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    Best SSRI for anxiety
    sunflower1943 posted:
    Hi - I had tried Zoloft, Paxil and Effexor and all made me more anxious - does anyone know if there is an SSRI that does not cause anxiety - I have been reading on this board and a few are taking Lexapro for anxiety that has helped - can anyone tell me which SSRI helps the best for anxiety and not cause it to get worse? In other words, which SSRI calms a person. thanks.
    An_245172 replied to ratliff6's response:
    ratliff6 - do you really think that someone who is suffering needs to hear someone respond to them that way. Yes, Paxil can cause weight gain, but I think you could find a more compassionate and helpful way of speaking to someone who is coping with anxiety.
    GreginKansas responded:
    I know you said you tried Paxil, but that's what really worked for me.
    discoveringyourworld responded:
    I have been very cautious about working with my Psychiatrist to treat my PTSD and anxiety...I have resisted SSRI's and had success with Klonopin, but, in between doses had anxiety in my chest. Slowly, I researched SSRI's and decided to try Zoloft on a very low dose, 25 mg at first and now at 50 mgs (In addition to 1.5 mgs of Klonopin a day. I really worked with her and tried different dosages and times to smooth out my anxiety during the day. It unbelievably seems to be working. I also continue to work on the issues related to PTSD and exercise. My biggest worry was weight gain. But, in some of my research Zoloft seemed to have the least risk for weight gain. Keep in mind I am taking a small dose.
    discoveringanxiety responded:
    My anxiety attacks come and go. They occur the most when I havent been sleeping well. For example, if I have been sleeping well the past few weeks I have no problems. When stressed from insomnia, I usually get severe attacks in a car. I tried 10mg of prozac for a couple weeks and it gave me more insomnia, making my anxiety worse. So my doctor switched me to 20mg paxil and I am debating on whether to take it or not. I hate taking medication and I am aftaid to be dependent on an SSRI, although I want to be able to control my anxiety. Are SSRI medications the answer to treating anxiety? Please give me your thoughts on paxil or any other alternatives to get over this hump
    kah_public responded:
    I have moderate depression and social anxiety disorder.

    Zoloft leveled my mood and made me feel "normal", which definitely helped with SAD. I like that the medicine didn't make me feel over the top happy, I was just looking to feel normal.

    There were side effects at the beginning that would fade in a week or two - loss of appetite, nausea, erectile dysfunction. I would lose weight every time I started on Zoloft.

    Zoloft consistently caused severe heartburn for me, which contributed to me stopping use (A tip: don't use Tums for this, as I did. The heartburn became many times worse for me).
    CrazyMike replied to junebug32449's response:
    You sound a lot like me. How is it working for you?
    peaceforLaura responded:
    hi I also have the same question. Ive been on all of those as well, they made me feel worse.

    hope we can get some anwers.

    Best to you
    Take care and Hang in their, God Bless you.
    idamay1972 replied to luved's response:
    I was on ativan 1mg 3xday for anxiety and it did help for quite a while but it quit working. My dr recently switched me to klonapin which is doing a much better job. I recommend it.
    treadmillqueen replied to carimacal's response:
    Remeron makes you so hungry you want to eat constantly.
    You will gain tons of weight. I tried on three different occasions I couldn't stop eating.
    treadmillqueen replied to skinny72's response:
    I took remeron too I couldn't stop eating and was gaining tons of weight it is an unbelievable side effect. I had to stop it.
    treadmillqueen replied to junebug32449's response:
    Lamictal didn't do squat for my anxiety. I was also on a ssri
    and Ativan. You can knock yourself out that will treat anxiety but that was all I got from these meds.

    treadmillqueen replied to luved's response:
    You have to take Ativan more then once a day it is short acting.
    chuckIV responded:
    I have had remeron,celexa,paxil,zoloft, am worse now then when i was dia. w anxiety (?????) now im on benzo's but trying to get off ive lost all trust in my phys. so i cant say what is exactly wrong yet but i can tell you the benzos xanax w/food great calm day but not a fix just a bandaid and addictive so moving to ativan to help ween off as has longer half life so it should help stepping down. I made it 3 days on remeron 2 on paxil 1 on celexa I tryed 1/4 of a dose of zoloft felt same he suguested 1/8 dose i said no none of them worked for me So listen to your body and keep in touch with your doc so he knows what is going on and when keep a diary of how you feel when you feel it down to what you eat at what time sounds like a waist but believe me it can help you when you least expect it good luck and im sure everything will go your way stay strong!
    workingprogress002 replied to idamay1972's response:
    I have been on Lexapro for over 10 years. It's for depression and anxiety. I have noticed over the past several years that my anxiety has increased. My doctor added Klonapin twice a day. Anxiety is a monster and the panic attacks are horrible. I refuse to go on any additional meds. I have to find a way to deal with what is causing the anxiety. For me, its life situations that seem to take me an emotional rollercoaster. I am working on dealing with how I handle things so that I don't end up on additional meds that cause more side effects than benefits. Prayer is so helpful and therapy is also helpful too.
    nighteyes61801 responded:
    I had the same problem with alot of them. Try Fluoxetine! Works well for me!

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