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    I can't stop humming...Help!
    kinikia1948 posted:
    I'm not sure what my problem is, but I definitly have one. I keep humming to myself unware most of the time that I'm doing it. (It is not a song) My husband has to tell me to stop. This has been going on for some time now but it seems to be getting worse. Am I alone with this or is there someone else out there who has this very annoying problem? I need to learn how to stop this or find out what is causing it. Can anyone help? I'm not sure if it's anxiety because it happens even when I'm relaxed.
    2rap1 responded:
    it only means that you are in a good mood. I started to hum when I paid of all my bills.
    joyjack responded:
    I also have this problem. Sometimes when I am shopping I see people looking at me so I remind myself to stop. My Granddaughter is constantly telling me to stop. I don.t know what to do!
    redhotgma responded:
    I'm on here researching why "I" am humming or whistling all the freaking time! including watching tv! It is irritating as hell!! I've been doing this for years but it seems to be getting worse. I know how you feel.
    geman responded:
    This is a very normal thing. I do it while I work as well. Typically when things get hectic. I never thought it was associated with anxiety or panic but seeing this post I like to believe it is a way for me to keep my mind on what I am doing and not let my mind wander. This stops me from panicking due to the stress or responsibilities. It also keeps me from forgetting what I was doing which tends to happen when my mind wonders. I am fortunate enough to work in a loud environment so I have never had any complaints and I don't think others can hear me anyway.
    demissio responded:
    always do this, but i never considered it to be a nuisance or something. Especially at my work, when i'm doing seriouslywork stuff, i find myself humming, but in a low tone so that it will not a n nuisance from my co-worker.
    An_262035 responded:
    Yes, I have had this problem for about 10 years and have tried literally everything to stop.
    I feel sure it is anxiety, which is a form of OCD, yet the OCD meds I've tried to not improve it.
    Low doses (5 mg) of Clonazepam help some.
    I had Chronic Fatigue years ago and believe that the Adderall I take along with Caffeine to stay awake also impacts this.
    And perhaps after time it's simply a habit.
    It was most prevalent while knitting. It stops when I am reading or lying down.
    My psychiatrist is now recommending that I see a Clinical Psychologist to try to work through it. I have also bought a workbook on Amazon. Will report back in if anything helps; please do the same.
    My thoughts are with yoU!
    jayhawkker replied to Kiagirl21's response:
    This could be a form of autism, perhaps mild Aspergers. Are you emotional responses similar to those of others during conversations? Or do you watch their reactions and mimic them? Susan
    An_262035 replied to DLamey's response:
    My husband hates it too, but i sometimes notice he makes growly "geezerly" sounds under his breath! Tell your husband he does even if it isn't true - perhaps he can feel how difficult it is to have this.
    An_262035 replied to bbrannigan's response:
    I'm so sorry that it's torturing you too. I'll keep search until I find some help I can report.
    redsal replied to An_262035's response:
    I'm a 76 year old male and haven't had this problem 'til 6 months ago. I am constantly making a variety of humming sounds. After a battery of tests all the neurologist came up with is "Maybe you had a stroke" If I ever do find out the cause I will post it here.
    kaka66 responded:
    I have the same problem for about 2 years now, its so annoying i cant stop I try to count to see how long I can go with out humming, its never more than a minute. I know there are worse problems to have .but when you realize you cant get your brain to just listen to 1 small command like STOP HUMMING its extremely upsetting. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with anxiety. Why I came down with anxiety issues out of the blue is a whole other post.
    lightjoy replied to christysspot's response:
    CHEW GUM to keep yourself quiet and preoccupied until you you can get help it is anxiety, see a psychiatrist get on medication to calm you down. Medication does not have to be forever it just give you and the psychiatrist time to figure out what it causing it
    I read personality traits may be inherited , then why not anxiety ? I wonder if it can be related to childhood abuse where a child creates ways of dealing with the pain by self soothing, but never gets help as an adult and you continue sel soothing but as an adult . Another suggestion is mindfulness practice where you learn to become present and aware through meditation and yoga. Lastly, not to scare anyone , but a neurologist wrote something about breathy whistling may be triggered by something in the brain it is sign of early onset of Alzheimers has anyone else read that ?

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