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    Includes Expert Content
    I feel like i'm going crazy
    Meinlvr25 posted:
    So I was just wondering if anyone else ever feels like they think they have something other then anxiety or panic attacks!! Sometimes I often think that I have something more wrong with me like my body actually feels weird, I was just wondering if this was part of anxiety/ panic, I just sometimes get sooooo over whelmed that I think my body actually does go through some short of weird state and it's making itself think there is something more wrong?! Like how when you have a panic attack and you fell like you can't breath even though you can.........i just get werid twitches all over my body and sometimes my muscles hurt cause i get sooo tense mostly in my arms and neck............which has lead me to think i have MS?? I just want to know that i'm not crazy, and it's all in my head!! Please help i need someone to asure me that i'm okay, if anyone has related problems let me know?!
    8l6kc1 responded:
    I'm 29 and i too suffer from attacks and anxiety just like you. I never forget my first attack! It was back in 2004 and i was a 24 yrs old living with a college room-mate. I was about to go out one night, i remember i wasn't feeling all that well.. My stomach was going crazy and i couldn't eat much because i was recovering from something i ate.. So im all dressed up ready to leave THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS..! I get this Thought in my head about not wanting to go out BUT i wanted to go.. I just couldn't get out side.. I felt like something had gone inside me and Confused my head. Like if i was going to open the door and something was going to happen to me. It was about 5 minutes When i told myself Get a grip! And i ran out side and fell out on the poarch. I was out and tired. I was sweating and i felt cold. I was SOOO LUCKY my Mom house was 2 BLOCKS away! Some how i made it inside my car and I saw my CELL PHONE,, I'm calling anyone on my CELL .. I get a hold of my ex and i'm telling her Talk to me While i drive to my MOMS,"Something is wrong with me! So she's like what's wrong!! I tell her what happend and she knew what it was,,SHE SAID YOUR HAVING AN ANXIETY ATTACK!!! So i get to my Moms house and i hang up the phone and busted my mom door open! I WAS LIKE MOM TAKE ME THE HOSPITAL NOW!!! When i got home from the hospital i suffered a whole week with more attacks and i had weird feelings like i couldn't look at my eyes in the mirror -it would hurt me inside! .....6 YEARS Latter i feel much better! My attacks come maybe 2 times a month and i have so many techniques i use to shake em off.. HERE'S WHAT HELPS ME: 1. NO CAFFEINE 2. EXERCISE 3. SOCIALIZE ALWAYS!! 4. ALWAYS SEEK HELP: LIKE @ CHURCH, YOUR DR. YOUR TEACHER.. 5. ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT HURTS,, NEVER HIDE THEM! 6. KNOW YOU WILL ALWAYS BE OK 7. BE GOOD BE KIND 8. KNOW THIS HAS MADE YOU WISE AND IT HAS OPENED YOUR EYES TO TRUE SUFFERING OF OTHERS.. SPEAK OUT TO HELPING OTHERS LIKE US OR WHO SUFFER IN OTHER WAYS. 9 YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE 10. WE ARE ALL WITH YOU.. MUCH LOVE AND GOD BLESS YOU
    poolofdarkness responded:
    Hi, this is the chronological story of my disease 1) Unknown to me one day at 3:00 am, I was awaken by profused sweating and difficulty breathing. My thought: I had food poisoning, My surroundings: The power went off and the AC stopped working.My Action: Drink a gallon of milk to stop the poisoning. 2) Traveling from Key West to Miami, the plane AC was shutt off. My symptoms: sweating, problems breathing, My thought: I have a Heart attack. My Action: Get the stewardess to get an ambulance ready for me. Conclusion: I developed terror to live without the humming of the AC. 3) Next episode: Went to swap meet with family. I was looking for the merchandise and somehow I could not find my family. My reaction: I'm lost. People around me started to suffocate me. I was crying like a little girl (40 yrs old) with my car keys. As a result I avoided public places or had to have my 5 year old hold me at all times. 4) We were driving in the rain and my muscles started to become rigid and honestly I wanted to jump out of the car. The result: Avoid driving in rain. I have some many stories like this that some people find them either funny, sad or like I belong in the loony bin. Believe me I thought that myself. I seeked professional help and was diagnosed with OCD, clinical depression and having panic attacks. Sometimes I felt that I rather have a limb taken from my body than having this disorder. There is hope, we are not alone, we have each other to confide our feelings and to understand that a lot of this comes from our active minds and our bodies react. I am constantly fighting the urge to diagnose myself. Like many of you, I have thought I had MS, onset for heart attacks. tb, lung or panchreas cancer, tumors. Right know, I had develop a small twitch by my nose and browsing the Web I have diagnosed myself with an onset for Tourrete syndrom. But reading more abouth twitching it seems like is more of stress. Of course my alternative diagnose is that I will have a facial paralysis at no time. IT'S ALL THOUGHTS" , I tell myself and through breathing, I break the chain that will continue to a full blown panic attack. Pray (any religion), Meditation and excersice does wonders to your brain and calms down those naughty thoughts. Love u all
    Rose_gr8lv responded:
    Hey there u are not alone. I feel everyday I have to battle against my anxiety I wake up every morning feeling tense trying to figure out a new sympthom but then again that's just me. The only thing that has helped me is getting distracted not thinking of anything negative or watch anything negative on tv. Actually today I was at work and I was feeling really not my self like I didn't belong in my body it was so weird I wanted to just cry or scream it was so so weird. But I hope u can feel better I am also taking b complex is a vitamin and I think it's helping me a lil. Hope you get better, and remember always have faith in god..............
    Dr_Patricia_Farrell responded:
    Anxiety/panic has many sx. and some of the ones you're mentioned are included, but I'd suggest that the first stop is your doc. Anytime you feel something is wrong and it's painful or you start twitching, see your doc. Yes, some medications can cause twitches, too, but you need a professional opinion.
    platonicwolf responded:
    I am very sorry to hear so many people are going through this, but I am glad to know that I am not alone. I've become a victum to fear as well. I feel like I'm dying all the time and even feel weird body feelings to go along with those fears. I guess it is mental, but when it is happening, it feels VERY real and scary! When I feel that panic coming on, I am taken over by bad thoughts and seem helpless to stop them. I get this overwelming feeling that comes over me and immidiatly want to go to the ER just incase. Sometimes I have gone and they sent me home with no bad diagnosis. I have thought I was having a heart attack, a stroke, had cancer, a blood clot....the list goes on and on. Trust me, I know how crazy that sounds. I am a very responsable person in my everyday life, and I can use my common sense in most cases. In this catagory ,however, I'm at a total loss! I am overweight and I also smoke. I am 30 with a husband and two daughters who depend on me so much! I think, in my subconcience mind, I am harping on the possibilitiy of death if I do not change my ways or maybe I have abused my body so much already that it's too late to repair the damage. Everyday is a new fear and more panic. The cycle is causing problems in many aspects of my life. After tons of internet surfing, I found it could posibly be a form of obsessive compulsive disorder, and am getting some help very soon. If the worry and panic does not stop, it WILL lead to real problems. Im certain of that. Good luck to all of you who share this issue.
    usmcvince responded:
    Hello, I also feel like I have been panic/anxiety stricken. I recently quit smoking, so now instead of going out side to smoke I have extra time to sit around and figure out what could be wrong with Firstly, stop googling symptoms.... the internet can be horrible to one's open Next, do things to keep you mind off of bad thoughts like, watching your fav. tv show, listen to your fav. radio show, read, but dont read health magazines.... It will get you right back to where you were. Also, exercise!!!!!! if you get into the mind set of exercise and body healthing you can get yourself to beleive you are healing your ailments....(which you dont have any to begin with). You are OK.... Just as I am!

