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    kpb634 posted:
    I want to know if anyone else has these symptoms after drinking and are hungover. I have had anxiety for years, but it never got really bad until recently. Whenever I get hungover my anxiety is horrible- I have the shakes, ringing in my ears, feel dizzy, racing thoughts, almost feeling out of touch with reality, i feel like I'm going to pass out, sweaty palms, confusion, lack of concentration, and I constantly feel like I might have a panic attack. I have to slowly breathe and sometimes get some fresh air to prevent the panic attack from coming. A few weeks ago I had a terrible panic attack at work- I ran back to the kitchen at my restaurant and they had to call 911 b/c I thought i was having a heart attack- My arms , legs, chest and face all went numb and tingly, i was freaking out crying, my speech became slurred, the whole 9 yards. Now I do not drink very much but I used to and I noticed slowly over time my hangovers would be so bad that this would happen- increase in anxiety, and a couple of panic attacks. But my hangovers did not used to be filled with so much anxiety until recently and I don't understand why.I just want to know if this happens to anyone else, if they experience the same smyptoms, and most of all, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING. Like I said i do have mild mild anxiety normally, it's very much under control, but when I am hungover it is insane.....I know everyone will probably say don't drink I understand that but Im just worried right now and confused.....Thank you for any advice/information it is much appreciated!!

    used2benormal responded:
    Kylie, I too have anxiety and have had for years. Are you on medication? I am not now but had tried different things over the years. Drinking does not mix well with any drug used to treat anxiety. Even after I got off the drugs I could not have more than a glass of wine because of the panic attacks. Recently I have discovered the best peace I have had in years from serious anxiety. I think it might be a cure. I have dicovered God. I have put it all in God's hands. I wrote my years of serious panic attacks off as God calling me. I read a poem and in it I read this. "God ruthlessly perfects who he royally elects". I thought it fit me well. Grab a bible, go to church, talk to your local pastor.
    jayd1977 responded:
    You might be allergic to alcohol. You probably have generalized anxiety disorder. The body has to detox the alcohol, therefore your body could be reacting to that.
    Claire89 responded:
    Alcohol is a toxin and toxins put a lot of stress on the body. My guess is that over time you aren't physically able to recover from ingesting toxins as you used to be able to. It takes a toll. Alcohol is a depressant. It is not a relaxant in truth but depresses so if you are experiencing difficulties nowadays and seek out alcohol as a means of escape or relaxation, the fall into the depressant component of alcohol is going to make you feel depressed and anxious. Being hung over is suffering the side effects of the toxin intake. Your body may not be able to filter out the toxins like it used to. You can continue to drink. That's always your choice to make regardless of what your state of health or mind is in. You just can't drink and endanger someone else's life by driving with alcohol in your system.

    - Claire
    sportsmsg responded:
    Hi Kylie, I can relate totally. We go clubbing about 1x month, as a rule, just to get out and have fun together. That's the only time that I really drink (few beers) anything. It's the kiss of death for me the next day though. It always makes me shaky and axiouse ALL DAY! I've had this reaction for years. I make sure I eat something and drink a lot of water before going to bed and when I wake up I eat a healthy light breakfast with B-Complex and multi vitamin. It helps! I know when I'm tired or don't feel well I have a lot more axiety and it's harder to control. A hangover is bound to kick an anxiety attack in. I'm certainly not a doctor...just sharing my experiences. Healthy living certainly has it's advantages. lol

    SeirraNevGirl responded:
    Kylie my experience has been similar, a little different not as intense. I would wake up in the middle of the night after drinking and walk to floors, with Anxiety X10. You feel like your dying! Stop drinking for a while even if its for a week. If you enjoy alcoholic beverages as I do, you have to immediately start monitoring your intake! like have only a couple beverages a night. LIMIT yourself- Highly Recommended.

    My friend also has Anxiety, she has had to stop drinking completely do the same issues as I.

    PS I think it may be the sugar in the alcohol that sparks the Anxiety....?Not sure*
    Bill321 responded:
    You were wondering if anybody else has had the same sort of issue, so I'd like to tell you yes. I have also had anxiety for years including trips to the ER. I started drinking with friends a couple years ago and that soon progressed into pretty much alcoholism and for as long as I could remember I've never been horribly anxious whilst hung over (apart from a couple times of which I consumed much too much), until I experienced my first panic attack a couple months ago (happened while I was hung over mind you). Since that panic attack I've been CONSTANTLY thinking that I'm going to have another, and therefore, incredibly anxious (more than I've ever been) all of the time. What I have noticed is that when I've not had a drink (or no more than three per night) for a couple of days I feel basically normal. I do still have racing thoughts and episodes of moderate anxiety while NOT hung over, but that's normal for me. What's changed is intense anxiety for no real reason has gone away and I dont feel feel like I'm dying.

