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    Off-topic: Dave
    cjh1203 posted:
    Hi Dave-

    Have you had your hip surgery yet?

    davedsel2 responded:
    Hi, Carol.

    6 days before surgery the orthopedic surgeon decided to put the surgery on hold indefinitely. He wanted me to lose more weight. There was serious miscommunication within his office and with me. I saw his PA on 2/17/15 and had not lost any weight since December 2014. The PA said he would talk to the surgeon to convince him that it would be OK to do the surgery, and informed me to go ahead with all the pre-operative testing. I did all that, and when I saw the surgeon on 3/10/15 he yelled at me for not losing enough and said he would not do the surgeon. He called my primary doctor and told me to see him asap for weight loss options.

    I did see my primary doctor the next day and he recommended weight loss surgery. There is a new minimally invasive weight loss center that does all types of bariatric surgeries laproscopically. I went to an initial general class this past week and have my first appointment on 3/31 with the bariatric surgeon and some of his staff. I've decided on the gastric sleeve surgery.

    I've been obese my entire life, and need to lose about 100 pounds. I've considered surgery many times but in the past all of these surgeries were "open", invasive and very risky. With this new approach there is less risk, less healing time and better results.

    So, until I've lost more weight after the bariatric surgery I will not be having my hips done. When that time comes I will be going to a different orthopedic surgeon. What happened was inexcusable IMHO and I am very upset Even my primary doctor agrees that it was not handled properly. The pain is still there, of course, and activity is difficult. I understand about the risks of having such major surgery at my weight, but do not understand how the miscommunication could have happened.
    Please click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    cjh1203 replied to davedsel2's response:
    Wow, Dave, that's just awful. You're right -- there's no excuse for what happened, and I wouldn't go back to that surgeon, either. Besides being infuriating, I know it's disappointing, since you were all geared up for the surgery.

    My sister had gastric sleeve surgery about 5-6 years ago, when it was pretty new. The diet limitations for a short time before and after surgery are pretty strict, but the surgery itself seemed to be pretty straightforward. She didn't have any pain at all except from gas, which caused her to belch a lot. Her weight loss was fairly rapid, so maybe you won't have to wait too terribly long for your hip surgery.

    I'm sorry for this very frustrating setback. I hope you're able to have the gastric sleeve surgery soon, so you can get your hips done before too much longer.


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