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    Preventing Panic Attack Diarrhea
    horse_mom1 posted:
    Hello, I suffer from the worst symptom anxiety and panic attacks can have: diarrhea. And I mean, EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. When it hits, I have very little time to get to a bathroom. There are a few situations that are known to cause me to have a panic attack. I take half a Xanax as needed (which is not very often) for the general axiety. But it does not stop the diarrhea in the severe panic attacks.

    There are times when I cannot avoid the situations that typically cause me to have a panic attack. One situation in particular is being stuck in a car in traffic. For me,its a lot like being chlostrophobic and stuck in a confined place. My panic is caused by the possibility I'll have a panic attack (with explosive diarrhea) and there is no possible way I will make it to a bathroom, because there's no place to turn off and get out of the traffic. I have had messed myself on a few occasions and had to go home to clean up and clean my car.

    Over labor day weekend I would like to take a trip in the car with 3 girlfriends. I think its a 6 hour drive to and from our destination. I don't want to have to cancel due to the possibility I'll have a panic attack and have diarrhea while we're sitting in labor day traffic. I would like to know if there are any medications I could ask my doctor to prescribe that I could take before I go on this trip that would essentially stop all movement in my bowels on the days we'll be driving. I am truly desperate. My only alternative is to do very unhealthy things such as use the bowel cleansing product I had to use the night before my laparscopic hysterectomy surgery (can't remember the name but it was an over the counter product) and then starve myself and not eat or drink anything, and pump myself full of the Xanax for the drives. I'm just hoping there might be a medication available that might be a little safer approach.

    Thanks, Valerie
    Jtthatsme replied to PumpkinLaFlamme's response:
    Hi, I thought I was going mad, with this, there are so many people.

    All my family live 1hr 30 mins drive away, so I am getting to see them less and less. I have the panic once I know you cannot get to the loo. My latest episode was when I almost missed the flight for our holiday. I now just take an Imodium, about 1 hr before going anywhere.

    But does anyone find, on your home run, there isn't any or as much anxiety?
    shortiewon replied to An_189984's response:
    Thank you so much for sharing these tips. As you posted this 6 years ago, may I just ask how are you now? I really want to try the tips you shared.
    An_266904 responded:
    Hello. I just tired to research about my problem and I came across your post. I see that it you posted this 7 years ago but I thought there may be a possibility you still have the same email and I wanted to reach out to you to ask if you ever ending up being able to control your panic attacks followed by diarreah. I am 24 years old and I started having these SAME issues you discribed and it's taking over my life. I am going to make a dr appointment but I wanted to see if there was anything words or wisdom you could share with me, if you even get this email. Thank you.
    Joanlee13 replied to Spoons's response:
    Thank you for this, and I agree there is definitely a physical component. In fact, I think more physical than mental. It can happen to me when I'm home under no stress at all. Just happened this morning, out of the blue, no reason. I've done everything as well, as far as therapy, diets, etc. I've even done acupuncture as recently as last week. I don't know why the doctors can't figure out what the hell is wrong, but my life is so limited, I think sometimes it isn't even worth living. All I do is manage this. It's just like the commercial on TV for Crohn's disease. It is so hard to not be depressed and try to live with a positive attitude. I am divorced 5 years, but can't even think of starting another relationship. I can't work. I can't travel. I can't make any commitments at all that I have to show up on time for. I try to count my blessings, as I have many, but I feel like a shut-in with a severe mental problem. I eat healthy, do yoga and walk, meditate, etc etc. My lifestyle is nearly perfect. I manage with Imodium, but for some reason that doesn't seem right, even though the doctors recommend it. I have had this for 16 years now, and it's as perplexing as it was then. I have hope that they will find a cure for this thing, or at least a better way to manage it. I've tried it all. Namaste to you all.
    eforestbeaste responded:
    A single puff of herb prior to entering one of these stressful
    situations seems to have cured incurable me
    mtggrl33 responded:
    Hi Val....I do not have the diarrhea but, I've been suffering with panic attacks since 1991! Just recently I've started having the feeling like my bowels are trying to let loose during an attack. I was beginning to think there was actually something physically wrong with me! I was rushed to the hospital two weeks ago with "heart attack" symptoms...they kept me overnight (first hospital stay in 30 yrs!) my heart and arteries are in perfect condition! I'm 60 years old, I workout twice a week with a trainer, lifting weights, etc., I eat very clean and I've been doing this for almost 30 years as well. I walk almost every day but as often as I can. I'm in great physical condition and don't look or feel my age at all but, an episode can set me back a whole day and sometimes 2! Have your attacks always been accompanied by diarrhea or did it start later? I absolutely HATE that any and all of us suffer this absurd, invasive condition and there's nothing anyone can figure out what to do to make it stop!
    Jaronimon responded:
    Hi all,

    Try 'Clomipramine' aka 'Anafranil' (
    (or as I call it: My Magic Pills )- it did the trick for me and for another guy I Know of, and we both suffered from exactly the same problem as everyone else here. It completely cured me from this, and it's been 10 years now.

    a year ago it all started coming back, but than my doc just increased my dose (I decreased it a few years ago) and I'm fine again.

    The bottom line is: DON'T GIVE UP! - Even if nothing helps and you can't go out from your home (like I couldn't) there is still a lot of life to live in the safety of your home. - Its the internet era! you can work, go shopping, create, get famous, help others, research, study, build, meet friends.... - all while still sitting on your toilets - It is not ideal but it is not the worst.

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