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    How does your anxiety make you feel
    blondiecbm2005 posted:
    and how else does it effect you? what are your physical symptoms? what helps you cope with your anxiety? medication? if not what helps you?

    for example, with me, when im nauseous, i cant focus on anything else, like reading to distract me. my mind gets consummed by the nausea, and i cant think of anything else. it seems that if i stop focusing on the nausea, it might make it worse...

    and my anxiety shows up unexpectedly, but that is apparently due to me having mitral valve prolapse (a minor VERY common heart condition that is said to cause other minor things such as anxiety)

    and ill just feel off, kinda nauseous, kind of scared, heart pounding. it can come and go, or stay awhile. im afraid, in general, of passing out, getting sick, things like that, in public, so i feel some of my anxiety comes when i need to go out with a crowd, and i get afraid that one of those things will happen so i get some anxiety symptoms when it comes to going out sometimes.

    when im sick, with a cold, i get scared it means i have a serious disease brewing so that makes me panicky on and off for a few days

    also feel like it would be hard for me to have a 5 day a week job, because of the way i feel so weird on and off...and when i start to feel like that, the last thing i want is to be sitting and doing work, when i really need to go for a quick walk, and get fresh air.

    dont wanna go on medication, i am realllly against it, but i might get a low dose of Xanax to take on a as-needed-few times a week (or less) basis

    and in the past few weeks, i am shaky with no appetite and some nausea in the morning, and i feel sickly and dazed and not myself (on and off) from 7-10am and then i slowly return to normal feeling great by midday and then a little off by night time, its a strange new pattern

    please share your anxiety stories with me? thanks!
    AleKzande responded:
    I felt uneasy,dizzy, difficult concentrating,didn't want to be around people to long,irritable, felt like my mind was locked up.
    cheryll37 responded:
    It just comes over me at anytime.showere washing dishes anything. work and around 1oclock like clockwork I start feeling anxious.symptons at any time consist of lips tingling left arm tingling like electric shock sensations.get nausaus sometimes.Awhile ago head would start hurting in the back of my skull(hasen't happened in awhile)chest just aches.I have no appetite anymore I hate this !
    coko26 responded:
    dizzyiness sweating heart racing and feeling like iam about to pass`out.
    cutestkitty1 responded:
    I hate to say this but it's nice to read others symptoms, it helps reassure me that it is anxiety, I have PTSD, had a MRI, EKG, blood work..... I'm fine, but each panic attack makes me feel like I'm going to pass out, I feel like I'm going to black out, my heart races, I feel like crying, I feel VERY scared but for no apparent reason, I get chest pain, nauseous, unbalanced, dizzy light headed and an urge to hide, like in a closet or lock myself in the bathroom.

    I think the worse part is feeling like I can't go to anyone when I'm feeling all of this, everyone thinks I'm doing better, but really I'm just getting a little bit use to it, I know it's anxiety so I try to not react to it, yet trying to not react to it makes the feelings more intense. I become almost consumed with the idea that I'm going to die, or want to die just to get away from the feelings of anxiety, the feeling that my brain is on a caffeine high (I don't consume any caffeine, no pop, coffee or chocolate)

    Crying does help take the edge off, but what a time suck, between feeling anxious & or crying it can eat up 3-5 hours out of each day, I do have some good days, I just wish I could figure out what triggers bad days
    tenice5 responded:
    Sometimes I feel uneasy, unbalanced, dizzy and headaches. When I have chest pain I get nervous because I think Im about to die or something. I really hate the body shakes and body tremors those are the worse. I hate being lightheaded or having any head symptoms. It all just sucks. Every bit of it. Ive experienced sleep anxiety a couple of times and it drives me crazy that I cant go to sleep when I want to because Im always afraid and my mind wonders and wonders. Will this ever end!!!!!!!
    Dr_Patricia_Farrell responded:
    I can understand that you don't want meds, but I'm wondering if you've had a medical check-up this year. Sometimes there can be something in your diet or stress and that can be handled easily, but first you need to be checked out to make sure it's not something that needs attention. I also think you can use self-help techniques, even before you go to the doc's. Take a look at my Self-help page on my website for some suggestions.
    nykat responded:
    Home today b/c yesterday had a major panic attack at work went straight to my md---bp 180/100 what came first the bp spike or the panic attack Dr says panic attack he did increase my bp med dose told me to take off a day from work try to relax--i'm trying////feel ok when i woke up today had my coffee then started to feel shaky again dropped my dghtr at camp stopped at food store--feeling shaky lost cart -went blank for a few seconds--felt panicky--came home f eelingng better--- online trying to find therapist or pschologist never been yet but think its time--scared (going to try no coffee tommorrow and see if it helps)
    Dr_Patricia_Farrell responded:
    Good idea about the coffee and do relaxation breathing throughout the day. I think you'll find it very helpful.
    nykat responded:
    No coffee for two days---cut way down on cigs--breathing has helped---wentback to work today didnt feel ready but felt i just hadn to go --still felt shaky in the morning which eased as day went on. Nice to have this site. ty
    Dr_Patricia_Farrell responded:
    You're doing what you need to do. Just keep it up and let yourself know that you can learn to relax and you'll do what you need. Great to hear that you've started on this very important journey.
    Spiritualdove09 responded:
    When I got anxiety in march of 09 i would shake or have trembles, be dizzy & light headed, feel nauseous, dry mouth, and heart would beat fast & feel like im breathing heavier, I felt like i was gonna die i worry alot so it wasnt good then it finAlly stopped after a month n just got it once in a while but now its august & the past 2 weeks my body aches, i feel anxious, heart beats fast, feel light headed & dizzy just dnt feel my self & the drs at the hospital says the blood tests are fine & i need to relax, but what they dont understand is its hard to relax when u have anxiety & im tired of always laying in my bed!
    blondiecbm2005 responded:
    thanks everyone for all the responses! reading some of them reminds me of myself.... the moments of not feeling like myself and feeling "sick..." like i just cant explain how i feel sometimes, i feel the slight shortness of breath, nausea, slight trembling/jitteriness and the feeling that a million bad things are gonna happen to me all at once

    reading your responses help make me feel better and often calm me down....

    thank you and keep more responses coming!
    JellyBn83 responded:
    I get the headaches and sick to my stomach! I have had depression for most of my teenager and now my adulthood life. But I have now in the last four months been really hard for me with this. I am still trying to figure out if it is stress/anixety that is causing all my health issues right now or is just that I am that lucky to get all of these things basically all at once!?!
    pocotriste responded:
    feel the same way if i enter a room before a bunch of ppl im fine but after i ahve to leave.

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