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    I can't stop humming...Help!
    kinikia1948 posted:
    I'm not sure what my problem is, but I definitly have one. I keep humming to myself unware most of the time that I'm doing it. (It is not a song) My husband has to tell me to stop. This has been going on for some time now but it seems to be getting worse. Am I alone with this or is there someone else out there who has this very annoying problem? I need to learn how to stop this or find out what is causing it. Can anyone help? I'm not sure if it's anxiety because it happens even when I'm relaxed.
    mamarachie responded:
    I've been doing the same humming on and off for a few years now. I've noticed it gets worse when I'm stressed out. Just like you, I have to have my husband tell me "you're doing it again" because I don't notice I'm doing it half the time. I find that I do it the most in quiet places... like my mind can't handle it being so quiet so I start making noises uncontrollably. The humming I do isn't like humming a song either, it's like just monotone mmmmm's with no real variation. I'm starting to think it's anxiety or stress related since that's when it gets the worse. For me, it has come and gone and never really stayed. However, we've just moved to a new state as my husband is in the air force and I'm the furthest I've been from family in a long time and the humming doesn't stop lately. It's been weeks since it started and I can't seem to find relief!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one, but at the same time... I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It's almost stressing me out more on top of the stress I'm already experiencing!!!
    Juneau1948 responded:
    I have hummed this non-tune for over 20 yrs. My family pointed it out when we were eating and when I was busy doing something.

    While eating, I didn't notice that I was humming and they ask why I was and I'd say I don't know maybe I'm just happy that we're eating. Odd answer because we always plenty of food or maybe a coverup because I didn't know why either. But of course, they asked me to quit it!

    Yes, it drove every one crazy but now it's just me and I'm driving myself crazy over it and wondering why. I see many of us are women that have posted here. I wonder what that factor is? I also have had tintinitius, since I was a child. I have no idea when my humming started.

    I read this positive reason to hum, so perhaps it is really an healing mechanism
    Strong humming for one hour daily to terminate chronic rhinosinusitis in four days: A case report and hypothesis for action by stimulation of endogenous nasal nitric oxide production

    I'm humming the stupid non-tune right now while I'm typing! Also, I do a repetitous sound thing that is not the same as the hum. I do notice that both are when I am busy.
    bbrannigan responded:
    My humming is driving me insane. It doesn't soothe me. It's nerve racking. It's constant and I hate it. I will lick my lips too. I have Parkinsons and am taking Comtan, Carbigopa-Levo, Carbidopa-Kevo ER (at bedtime) Mirtazapine (bedtime) and Clonazepam (occasionally at bedtime. This humming makes me hyperactive and knowing that it's getting worse, I will cry. Help/
    okie59 replied to mamarachie's response:
    My husband started humming about 5 or 6 months ago. I have to get up and leave the room sometimes it gets so annoying.

    He says he can't control it and some of his co-workers have commented on his humming.

    I never saw any resolutions to this problem in this discussion. Did any of you ever find any peace?
    Wichan replied to kinikia1948's response:
    Is it like a hmmm. then you try doing it louder thinking that will do it but then it just comes back? i think i have what you are talking about...
    Wichan replied to mamarachie's response:
    I'm 24yo/m in the navy and I have the same thing. really annoying to me and to the E7 that chews me out for it... IDK what this is
    An_189981 replied to kinikia1948's response:
    I am 59 and for the last few years I got into a habit(?) of sort of humming to myself ALOT, its not like a tune just hmming?, it wasn't a problem when I was alone or on computer but now my partner mimics me (not really in a mean way) just to let me know I am doing it again. I am not sad, or anxious or musical and now I am aware that I do it in public, with friends and it sometimes takes me a few minutes to realize I'm making my noises. I am trying to stop and it is terrible I do not seem to be able to control it! I wonder if there is a medical or even mental reason for it. Now it embarrasses me because I seem to do it almost all the time even after my partner reminds me...right after there I go again. I was playing with my grandaughter and my son asked me why I was making that noise?? Although it is alittle comforting to know other people do it I'd like to stop it even if only when I am not alone. Have you been able to stop? I just kidded w my son and said I must be going nuts!!! Help!!??
    Debtoo2 replied to christysspot's response:
    I just saw your humming issue, I also would like to put a stop to it but so I have not been able to stop much less figure out why or what causes me to all even when I am with friends, or shopping all of a sudden I am doing it again!? Did you ever figure out a way to stop? or why you do it? I am 59 yrs old and am in good health and spirits although I may be going alittle mad! Any help would be appreciated!?
    KerryB1964 responded:
    Me too! It seems to have gotten worse now that I am on Anti-anxiety and antidepressants, which kind of make me hyper... It is almost like Tourrettes Syndrome or something, I tell myself to STOP it, then minutes later am humming and singing again, even at work!
    bill20006 responded:
    did you ever stop
    suziegirlthree replied to bbrannigan's response:
    My humming is driving me crazy too. I also have a problem licking my lips. You are the first one
    that has had both. Haven't noticed the lip licking much lately and I think it has something to do with my Med's. Do you take Tramadol? I do, and it seems to be worse when I'm taking more
    Tramadol. You are not nuts, thank you for making me feel better.
    ilvsnow replied to DLamey's response:
    I am also a hummer. Everyone around me notices and sometimes complains. I try to stop but it is not working. Any suggestions would be helpful.
    Chelb2 responded:
    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that does this. I did a google search for "uncontrolled humming" trying to figure out why I'm doing it. The reason I started looking is because I got embarrassed doing it at work the other day when a co-worker asked if I was humming. I didn't even realize I was doing it until after he asked and this happens alot. It's really embarrassing when I get called out like that and I don't know why I'm doing it so it makes me feel like a weirdo.
    muscomhum replied to Chelb2's response:
    I;ve compulsively hummed for as long as I remember (decades) and it's rarely bothered me. I've even gotten comments about how happy I sound. However, recently a couple of people have told me to stop (nicely and they're friends) but I start again as soon as I stop thinking about it. I really disturb my choir director. I don't know that anyone has a solution. I know I don't
    motief69 replied to muscomhum's response:
    I am a 39yo male who had a drug problem for many years, I've been clean close to 7 years now. I've been told I have bi-polar disorder, anxiety, depression and other things. Whichever one is true I don't even know. I take lithium, vistoril and synthroid because I was diagnosed with hypothyroid about 3 years ago. I constantly hum, I also will sing the same verse or two from a song over and over! Very annoying and embarrasing! I notice I do both more when I'm busy doing something, if I'm sitting watching tv or something it's not as bad if at all. As a kid I would hum everytime I would eat. My parents thought it was cute, but now, I NEED HELP! I talk to myself alot also, mostly ranting about something that wasn't done right or at all here at the soberhouses I run. I know I sound like a lunatic to my residents, but it can't be helped. Please, anyone with any insite, please let me know!

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