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    I can't stop humming...Help!
    kinikia1948 posted:
    I'm not sure what my problem is, but I definitly have one. I keep humming to myself unware most of the time that I'm doing it. (It is not a song) My husband has to tell me to stop. This has been going on for some time now but it seems to be getting worse. Am I alone with this or is there someone else out there who has this very annoying problem? I need to learn how to stop this or find out what is causing it. Can anyone help? I'm not sure if it's anxiety because it happens even when I'm relaxed.
    armymomma03 responded:
    I am exactly like you. I hum all the time. It drives my husband crazy also. He will tell me to stop once in a while. I will be humming and not know why. It is not a song or even really a good tune but I still hum. I am wondering how to stop also. I have wondered what is wrong and/or what is causing this. It just started a few months ago. I would love to know how to stop.
    armymomma03 replied to kinikia1948's response:
    I'm with you. I seem to hum all the time and I don't like it. I also hum and I'm aware of it but can't stop. I don't find this relaxing or even beneficial to anything. I just want it to stop!!
    armymomma03 responded:
    So I guess no one has found a solution or a cause for sure. I am on Citalopram 40 mg and that is all. I don't take any other meds except for Protonix for indigestion/acid refux. I catch myself humming a stop but within seconds I am humming again. My husband tells me to stop and I don't even realize what I am doing. I'm with everyone else about there should be a cause and a cure but what is it?? I've been on my meds way longer than I have been humming.
    kclady97 responded:
    Thank goodness I'm not the only one, and I see by the replies there are a lot of us doing this. It drives my daughter crazy when I visit, and I'm not even aware I'm doing it. I have my own cleaning business and I have noticed I do it when I'm vacuuming ...and like others have said it's not even a song. My thought is usually when I get to the vacuum I am sometimes running a little late to the next house, so thinking it's stress. But that doesn't explain why I do it when I'm visiting my daughter....Today it was driving me nuts, and so I am trying to figure out how to stop...if anyone has any ideas would love to hear them.
    kclady97 replied to kinikia1948's response:
    It drives my daughter crazy when I visit her, and it sort of hurts my feelings when she tells me to please stop...but I know it's annoying because it is driving me crazy!
    jonesy257 replied to armymomma03's response:
    I am the same. I think it has been about a year since I started humming. I live alone and my boyfriend is understanding when I see him but I am sure it gets on his nerves as well as mine. Sometimes I do not realize I have started but when I am aware I stop but start again very soon. I am not on any tranquillisers, am not stressed so all I can think it is a habit that has to be broken rather than thinking you are going nuts! I have tried having rubber bands on my wrist so and pinging them but that didn't stop it! I went away with my sister for 2 weeks in April. I was fully aware, and had been warned that she would go crazy if I were to hum all the time. The strange thing was I don't think I hummed at all - well she never once said I was and I certainly was pleased that I' did not appear to be. However as soon as I got home I was humming again. I am pretty sure that if you are completely occupied in what you are doing you do not hum. I get very strange looks in the supermarket as I hum very momonotously all the way round. How boring us this?
    mcdiamond11 replied to suziegirlthree's response:
    Ditto here as well. I am not sure how long I have been humming. I also take tramadol and have been for 3 years. I could have been humming for all those years and not really noticed. My husband says I have turrets because I do it so much. I don't really notice that I'm doing it until he points it out. He says it in a joking way but I know it must drive him crazy as it is doing the same to me!! Have you resolved your humming issue? If so please share your secret.
    maaem responded:
    I start humming before I get out of bed in the morning. It doesn't evern sound like as song....just a bunch of sounds. My husband says if I hummed in my sleep he'd have to kill me. He was only joking but that tells you how irritating it is. My Dr. just prescribed Xanex. I'll let you know if it woirks.
    janola replied to justjessicat's response:
    Justjessicat, I have been trying to find medical information on humming uncontrollably before my father divorces my mother for some time. Thank you for taking the time to share this information. When you were practicing, my guess is you were a patient advocate, teacher and well liked by your patients! Jan
    janola replied to An_250687's response:
    To: An_250687, I think the kind of humming you describe is very different than the uncontrollable humming described by others. Obstructive pulmonary disease can create a need for increased pressure on expiration. People with emphysema are taught pursed-lip breathing to accomplish this. I worry that hum your partner is making on expiration may be accomplishing that increased pressure unconsciously. Does he/she smoke, have other lung or breathing issues? You might want to check this out. Sorry....just read your post if 2 years ago...hope all is well. Jan
    undefined responded:
    My husband humms all the time as well. HE seems to be doing it more when he is trying to focus on something, especially cooking or getting ready to go somewhere. I wonder if its some kind os tourette syndrome, or brain damage or adhd
    punky86 responded:
    I'm doing same thing
    punky86 responded:
    What can you do or take to stop humming all day . I do it and it's annoying . Idk why I do
    rohvannyn responded:
    To all the folks who have trouble with humming, have you tried mindfullness meditation? It sounds like it might be helpful to be aware of what you are doing at all times so that you don't do things without choosing to do them. It may sound simplistic but it may be worth a try. Mindfullness is like a muscle, it gets stronger with exercise.

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