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    April Alzheimer's Friends
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Greetings and welcome everyone to our new home on Exchanges!

    This thread is meant for talking about your day as a caregiver, friend, family member, or support person to an Alzheimer's patient. You can chat about anything you like--and vent if you need to!

    If you're new to this board, be sure to pop in on this thread and say "Hello." There is a great group of people on this board, and they know what you're going through.

    If you have a question, be sure to start a new Discussion (not in this thread), and reach out to our wonderful Alzheimer's Expert, Helene Bergman. You can read her introduction post or click on her profile to learn more about her.

    Each month, I'll start a new thread so they don't get too long. This thread has befriending and supporting those with family with Alzheimer's since the fall of 2008!

    Best wishes and my admiration to each one of you.


    Take the Poll

    April's Poll is telling us a little bit about yourself. If you have an idea for May's Poll, don't hesitate to suggest it.
    • I am an Alzheimer's Patient
    • I am a new Caregiver for an Alzheimer's Person
    • I am a veteran Caregiver for an Alzheimer's Person
    • I have a loved one whom I think may have Alzheimer's
    View Poll Results
    mjs445 responded:
    Hi everybody hope all is quiet on this April Fools Day. Where has everyone been, it's been awfully quiet on the boards. Kathy, Suezee, Dani and Cindy hope all is well.Darlene would love to hear from you. Hubby had a rough day yesterday and today has been sleeping on and off most of the day. It's almost like they are recharging. He spends so much energy when he is having a bad day, just can't settle down constant movement. A little bit of quietness for me and it is much needed. Cindy does your mom do this?

    Hope everyone has a great weekend as we are in the 80's today. Feels so good to have the windows and doors open, can't wait for this weather to be here for the summer. Hubby loves to sit outside and seems to have a calming effect on him. God bless everyone and you are in my prayers.

    fibroinsd responded:
    Well, I voted on the number four of the poll, even though my mom doesn't have alzheimer's...she has dementia.

    Oh yes, I am cece. My mom and dad are still pretty much able to do things they need to do, but I am the family member around they call when they have a problem..and they do call often.

    kan12 replied to mjs445's response:
    It's snowing in NC!!! Nope April fools! Haha!...really would not be funny after our long cold winter! Nope it's beautiful with highs in the mid 80's for the rest of the week. My husband went out and bought flowers and rose bushes and had planted them in the front yard when I woke this evening. Such a nice Easter surprise!!! After a long night at work and a long morning.....

    A not so nice one was we got a phone call that MIL had twisted and fractured her ankle last night. She has to go to the orthopedic dr. to see if he is going to cast it tomorrow. I was surprised that she actually said it was her fault. She got ahead of the CNA and turned her foot the wrong way while moving from the chair to the bed. She was more upset over the fact that they were doing a "routine" investigation as they do any injury and she was afraid the CNA would be fired. She did not use a lift and she was suppose to. It's one of those iffy situations, MIL can walk but she doesn't most of the time and choses not too. I really thought she would be blaming everyone but herself...which she usually does but she didn't. She was crying telling the nurse that those investigating needed to come and talk to her and she would tell them it was not the CNA's fault...and she had to assure her they would.

    They moved her roomate out, closer to the nurses station because of failing health so MIL is in a room alone...but it seems to have helped her. Remind you, she "chose" to spend all her time in her room alone while she was with us. But since they moved the roommate out, she has been getting out everyday, going down to the dining hall, sitting up it seemed to help. We shall see. We all know how things change so quickly....speaking of which I hope you all weathered the full moon well....I guess MIL's fracture could be related to it...we'll just think so anyway!!! ; )

    I wish each and every one of you a wonderful and blessed Easter! May there be new life brought into each of our lives. Have a great weekend!!!

    MomMomof6 replied to kan12's response:
    Good Morning Girls..
    Jaye so sorry to read your Mom passed. Hope you are coping ok. It's so great that you want to become a caregiver at a nursing home. Hope it all works out for you.
    Marla, did you ever tell hubby about HoneyBun? How did he take it? Does he remember what you told him? Sorry to hear you have so many ups and downs with hubby. are you and your Mom doing? I like your idea about Ebay. I may try it. Can't hurt right?
    Kathy ...Isn't it too bad that they will probably put another patient in the room with your MIL? She does so well when noone is there with her. (except for the broken ankle). She will just go back to staying in bed if she gets another roommate.
    Suezee....when is the wedding? Things going smoothly?

