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    freaking myself out..... help!
    jlbelknap35 posted:
    ok i am taking my last active pill today and im kinda starting to freak out wandering if i am really going to go through with this or not. i would have 2 little ones under the age of 2 and possibly might be moving from hawaii back to the mainland when im in my third trimester. and am i going to be able to give my first the time that he wants. he is growing up so fast and i dont want to miss that either. but on the other hand my little one is growing up so fast and having another would be so cool to see them growing up so close together. i was never to close to my sister being 5 years appart and i would like that for my kids. also it might of been easy to get KU the first time but who knows maybe this pregnancy might not come as easily. when we do move it will actually be back close to our families too so i wont be alone this time. i am in such a conflict right now and if i am going to go with it or back out i have only got a few days to decide. if i go with it now then so be it but if i get cold feet then i have to talk to my dr bc i soooooooooooo dont want to be on the bc pill i am on right now anymore bc its messing with me way to much. i am soooooooooooo confused right now about what i am thinking. for the past couple months i was so excited about this day coming and to have 2 babies and be pregnant again and it wasnt untill just 2 days ago that i started getting axious. so i definatly need some words of encouragement right now on either way. and what would you do/think too if it was you? thanks for letting me vent.

    mrslee97658 responded:
    replying a little late but my post would not stick. I think you should do what you think is best for your family. If you are not ready then you should wait, but if you are just a little nervous of taking care of 2 kids close in age its really not that bad. My youngest 2 are 15 months apart. I got preggo when the older one was 5 1/2 months. Honestly we planned it that way and I was nervous about it too but it was really easy when the other one was born because Brandon wasn't a newborn and slept through the night and I only had to get up with one of them and he slept pretty good too. Not saying that would be the case for you but it was for me. I looked at it like I was taking care of twins except one didn't have to eat so often and was mobile! GL with whatever you decide.
    wwilson89 responded:
    I agree, do what's best for your family, and it's not all or nothing. You can decide to do it, and if you aren't pregnant, just as easily go back to preventative measures. My sister and I are 22 months apart, and super close. I'd love that for my son, but I know I don't want any other children any time soon if ever really.
    jlbelknap35 responded:
    its more i got cold feet i think. definatly wouldnt do this if i wasnt ready. after a few days i went back to being excited again. and especialy after i saw a few differnt other families with kids close in age. My son now is so great. has slept threw the night sense he was 3months and has been so easy for us. thats kinda what got us wanting a second. it would be nice for them to grow up together and so close.

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