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    Includes Expert Content
    Propylene glycol allergy
    An_191049 posted:
    Does anyone else out there suffer from this allergy? I'm going crazy as it's very difficult to avoid this chemical. Any comments, suggestions?
    Basomatic76 responded:
    I found out last August that I was allergic to Propylene Glycol. My dermatological specialist does custom patch tests with tons of substances, even ones that you can bring him and he can dissolve and analyze. I did a fairly basic group of common household allergens, about 115 of them, and Propylene Glycol was the big reaction. The standard patch tests don't test for it, you have to go to the top of the dermatological pyramid to have access. I immediately stopped using all products containing Propylene Glycol and fragrance (could be related to PG) and showed some improvement, but I still couldn't shake the rash, and it would move from one weird place to another. Finally 10 days ago I sampled an organic veggie burger form the french market in town and I realized that I could eat one of those for each meal and be happy, and see if there was a food component to my allergy. Indeed there was. Within a day the itching and burning and redness went away, 2 more days and my skin was hardly a light pink. It's been 10 days now and I'm basically cured. WATCH OUT FOR PG IN FOOD! It's in SO many things. Fast food, processed food, milk & ice cream, flavored coffee, beer, extracts, even "natural" flavors -- it's what they use to extract the natural flavor. It is hardly ever listed on the label, because it is added to an ingredient or it is part of a process. It's even used in livestock food to keep it from freezing, and supposedly to induce lactation. I have now started shopping at the local organic grocery stores, which is difficult for a middle-aged old-school anti-granola grump like me, but I'm honestly amazed at the wide choices available. I thought I'd be eating flavorless nutritional paste for the rest of my life, but if anything my diet choices have expanded. And so far it's mostly really tasty. Just be very careful of mass-produced big-box food from now on -- it's laced with PG (and other toxins too I assume). Good luck to all, I'm new here but I like the idea of sharing products and suggestions, especially with PG which is hard to isolate sometimes. I'll try to offer advice, even brand-name specifics if it helps anyone.
    gigi514 replied to Basomatic76's response:
    Hi, thanks for the info on PEG. I was wondering if it was the same too because I think I am allergic to PG. Not even thinking, I was taking store brand "allegra" to help with my hives breakouts that are going on 4 weeks now. Turns out it has PG in it. I was trying to quit smoking and used the e-cig for about 6 weeks. At first I started noticing a hive-like rash on my face. My face is always red and blotchy. before long, I was breaking out in full blown hives from head to toe mostly at night. Stopped my BC pill because that was the last thing I took at night. Went to my allergist, GP and a dermatologist. All think it could be the PG. Anyway, put the ecig down for about 7 days and hives got a little better. Picked it up again this Friday, sat and sun. hives got worse! I still smoke unfortunately, and I think cigs have PG as well. Have my nicotine gum ready to go, I just have to set a date. Just have to do some research on it to make sure its clean. Anyone else have a reaction to the ecig?
    HelpfulSufferer responded:

    I certainly sympathize with you. I too have a skin allergy to Propylene Glycol. I first noticed it from my deoderant which I wore (the rash spread from my elbow to hip) YIKES, talk about itchy, swollen, mess! A couple years later, forgot to check ingredient I don't wear eye shadow often...I ended up looking like a boxer...minus the bruising.

    Here's a list of products which I've found through ingredient checking and personal use. Please be sure to check the ingredient list every time you purchase any product because companies sometimes change their ingredient content. Also beware of products which have "Vegetable Emulsifier" in their ingredient list...(yeah...found that one the hard way).

    *Clean&Clear -morning burst facial scrub

    *alba BOTANICA -coconut milk facial wash
    -aloe&greentea oil-free facial moisturizer
    -green tea SPF 45 natural sunblock
    -very emollient original body lotion

    *COVERGIRL -natureluxe mascara (cheapest I've found)

    *ORIGINS -GinZing mascara

    *Suave -24 HOUR protection deoderant

    *LUSH -Bar Shampoos (not all are PG free)

    *ology -white pear&cucumber Hair Shampoo

    *PANTENE -truly RELAXED Hair Shampoo

    *GARNIER Fructis -Pure Clean Hair Conditioner

    *Herbal Essences -Hydralicious Revitalisant Hair Conditioner

    *Zest -Bar Soap

    *Coast -Bar Soap

    *Irish Spring -Bar Soap

    *Shea Moisture -Organic Coconut & Hibiscus hold&shine ...moisture mist for thick, curly hair

    *Seventh Generation -Dish Soap, Laundry Soap

    *Benadryl Spray -Itch Relief spray (insect bites etc.)

    *Coppertone -kids SPF 50 sun block

    *equate -Sport Sunscreen SPF 50

    This product list is NOT intended to give advertising to any company or product. This is simply provided to make shopping easier for people who have an allergy to Propylene Glycol.