    It's going to be a beautiful Easter weekend here in NJ. I can't wait til the spring weather is here for good. It's my favorite season.

    Have a Happy Happy Easter everyone.
    Hugs, Darlene
    mjs445 replied to MomMomof6's response:
    Hi ladies, how is everyone doing? Darlene so glad to hear from you it's been a while and I hope you had a great Easter. Hubby still asks when is Honey Bun coming home he doesn't understand that he isn't. I tell him he's not but the next minute he will ask when is he coming home and I just say soon. His bad days now out number the good and he is on a slow decline. One day at a time, one step at a time.

    Jaye how did your interview go for CNA? You picked the perfect job as your recent experience with mom and your loving care are a plus for any employer. My prayers are with you. Kathy how are you holding up, not getting enough sleep can catch up with you so take care of yourself. Cindy is mom still giving you the fits? You and I need to take a nice long weekend for ourselves, know we can't but we can dream. Suezee hope your having a nice vacation and the weather is good.

    Got to go and try to get something done while hubby is napping seems like its always one step forward and two back, can't win for losing. God bless everybody and your all in my prayers. Marla
    ladytrojans replied to mjs445's response:
    Good morning everyone. Hope all is going well. Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. My interview for the CNA classes went ok. I think. Don't know yet if I made it in the class. Sure hope so.It's a 3 week training course. First week in the classroom, second week on the floor and then another week in the classroom. Sure hope I can pass the classroom stuff. The computer part is going to be hard. Think I might do ok on the floor. Keep your fingers crossed that I get in.

    I'm doing better with dealing with not having mom around. I miss her so much. I have to go places by myself now and that's when it hits me hard. I look over and she's not in the car with me. I know she's at peace and is better.

    I had a talk with her not long after she died. Asked her why she left me. Was it something I did or didn't do? Was she mad at me? Told her whatever it was I did, if she would just come back, I would make it right. I know deep down, it wasn't me that it was her time to go.

    JC has decided to join the army reserves. He has to lose a little weight before he can go for his physical. Has to take the military test again. It's been almost 3 years since he took it. Was a junior in high school.

    Hope everyone has a great day. I love you all. Take care. My thoughts and prayers are with you....Jaye
    ladytrojans replied to ladytrojans's response:
    Good morning everyone. Hope things are going well. Going to be a warm sunny day here in Alabama. I got accepted for the CNA classes. Go for my physical this afternoon and orientation on Wednesday and start classes on Monday the 19th. Excited and nervous at the same time.Excited that Im starting a new career and nervous that I do well.

    Hope everyone has been having some good days with their loved ones. I miss mom alot. Just not the same without her.

    Hope everyone has a blessed day. Love you guys...Jaye
    Sestina replied to mjs445's response:
    Hi! I am new to this group. My husband has Alzheimer's and I could really use some input from others who have a mate with this perplexing condition. I have CMT and use a power chair to get around. I was my husband's caregiver until February 7th when both of my legs gave way with no warning and I fell--was trapped between the bathroom wall and my power chair. Both my feet were twisted at the ankles and broke. I was in a rehab for six weeks and of course my
    husband could not take care of himself. Our kids live in other states and came home to take care of details which included finding hin a very nice place to stay about 12 miles away. It has a new Alzheimer center and he gradually got acclimated
    to the place and people. Now I am back home and in fairly
    good condition (although my energy is not what it was and I tire easily.) I am uncertain whether it is best for him to come home or stay where he is since he is quite confused, and another change may confuse him more. Also, we don't know how long it might be before I could not handle his care and he would have to go back there or somewhere else. Any ideas?
    luvmygrams replied to Sestina's response:
    I am also new to this! I am very sorry to hear of your situation I think that home care is the best option! People with this disease seem to get worse and fast if placed in a new and cold setting such as a nursing home! I worked in one when I was younger and specialized in the Alzheimer's unit there and I would never put my family in there. We care for my 96 yr. old grama at her house between myself and my mother and her sisters and brother there is always someone there 24-7 she is in the end stages now and it is a very difficult time!! If you can look into home nursing care but be careful there are scammers out there! I wish you well and good luck on this daunting task.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear Cece (fibroinsd), Sestina, and Luvmygrams,

    It's good to see you all here. Our group of friends here have had some recent difficult losses. Of course, there have also been celebratory moments, too.

