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    Seredyn VS Serelax
    aimee0308 posted:
    Has anyone tried either of these natural supplements? I need some real advice here. I have a serious phobia of taking new medications (NOT natural) for anxiety and depression because of the side effects. My anxiety level is so high right now that I just can't handle it. I have tried Paxil and it increased my anxiety to the point where I couldn't get myself to take it again and most of it I know was because of my own anxiety of taking the med, but Paxil can also increase anxiety for the first week or so until it has time to work and I just can't handle that process right now. I tried taking Xanax and it made me feel so weird and out of it that it made everything so much worse and I will never take it again.

    That is why I have started to look into natural supplements for these serious conditions I have because I know I will not be as afraid because the side effects involved with these are not nearly as bad as the ones involved with medicines that are not natural. But I need to know which of these 2 would be best - Seredyn or Serelax? I know Serelax also works on depression and that is a big plus, but will it help me as much as I need it to and will it help bring down my anxiety/panic as much as the Seredyn will? Also, I tried looking up side effects for Serelax and couldn't find any, but am sure there must be at least a few because Seredyn has a few.

    Please help! And even if you have never heard of either of these things before, if you could google them and go to their websites to check it out for me and tell me what you think, you have no idea how much I would appreciate that.

    Thank you so much ahead of time to anyone and everyone who replies.

    Claire89 responded:
    Serellax has Kavakava and Valerian in it among other things. Never ever take Kavakava. I'm surprised it's still on the market. It was causing serious heart problems. Valerian root is natural but is potent and is a sedative.

    Just because something is "natural" is no indicator of it being safe. The rain forest is natural and that's where the worlds original medications came from until the components were analyzed and reproduced chemically - still a chemical replica of a biological species. "Natural" is a marketing name and hides "Not Tested Using Standard Medical Protocols Nor has Undergone Rigorous Review by FDA to Determine its Risk and Safety" Now that would be quite a long acronym, wouldn't it and it doesn't spell "Natural"...I'm certain of that.

    Work with a psychiatrist. Work with a psychologist too.

    Therapists sometimes suggest taking Benadryl (sp?). It's an antihistamine and makes a person feel a bit calm. Don't take the kind that has a decongestant in it too. Decongestants cause jitters. Just buy the plain Benadryl. You can buy Benadryl at any large chain drug store or grocery store. Just take the smallest dose that works for you by cutting the tabs in quarters. Don't take this with any other mood altering medication ("NAURAL") or not.

    - Claire
    ExpectoPatronum replied to Claire89's response:
    Wrong forum. Web MD would never suggest a natural remedy. Neither would any physician suggest natural remedy. Not sure why. Theory is that most supplements are not FDA approved and doctors are afraid of liability. I have been prescribed Prozac and recently switched to Zoloft. Weight gain is a symptom of my depression and when I read that Zoloft might cause weight gain, I had enough, So I looked into supplements. Consumer Digest approves of Lumiday from GNC and then I found out about Serelax which is a slightly cheaper version. It also helps control weight gain!

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