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    Could I be? Advise please.
    becsevie22 posted:
    Ok, so to start from the beginning.... Last month I switched from the pill (LoEstrin 24) to NuvaRing... Well, I had to take it out a week early (on jan 31, instead of on feb. 12), so instead of having it in for 3 straight weeks, I only had it in for a little over 2 weeks. I got my period 2 days after I took it out, which was early, obviously. It lasted for 3 days. I decided to just go back to LoEstrin 24, but didnt start the new pack until the following Wednesday (5 days later--feb 10) So, when I finally got back on the pill, I was not on anything for almost 11 days (including taking the ring out a week early). I've also missed a couple pills here and there--just because I had to get back in the habit of taking them, but I doubled up the following day. I was active during that time multiple times without any type of protection. So, my question is... i've been more tired than usual, in the few days I've noticed that I'm nauseaus all day, not a huge appetite, my boobs are sore, and my lower back was bothering me for the past couple days. I've also felt crampy off and on also. But, yesterday I have had this brown discharge, which usually happens anyway if I miss and double up on pills too many times. It's not alot, I dont even need a panty liner or anything. Could there still be a possibility of pregnancy even if I've had this brown discharge? or could it be because of a possible pregnancy. Really, my main question is, is it possible to have ovulated during the 11 day timeframe of not being on any bc?
    phoenixfire76 responded:
    Yes there is the possibility that you could have ovulated in that 11 day window when there was no birth control in you system. I would suggest that you wait until your next expected period date and if you miss your period by more than 3-5 days then you can try testing with 1st morning urine.

    Best of Luck.

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