    I hope you will find support, information, and maybe even a few new friends here.


    suezee52 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Hi Everyoe,
    My trip to OK was good. We spent Easter with the Hubby's family, including MIL and BIL. BIL had to be fed by us but he was in fine spirits and the pneumonia is gone now. MIL is in a wheelchair but she still want to go to my daughter's wedding in July so she knows she's going to have to start walking more. The weather was wonderful. It was warm and pleasant. My MIL spent a few days staying at her house with us instead of the nursing home. We had a good visit, but I had forgotten how much older people can complain. At least she has her wits about her.

    Wedding plans are coming along, but I decided to go on a diet. So hopefully I can get into a smaller dress size. That messes things up a bit because I already bought a dress! Oh well, I guess I can exchange it for a smaller size when the time comes. The whole family is on this diet too! We'll see how good it is. I just started this week and I'm having a hard time not craving all the bad foods I use to eat.

    Marla, I hope you and your DH are doing ok. It sounds like you have issues from time to time but he's not getting totally out of hand. Darlene, good to hear from you. Jaye, I'm so proud of you! Being a CNA isn't easy, but I'll be you'll be an awesome one. Kathy, I hope your car finally got fixed and all is getting better. Cindy, keep your mom from driving you a little crazy. Do something for yourself! You too Marla! Dani, keep in touch!!

    Well, I must go for now. I'm still checking in on you all.
    Love and Hugs
    mjs445 replied to suezee52's response:
    I haven't been on the board for a while because there has been some real changes. A week ago Friday my hubby attacked me and the police and ambulance had to be called for him. I had him sent to the hostipal for a few days however his confusion has been getting worse and maybe when he came out of the bedroom he didn't know me, I just don"t know. After talking with his doctor and his sons the decision was made that I could no longer take care of him at home. I choose to send him to the Arcadia Unit of the nursing home where my mom was. They have a wonderful facility for Alz. patients with a great and caring group of nurses and CNA'S. I moved him from the hospital on Wed. and as soon as he seen me he wanted to go with me. Always when we went somewhere he wouldn't let me out of his sight. It was a heart breaking experience to do this but I don't know if he would attack me again. The only thing I can think of was when he woke up he was totally out of it. It's very hard adjusting to a empty house but I must trust in God that I made the right choice. After the ambulance left for the hospital one of the officers I know said he could smell gas so he was going to have one of the fireman to come and check for gas. Well good lord here comes the fire truck with lights going and 3 firemen in full gear. I tell you my neighbors must have been wondering what the heck is all the ruckus about and what could possibly
    be going on, 3 Squad cars, 1 ambulance, a firetruck and finally a Nicor Gas guy. They did find a leak in my dryer hose in the basement. I sure couldn't smell it. It must be my angel (mom) looking out for me.

    Hope everyone is doing well and may God bless my friends who have helped me so much. You are all in my prayers.

    ladytrojans replied to mjs445's response:
    Good morning. Hope all is well. Marla, I am so sorry what happened to you. I think you made the right choice. You have to look out for yourself. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Wish I lived close so I could help you. If something like that happened here, my neighbors would all be outside looking to see what was going on or calling. My neighbors is family, so we know how nosey they can be. But they mean well. Keep us update on how your hubby is doing.

    Suezee, sounds like the wedding plans are coming together. I know dieting is hard. I struggle everyday. When is the wedding? Know you told us, but I forgot.

    And to the rest of my buddies, hope everyone is doing well and things are going good. Take care. Prayers, hugs and love to all....Jaye
    Tweetskat replied to mjs445's response:
    Hi I am new to this group but almost a year ago I placed my Dad in a nursing home. He did pretty well but it was heartbreaking when we would go to leave he would say okay lets go. He wanted to leave and he thought he was working so it was time to get off work so we had to go probably took four to five months maybe a little less before he quit saying take me home I'm off work. Now the nursing home moved him out of the alzheimer's unit and he has been doing so much better. He participates in activities and is well taken care of medically and I can say lovingly. I feel it is a good thing when you know you can no longer take care of them at home and you ask for help. My Dad was taking his meds all wrong and was being poisoned and was in pretty bad shape when I finally took over from my brother and got him to an ER unit. Now we take it day by day and it is hard to see them out of their environment but I feel he is much healthier and I am grateful for that. Take care and visit as much as you can and it will get better...Kathy

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