    I've found that I spend a lot of time looking at ingredient lists when I shop. Unfortunately this is something you just have to get in the habit of doing. I certainly hope this helps!! Happy Shopping!!

    Bama93 replied to karmagirl1966's response:
    Karmagirl, have you found a list of products that do not contain PG? My 17 year old daughter has a severe PG allergy and I have been looking for a safe list too. I have found a lot of products that do contain PG, but no luck finding safe products. Thanks
    choo_chu responded:
    I also have a problem with propylene glycol. I thought I was having a problem with aluminum-based deodorants. As an alternative, I tried a natural one made by Tom's. Unfortunately, the first ingredient in it was propylene glycol and I got a horrible eczema rash. I later found out that I'm allergic to it. My sensitivity isn't too bad...I can use some products with propylene glycol, as long as it's towards the end of the ingredient list. That's lucky for me because, as others have mentioned, propylene glycol is everything.
    zangopeach replied to Basomatic76's response:
    Hi, could you please tell me what doctor you went to for patch testing as I am looking for someone that I can go to who will help me with this allergy. Thank you
    Babs422 responded:
    I learned the source of my 20 year PG allergy about a year and a half ago. Since then I have worked on removing it from my home environment. I have found several helpful lists pointing out what products have PG, but never one that lists product that don't. Does anyone in the US have such a resource?

    Additionally, I have just learned that PG is used in the production of Spandex and Lycra - elastic-like fibers used to make stretchy material. It is now used in all types of undergarments. I am having trouble finding a bra without some amount of Spandex in it's construction. Has anyone had the same issue? Can you share brands that we can use?

    I will share that some products I have found:
    • Colgate toothpaste - the basic, red box version.
    • Degree Clinical Strength - this came out recently and works great. I have gone through all the Tom's, Burt's Bees and other brands and while I didn't itch, they didn't prevent BO. Or they replaced it with some other unpleasant smell.
    • Amway's Baby Detergent - Works great and no PG. I didn't find anything on my grocery shelf, and fortunately had a friend that sells Amway.
    • Shampoo - I like many of the Burt's Bees products, but I have fine hair and the shampoo can weight it down. I found Pantene does carry a shampoo or two that doesn't have the PG. You just have to look at the ingredients closely.
    • Gel/Mousse - Again, most brands use PG, but there are a few Pantene and Tresemme versions out there without it.
    • Hairspray - the only version I have found so far is Tresemme, but again, look first to make sure the version you have is PG free.
    • Liquid hand soap - For a while, the only one I found was an off brand I could only find at a Safeway store - Fresh D?cor. Recently I have found a couple Softsoap liquid soaps that don't list PG.
    • Cleaning supplies - I have gone back to the old fashioned cleaners I remember using as a kid. Like Clorox and Comet. As I have 2 cats, and learned that PG is deadly to them, I don't clean anything in my house with PG containing products. I don't want to leave some residue behind for them to lick off their paws or fur.
    I hope this is helpful.
    imaitchin replied to gym_mom's response:
    I also have allergies to Propylene Glycol, fragrance, and... dye thrown in for good measure. I'm realizing what a great Doc. I have, as he gave me a 68 page of items that do not have these items! let me know if you would like a copy of them.
    Cheers, Imascratchin
    ojenta replied to gym_mom's response:
    Fragrance....let me explain..

    1.Vanilla extract- read the label- GP is in it!
    2.Vannila extract commercial - NO GP in it!

    I'm serious.
    I can eat Shoprite's cakes and no problem with allergic reaction BUT if I dare to try cakes from some small bakery or home made cakes for sure I will land in the ER with allergic reaction.

