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    Best SSRI for anxiety
    sunflower1943 posted:
    Hi - I had tried Zoloft, Paxil and Effexor and all made me more anxious - does anyone know if there is an SSRI that does not cause anxiety - I have been reading on this board and a few are taking Lexapro for anxiety that has helped - can anyone tell me which SSRI helps the best for anxiety and not cause it to get worse? In other words, which SSRI calms a person. thanks.
    Dinkman52 replied to junebug32449's response:
    Junebug - I realize it's been five years since your post: How did Lamictal work for your anxiety/ Any side effects that were noticeable?
    I have been taking one type of SSRI or another for 20 years. I'm really starting to have daily anxiety and racing thoughts and want to get off of the SSRI's.
    PapaPug32 responded:
    Has anyone been put on vibrant to treat anxiety?
    daa1969 responded:
    Hey, i started a little over 2yrs ago on zoloft 50mg, the 1st week was horrid, i felt like a drug addict going through withdrawal, i was in bed for like 3 days, freezing, sweating, hallucinating, etc. had just about every side effect, after about 2 weeks it got better, however, my anxiety was much worse, once i went to 100mg it got better but i lost the ability to ejaculate. Doc had me try vybrid, that was the worse thing ever! Next i went to lexapro, it was ok, anxiety was a little better but still not as good as i would like, also, had pretty much killed my libido, i dealt with this for a little over a year, i then decided to stop everything, now about 6 months later im finding my anxiety and panic attacks are escalating once again so just went to psychiatrist and he put me on prozac, will be starting tonight but im so anxious about starting its crazy, i got it 3 days ago but been scared and wanted to wait for my wifes days off in case i become a bed ridden nervous wreck again!
    daa1969 replied to kaila88's response:
    Hey, i bet you had some minor attacks prior to the traffic incident but maybe didnt understand it was happening. Like you, i also have had my worse attacks in traffic, however, when i think back, I've always had some signs, walking into a classroom, going into crowded place or something, i would feel nervous and sweaty, the difference was there were others around to distract my mind, and you subconsciously know theres a way out, when your stuck in traffic with anxiety you always see the worse, theres no way out! Mine was so bad i would spend my nights driving my route to work but get off at all the different exits and figure out how to make it to work from there, i now pretty much veer right as soon as i see brake lights. I would say go ahead and get on something now because from what I've seen things only get worse, it can really alter your lifestyle and since your young theres still hope. Dont look back 20yrs from now and regret your life. Before you know it your attacks will increase and for much less obvious reasons like traffic, i have them about everywhere now, even just chilling in my bed! Get the help, and not just xanax, that shouldn't be anything more than a temporary fix. Anyway, good luck!

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