    So little/no alcohol=less anxiety... not to say that I've been following that regimen since my intense episodes of anxiety happen when I'm trying to fall asleep (alcohol puts me right to sleep).... BUT the days when I've had little to no alcohol I've been happy (until I try to relax to go to sleep, but thats another story lol). Oh, and also having a daily routine and a steady sleep schedule with getting at least 8 hours (7 seems to work for me...) helps greatly.
    hudson411 responded:
    I am stunned that other people get this also. recently i have been getting these panic/anxiety attacks that are so scary and I never had them before untill the last couple months. It seems that they are getting worse but I don't have insurance to see a doctor. After drinking heavily at night, the next couple days I have these attack, usually about 1 every day. I feel like I am going to seriously die. I have read everything about this problem and I fit all descriptions. Sometimes I feel like it isn't an attack and I actually do have something else wrong with me but I guess I won't know untill I see a doctor. Nice to know I'm not the only one. oh yea and im 22 yrs old .
    Rosie21977 responded:
    YES I completely understand where you are coming from. I like to go out and have fun with my friends and yes DRINK. But it's getting to the point where I don't do much of that anymore due to horrid anxiety and panic the next day. I feel very dizzy and unbalanced after drinking. I enjoy having drinks, but it it worth the nightmare I have to endure the next day??? I find taking a bubble bath and taking xanax helps a bit.
    tylerwheeler responded:
    have only had anxiety for a few months it was sparked by my ABUSE of marijuana one day i took a hoot and thought i was having a heart attack but im getting side tracked this actually happend to me today and i really thought i was going to die drank a 26 of white rum last night and got up today and went to a burger joint. when i was waiting in line i got a really bad headache and got so dizzy and a weird feeling in my body i thought i was going to die i had to go outside and smoke a cigarette ( that usually help me) and evreything was fine

    for me i have couple solutions

    1. i drink beer instead of hard alcohol. it is like night and day wiht the hangover and it is managable where as with hard liquor it is not

    2. sleep whne i start getting really bad anxiety attacks i try to go to sleep ( and i know its easier said than done ) and when i wake up my hang over is gone and im my regular me.

    know these solutions are custom to me but try them see if they work
    Surgical1969 responded:
    Anxiety seems to be a normal response to alcohol ingestion for me. It typically occurs when I wake after a few hours of sleep after drinking too much. My symptoms were sweating, vomiting, feelings of impending doom, tremor, muscle ache, etc. (I say were because I no longer consume alcohol as the effects are quite uncomfortable to me and I would rather just kick back and read a good book.) The symptoms were so overwhelming at times that it felt as if I would lose my mind. You are not alone by any means. Think twice before drinking. If you do decide to drink, my God, don't get behind the wheel of a car.

    Best Regards-
    jeff79 responded:
    Hi Kylie,

    I go through the exact same thing. I have had anxiety for several years, it started when I was in college. Fortunately I've gotten over the anxiety after seeing a really good psychologist, and I don't get panic attacks anymore really.

    However, that all goes out the window if I drink alot. Like you, the next day I almost always have terrible anxiety. Ever since my anxiety started, this has been an issue. I have talked to the doctors about it, but I have not found the answer either. I'm not sure that there is a solution other than not drinking alot ... and I'm not preaching by any means, this is just the reality of it. I still go out and have a few too many sometimes, even though I know better, but I pay for it the next day with the anxiety. Sucks, I know.

    There is one thing you might want to look into. Have you ever had your blood sugar tested? I am not diabetic, but I do have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) ... not a big deal really, just control it with diet. However, alcohol complicates things. One of the reasons that people have hangovers is that your blood sugar level is usually low when you first get up after a night of heavy drinking. Alcohol is processed by the body directly into sugar. So when you are drinking alot, your sugar levels are constantly going up and down. One of the symptoms of low blood sugar is anxiety.

    Hope this helps ... let me know if you have any questions!

    MultiTasker responded:
    I don't know but I think the coming back to reality is panic-inducing. It sounds similar to how some people, who haven't been drinking, wake up in a state of panic. I think it is a return to awareness, reality and all the things that trigger the panic firing off all at once and it becomes overwhelming.
    newyorklover responded:

    I just wanted to thank you for posting your question. The symptoms that you said you have when you're hungover are exactly what I get. And its really scary! None of my friends have ever had any of those symptoms when they are hungover and I felt like it was just me and there was something really wrong with me, I would feel like I was dying! I've been taking anxiety medicine for about 2 years and I started getting these really bad hangovers about 2 and a half years ago. I still get hangovers but I've found that waiting like an hour before going to bed after I've stopped drinking helps and drinking water and eating saltines! It has helped me A LOT. Hearing that other people experience this same this is comforting. I know I'm not going to change my habits because I love going out with my friends and drinking (I AM in college after all) but now that I know it's a result of anxiety and not that I'm actually dying, I feel a lot better about it. Thanks so much again!!!!!!!!
    blazinmicsfm responded:
    hi my name is hector..............ive been to the hospital over 4 times getting my blood sugar checked, high blood pressure checked, heart checked, oxygen level checked etc...this year .....i have had those same feelings and experience about 4 times now.............ive been trying to find out whats is it anxiety? and do you feel sometimes like your drunk even when not drinking?kinda spacey feeling ? thats how if been feeling on and off.......i havent been drinking since ive been feeling like i dont believe alcohol is a factor .......

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