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    Could I Maybe Be Pregnant?
    butterfly92778 posted:
    I went off my birth control pills in April. I got my period on April 4 and it lasted until April 8 or April 9. The last day of my last sugar pill of the last pack was April 7. So as of April 8 I have not been taking any birth control. I used an application on my phone called Pink Pad to track my periods and fertility days. My husband and I had sex on April 18 which was 1 day before my ovulation day, April 19. This was according to the app I had on my phone. I knew that going off the pill was going to cause some changes in things. My app said that my next period would start May 3. I didn't get my period May 3, May 4. or May 5. Even at 3am on Sunday May 6 I did not have my period yet so I thought maybe I could be pregnant. I also remember having cramps and my feet aching like they usually do right before my period but that all started on Tuesday May 1 and as of May 6 at 3am like I said I had not gotten my period yet. This led me to believe that I may just in fact be pregnant. However, I was extremely disappointed when I woke up at 10:30am Sunday morning May 6 and got my period. So obviously at this point I just figured I was late due to the fact that I just went off the birth control just a short time ago. I was very heavy both Sunday May 6 and Monday May 7 but I was very light Tuesday May 8 and barely had anything today Wednesday May 9. Now again I knew there would be changes in things due to just going off the birth control but I have always had periods that are a minimum of 5 days but mostly up to 7 days while I was on the pill. Going off the pill I figured it would be different but I for sure didn't think it would be shorter if anything I thought it would be longer. I have noticed a few other things like my breasts appearing bigger and being harder and a 8 pound weight gain over just about 1 1/2 months. So bottom line is it possible and I know it is a small chance could I be pregnant even though I got my period? I know they have said some women can still get their period the first month or two of being pregnant. The only thing is what kind of period is it? Since mine was heavy 2 days and extremely light two days would that be a very abnormal period to have and be pregnant. I was extremely devastated after being late for 3 days and then getting my period since I got excited thinking I might be pregnant so I am not sure if I want to go through the whole getting a home pregnancy test and doing it to find out it's negative. Should I just wait and see if I get my next period or what it's like if I do get it instead of taking an at home pregnancy test? I know it may be very far fetched but could I be pregnant with what I have described? Just thought I'd get some opinions first before doing anything. Thank you for reading this and for answering if you do, I greatly appreciate it!

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