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    I can't stop humming...Help!
    kinikia1948 posted:
    I'm not sure what my problem is, but I definitly have one. I keep humming to myself unware most of the time that I'm doing it. (It is not a song) My husband has to tell me to stop. This has been going on for some time now but it seems to be getting worse. Am I alone with this or is there someone else out there who has this very annoying problem? I need to learn how to stop this or find out what is causing it. Can anyone help? I'm not sure if it's anxiety because it happens even when I'm relaxed.
    beropa responded:
    I've been making a humming sound for over 15 years according to my daughters --I don't hear it. They do and are always telling me to stop. Even a total thyroidectomy didn't change it. The thyroid cancer was found 2 1/2 years ago by accident while one doctor was trying to discover the cause of my no-neck neck. My neck is still huge and I hate it. Has anyone found a medical cause? It happens all the time, with dentures in, with them out, lying down, sitting up...and why don't I hear it?
    rohvannyn replied to beropa's response:
    Beropa, I found an article indicating that uncontrollable humming can possibly be a sign of Tourette syndrome. Not a guarantee of course, but I'd guess something neurological if you can't hear it. Can you hear it if you record yourself?
    Uncalou replied to EnnaKay's response:
    I have both the humming issue, and the rhythmic thinking/application problem. The humming issue has been going for a few years, as far as I've noticed, and has progressed to an incessant, uncontrollable, constant annoyance. (Annoyance isn't really the word. There really isn't a word to describe it. ) It has progressed to the point that, even while focusing on not humming, I find myself humming. Any time my focus shifts to something that requires my attention, like reading, cleaning, watching TV, or just simply having a conversation, the humming takes over, grows louder and more insistent. Even to the extent that I'll hum between the words I'm speaking, and during any pauses in the conversation. It's a constant presence now. Like its the desktop background, behind and in between every waking moment. Every second that I'm awake, no matter what I'm doing or thinking, it's there. I can't even begin to describe how much disruption it's caused. It will keep me awake, or wake me up. Sometimes it will shut me down completely, meaning that there's no point in continuing with whatever I was doing, and I just sit and hum. Ridiculous! I'm battling with this humming entity for control over my conscious mind. I even hum while focusing on not humming. It's like a shadow, but more closely attached, and it never goes away. I've also had the rhythmic thinking/action issue for as long as I can remember. I always thought that it was just a quirk that was unique to the way I thought. I only recently learned that this isn't the case. It causes a lot of issues with reading and writing especially, but it affects everything I think or do. I'll even find myself breathing in the same odd rhythm. Sometimes the humming will dictate the rhythm, or visa versa, but either way, it's incredibly disruptive. Enough to drive anyone insane! Note: I suffer from MS, and have many different odd symptoms pop up from time to time, but this is unlike MS related symptoms I've experienced thus far. I am experiencing issues with immediate memory, and cognition, but this doesn't seem to have any relation to what I'm experiencing with the humming, or with the rhythmic thinking. I'd love to hear if someone can explain why I'm experiencing this, or has a solution. BTW - I started typing this message at 12:00, and it's now 1:00. All the while humming the same 2 bars repetitively, non stop. One hour to type a simple message. Even when all other symptoms are quiet, having a cohesive, contiguous thought, and successfully applying the resultant action without a pause, is rare. Factor in the humming, and the odds of a timely, normal delivery are rather low, if not unaccomplished. Ridiculous!!
    tigerrd replied to kinikia1948's response:
    My husband is continually telling me that I have an annoying hum that drives him crazy. I don't know what to do about it - sometimes I catch myself and other times I am not aware. I have a lot of hearing loss but I try to do the best I can. I would like to stop this as it seems like a tic or other symptom.
    tigerrd replied to Kiagirl21's response:
    I have that trouble also in addition to the humming and tinninitis - I started flushing my nasal passages and that helped my going deaf periodically. I think the sinuses have a part in that.
    Hotdonna123 replied to kinikia1948's response:
    I too have this very problem. Can't seem to stop. Most of the time not aware I'm doing it. Songs and tunes get stuck in my head and I hum the same thing over and over for hours. Very frustrating. What is it? It's driving me literally crazy! I can't stop it. I force myself to stop but within seconds I'm doing it again.
    An_266812 responded:
    I just started the humming thing about a month ago. Don't know why but I seem to bother my coworkers. I don't even realize I'm doing it. Am I going crazy???
    uzair786 responded:
    Hello I am also in this situation.It is embarrassing because I am in school.The teachers think I am phscho. I really hope there is a way to stop this trouble
    uzair786 replied to muscomhum's response:
    Hello I am in this with you. My teachers thing I am mad
    uzair786 replied to kinikia1948's response:
    Yes so many people said that too
    LHworkingonit responded:
    I don't know if this will help anyone, but a psychiatrist diagnosed me with tardive dyskinesia. I was on an antipsychotic for awhile for bipolar mania and the humming and other tremors didn't show up until after I was off the risperidone. Apparently this is normal. He researched and suggested some vitamins. I suppose they helped some, but they have side effects too. Also I will be working on this with my psychologist. I am 58 and suspect this is a permanent condition.
    sguth4 responded:
    I do the same thing, unfortunately. Others do notice it, and tell me to stop it.
    akilabijam replied to mamarachie's response:
    I have the same thing. It drives my family and friends crazy but is driving me even crazier!! Has anyone found out any answers to this problem?
    Mradamtak responded:
    I can't stop humming too my mum keeps on saying to stop and also my brother, they keep shouting at me a lot and cannot stop humming, I always think I'm paranoid and crazy and I keep trying to stop but fail I need help
    pvagolfer replied to Mradamtak's response:
    I have same problem........really sucks......I hate myself when I catch myself tuneless whistling.......driving my wife nuts............I have a gap in my teeth which makes it so easy. And, I know it somehow soothes me.........would LOVE to stop this annoying habit! Any drugs work? I am in therapy already........have a lot of peace in my life -- just a bad and annoying habit.

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