that it would be a hassle worth bearing.

    Hope these thoughts help you. Take care and good luck. Judy
    srathelper replied to Aqua14's response:
    I don't have room for it in my tiny freezer and I don't know that it would stand up to washing and freezing for too long. Are there anyother ideas that may be useful?
    sgbl88 replied to srathelper's response:
    Would it be possible to place it in a baggy and remove as much air as possible either with a vacuum or by rolling then freezing?

    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end... Ye shall seek me, and find [me]
    srathelper replied to sgbl88's response:
    no putting my pound puppy in a garbage bag and vaccuming out the air and freezing it won't work. I would then just have to wash it and I would then start playing with it again. I was told not to play with it, not to sleep with it and not to have it up in my face anymore which is exactly what I would start doing again.
    srathelper replied to Aqua14's response:
    Yes three doctors that I work with have seen my pound puppy abd said it needs to go out in the trash or be burned be someone because I suck my thumb with it and I play with it too often. I gave my pound puppy to my floor warden Hazel Bauer at my apartment building and asked to to hold onto it for a week to see if I could live without it but I have asked fro it back three times and her answer was no you don't need it nor do you deserve it back since you are breaking your doctor's rules and you counselor's rules about how not to use it. She said ask for it back one more time and it would end up in the trash or being burned by her daughter Rita who I saw my floor warden with today 1-5-14.
    emily211 replied to deluxehd's response:
    No a leather pillow won't work. I have to have something furry in my Gand that I can suck my thumb with. you can't do that with leather Not possible.
    emily211 replied to Aqua14's response:
    Yes it was my doctor's and one of the nurses who all said the pound puppy was the culprit and my other two animals as well.I have noticed that if I put them all away in my closet in my bedroom that I wake up in the morning breathing percent better than I do when they are around me. This alone sums up the whole story. Wouldn't it be better then to throw it away or better yet find someone who would burn it?

    [email protected]

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