    I am turning 30 and quit smoking, so you can just imagine what I'm going through. I am married and just had another child. The fear of not being able to see them grow up is overwhelming, which is where I beleive my anxiety/ panic originated. I also suffered from side pains, but the ultrasound came back negative, which is great..... but you know how "we" can go off the deepend and still think we are experiancing the pains and stiffness..... You have to remember age is a Bi*ch.... As you get older your body changes.... for example, when I was a young guy I was able to work out all day,every day..... lift X # of weights, squat, run...etc... now!!!!! i tried squatting 415lbs and hurt my when I bench 315, my buddy and i now experiance chest pains from

    So all in all.... remember keep things moderate. Dont over due anything.... Over kill is a killer. Lastly, You are fine!!!!!! You are fine!!!!!! You are fine!!!!!! You are fine!!!!!! You are fine!!!!!! Keep you mind occupied on happy friends.... Live life a little more...!!!!!

    You friend, Vince
    kikis25 replied to mykeey's response:
    all these posts are really helpful and definitely make me feel alot better knowing im not insane or going insane. i just absoulutey hate feeling the overwhelming fear at times, i can be fine laughing and having a good time when out of nowhere it strikes. I also get all these tension headaches and bodyaches and pains and sometimes im just too tired to get out of bed. Maybe im not getting enough sleep, but its cause sometimes i fear going to sleep cause im afraid i wont wake up. im not on any medications well except for high cholesterol i take crestor. but i truly believe that combination of accutane, yaz, and celexa(citalopram) started all this anxiety and depression 4mths ago. and having problems with my boyfriend and family probably contributed to it as well, but before 4mths ago i was in control and had never had an issue with anxiety. I dont want to take any meds, i just try my best to deal with it but it gets exhausting fighting this battle with yourself. But as others i turn to god to give me the strength to overcome this.
    sean7phil responded:
    I used to have trouble with that kind of anxiety too.