    READ the labels!! ASK, ASK, ASK !! If the sales peoples do not have an answer make them call to the manufacturer or call yourself.
    Sam's club has only (so far) 1 cake with no GP in it.
    ojenta replied to karmagirl1966's response:
    I'm suffering from PG allergic reaction for over 16 years and I can share with you all what I know.
    1. Oils- some of them have the PG some don't. Baby oil J&J) has GP. Olive oil - don't have PG.2.Syroups- and for example Dunkin Donuts - vanilla coffe coolata- has PG(syrup Vanilla flavor)). It seems to me is better to avoid flavors .Please, see my other post about 2 different kind Vanilla flavors(for example Vanilla).
    2.Vaseline!! Yellow one has PG, white one don't! (Melkfett by Aurica (DE)don't have it Great stuff! Creams ,lotions have the PG-read labels! ASK.
    3 Food- only cat food DO NOT have PG! so read labels!!
    4.Pills and other meds have PG- ask your DR!
    Think this way. If you have 2 ingredients and you want them to stay together for a long time and do not separate, then you MUST add on heavy alcohol to obtain the result.PG is fantastic!!!since is so cheap!!(1gal-about $23)There are some other alcohols that may be used but they are more expensive! Anyway, nobody cares about other human's health.(see cigarettes) We can eat and drink that coolant- yes- car coolant is the PG.SURPRISE!!! .....and no regulations!!
    5 cigarettes- electronic one has it for sure(OIL).The regular one I do not know. I'm a smoker and everyday I hear "cigarettes kills" you kidding me! Really? Let me tell you- I RADER DIE OF SMOKING THAN SUFFOCATE DUE TO THE ALLERGIC REACTION TO Propylene Glycol !!!!!The second scenario can happened at any time....listen to this one! Yesterday I read, that in Maryland State they found a trace of GP in DRINKING WATER !! O wow!! That is scary! Now think about it......
    6.Partner or people around US. My husband is using - like me- no PG in anything ..since I landed in ER when I HUG him and HIS deodorant touch my skin .Interesting. So kisses with make up or night cream with PG on ! If you dare to do that you may spent your VERY "HOT" night in the ER with your partner and only one hot thought!!! you may have...when you will see the ER DR. coming out from your partner's room with a very sad face. Yes, we can die (allergic reaction) and this is our every day reality.PG " life style" is affecting us and our families, friends even society we are living in. We MUST get some serious regulation, we must!
    If your prescribing new pills, cream, injection etc- stop him and ASK if they do not contain PG..Make him call or read and I know they will think we are insane but you know what...I rather be alive so call me insane. not let use something on you, not even a drop...I know ,I bet you told him- "I'm allergic to PG"!! but make sure that he Must remember about it same way you do! (almost obsession)
    Beauty Palace...))) stay away! and if you must ,have your stuff with you! Some Wella ( hair color)- has no PG-READ LABELS!
    Auto shop-very dangerous place for us! Coolant all over!
    Car Cleaners place and car cleaning stuff- STAY AWAY!
    Clean you car with water vinegar microfiber.!!and then you GOOD!
    Stores in General- don't let someone spray on you with anything, even a glass cleaner.(they clean windows during daytime)Do not clean your hands with soap in any bathroom except your own . No one is providing soaps without GP especially for us so beware !!! No touching to wet surfaces!!(paint, wet tables in restaurants and so on) NO TOUCHING IN GENERAL!!
    Glues- I do not know if they contain GP but of course they may as well so take a look at your shoes if the glue in them is not making you breaking with allergic reaction.
    Buying stuff online!!! BEWARE!! Not always the cosmetics/products are original!! Call the online store and make sure is SAFE for you!
    OK IS 5 AM,I have to go but I will back.. hopefully...

    Ps. What is safe- taking your meds in the ER- Safe!!!
    When you see on the label in INGRIDIENTS- MINERAL OIL...then you are 5% sure there is no GP in the container.
    buy read!!!
    ojenta replied to oliviamcfear's response:
    Baby oil by J&J? I was in shock when I took a look at the ingredients!! BABY OIL HAS GP?!!!!Car coolant for babies is safe?!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm speechless .!!!
    merriteacher replied to imaitchin's response:
    I would love to see your list of PG free supplies. Have just last month found out I am sensitive to PG. Have not jet seen a dermatologist or allergist but I had a BAD reaction to an over the counter pain reliever for a UTI recommended by an urgent care doctor. Nailed down the culprit pretty fast but began to find it everywhere when I had an unexplained rash on my chin. Toothpaste that time. Subsequent research showed it in over half the meds I took, both prescribed and OTC. My PCP was wonderful about it and I'm down to only 2 prescriptions. My pharmacist has been very helpful in finding options without PG.
    I'm frankly exhausted trying to do this. I thought mu corn allergy in the 80s was hard. There were way fewer names and places though it was everywhere.
    I'm so glad to find others to share their hard won Knowledge. Thank you..
    An_258621 replied to dsavo's response:
    Just had the itching, burning fire experience with a topical ointment refilled with a generic brand that had the base with p g base
    alyboo29 replied to imaitchin's response:
    Can I have that list please
    linabella55 replied to alyboo29's response:
    Unfortunately, a list isn't as helpful as you'd hope it would be. Because glycols (propylene, polyethylene, butylene, polyporpylene) are inactive ingredients that are in the classification "Generally Recognized as Safe," (GRAS) manufacturers don't have to notify anyone when they change formulations - because they're not "active" ingredients in most things. On prescription medications, there are no ingredients listed on the bottle we take home - only on the product insert that the pharmacy has.

    To protect yourself, you MUST check EVERY INGREDIENTS LIST, EVERY TIME.

    Seems almost impossible when you understand that there are over 1800 different names for glycols.

    There are ways to live with this allergy. Please check out my blog - it's at where you can find resources for coping and share your experiences with others in the same situation.

    Life Without Polyethylene Glycol or its Friends

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