    You need to buy some self-help books.

    You also need to stop struggling with / reacting to the anxiety (makes it worse, although it's very natural to want to struggle with it, unfortunately struggling and reacting will fuel it).

    Learning about meditation can help (especially present-oriented meditation) and gently letting go of control (on a consistent, ongoing basis) can make an enormous difference.

    Definitely pick up some self-help books on anxiety, that caqn help too **but only if you practice the tools in the book every day, all day (which is worth it).

    Also-- it sounds like you may have OCD (anxiety that makes you worry all the time).

    Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous can help that. So can a kind of meditation called "Mindfulness".
    tvwarmup replied to mykeey's response:
    DO YOU SUFFER FROM HYPOCHONDRIA? If so, a major producer is looking for people with EXTREME HYPOCHONDRIA for our docuality pilot.

    This is NOT an exploitive show, but rather informative, documenting your daily rituals having this condition.

    Please send a brief bio, decribe daily routine and contact info to:
    [email protected] .

    We need people ASAP. Again, this is a positive t-v project with experts at hand to offer additional counselling.

    Thank you.
    BEB121990 responded:
    oh my god i totally understand everything everyone is saying i have had panic disorder for over a year now i am only 19 and i was always outgoing and optimistic now i fear everything like i get so paranoid out of no where i cant function i have been to the ER several times arguing with doctors that i am having a heart attack now i am scared of the hospital because i cant take medicine anymore i mean a simple asprin will set me off to thinking something is wrong i dont know if something more is wrong it seems so easy for people to say it is just anxiety unless they are experiencing it too my whole personality has changed i am depressed and lost friends because of the change in me i have turned into a hypo condriact as well i fear it is something more my mother is bi polar and my father was schizophrenic so the possibility of having a more serious problem is high and it scares the hell out of me
    meg2354 responded:
    Im 22 yrs old and i have been suffering from panic attacks for just about 7 yrs. I have reasons to believe that my panic attacks have started for many reasons from seeing death, divorce, to car accidents in one yr.I have been put on all different types of medications to help me and nothing seems to work for me besides the a temp. medication to calm me ...clonzepam. Everytime i go see my doctor about my chronic panic attacks i feel like i can never get him to understand exactly what im going thru.. i always feel like there is something wrong with me or im going to die. i constantly focus on my breathing and i over react to just about everything.I hyperventilate and get my entire body to feel tingly. I am terrified that my heart will fail even tho i know i dont have a problem. I get random pains anywhere.... Basiclly my mind makes whatever im stressing about happen to some extent and feel real. I know im not crazy and i cant help them. My brain seems to go on auto-pilot.....panic attacks come and go thru out my entire day about 4x or more so i have been trying new ways to cope with it. I started exercising, to relieve stress. and yoga in the AM to relax myself. I have been working on breathing bc i tend to hyperventilate when i panic and pass out. When i know im breathing "funny" i drink water. Eating better too is one that helps.....These seem to help me cope in some way. But no one on here is crazy.I was told that i have a chemical imbalance in my brain and im lacking something.. its just what is that somthing. But for the longest time i felt nuts. So for Meinlvr25 to me it sounds like what i go thru everyday to some extent. But check with your doctor its always a good idea. good luck im sure everything will be just fine. : )
    cjs7dd responded:
    You are not alone. Part of having an anxiety disorder is worrying more about things that others may not. I think I have a hormonal disorder among many other things. Just try to stay positive. Go to the doctor, but only if you are physically sick. A lot of what needs to be done is sorting things out in your mind and perhaps with a counsler.
    cjs7dd replied to cheeseburger4me's response:
    I often have physical symptoms too. How can we know if it is a serious problem, or if we are simply overreacting?
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to cjs7dd's response:
    Dear Cjs7dd (and anyone else),

    If you would like Dr. Farrell and our current members to see this post, I would suggest starting a new Discussion. You can do that by clicking "What's Happening Now?" link on the upper lefthand side of this page, then use the big orange "post" button to start a new Discussion (or Tip or Resource).

    This thread is really long, and was originally started two years ago, so replies are likely to get lost.

    My best,

    michylovesrob13 responded:
    dont worry, i know wxactly how you feel! recently i have stopped smoking marijuana and it has caused me to have some anxiety. it gets so bad that sometimes i think i am literally dying. and i think i have all sorts of diseases. but i really think it has to do with the anxiety. it was something that i had never experienced in my life and when i had a panic attack i went to the emergency room thinking there was something really wrong with me. but it turned out to be anxiety.. they prescribed me xanax but i am not taking them. pills scare me too much.. but hopefully itll go away as soon as all the thc leaves my body.. good luck! you are not alone!

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