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    Best SSRI for anxiety
    sunflower1943 posted:
    Hi - I had tried Zoloft, Paxil and Effexor and all made me more anxious - does anyone know if there is an SSRI that does not cause anxiety - I have been reading on this board and a few are taking Lexapro for anxiety that has helped - can anyone tell me which SSRI helps the best for anxiety and not cause it to get worse? In other words, which SSRI calms a person. thanks.
    Claire89 responded:
    See if you can find one that doesn't have a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Having the serotonin reuptake inhibitor will flood your brain with the well-being mellow feeling. The norepinephrine give you a jump start for a mood boost and that is what causes the anxiety. So when you see a medication recommended that someone is taking, go on line to, type it in and see what it does until you find the one right for you and then talk with your doctor.

    - Claire
    carimacal responded:
    Effexor is an SNRI (well, technically) but as I understand it, it's prescribed like any of the other SSRIs, as is Cymbalta. One SNRI that might help is Serzone, but that has some nasty side effects.

    SSRIs won't calm you, at least not like a benzo would. It can take months to see the benefits of SSRIs, and for anxiety, patients need to take pretty large dose, it could take a few months just to get up to a theraputic dosage, all the while, you're stuck with the side effects.

    Anxiety is a side effect for most of the SSRIs. Usually side effects will go away, but it can be pretty miserable until they do, and most patients stop taking them

    One medication you might want to discuss with your doctor is Remeron. It really helped me, but it's for more extreme cases when other things aren't working.
    getreal24 responded:
    I took Lexapro. It is not only for depression, also for anxiety. Cymbalta is really is for MAJOR depression. Look at Lexapro's website. My husband died of cancer six years ago, but for three years I took care of him before he died, (taking him to chemo, radiation, etc. My doctor gave me Lexapro for my anxiety more than my depression. I had to go to work everyday and hold it all together. It helped.

    Then i lost my Mom, two years later my Dad.

    Now I am in a live-in relationship with a divorced man with a child (his ex has custody) . I had some serious surgery, lost my job. He drives me nuts, money is a big health.

    I hate taking meds, I thought about getting back on Lexapro. The anxiety is terrible. When i go to bed I can't shut my mind off!!!!!

    My Doc gave me Ativan....I take it once or twice a day. Before bedtime helps. It's like Zanax.
    coko26 responded:
    Hey lexapro works good for me I have major anxiety that also a good medication .
    luved responded:

    My anxiety is major too. Lexapro only helped me a little. I took one 20mg pill a day. Is that what you take ? I am desperate for help.

    luved responded:

    Hello. I am taking 1 Ativan a day (1 mg) but it only helps a little. How much and how often do you take yours. I am desperately looking for help.
    engineer87 responded:
    I take Lexapro but it didn't start helping me for months. I was on seroquel for a while until the lexapro kicked in.
    coko26 responded:
    skinny72 responded:
    recently tried made things worst...i was a mess...hallucinations,, iam using is working well...the only side effect iam having is iam hungry often... but i can deal with that be exact..iam taking 15mg Remeron...usually 1/2 or 1 hour before bed... helps me wandering mind....sleep seems to be the only true healer.

    please, talk to your doctor about Remeron, especially if you are having hard time with SSRIs. good luck...i know how you confident you will get better.


    ps - i used to take kolonpin 15 years helped but it was horrific getting off it.
    rlukacs responded:
    Hello. Im 28 years old and have tried many medications for my Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Right now im not on anything because i am 36wks pregnant but before i got pregnant i had been on Lexapro and Xanax. Lexapro has worked Really great for me and so had Xanax. Just make sure to be careful if your taking Xanax because it can be very addictive. I would only take if needed.
    kaila88 responded:
    I had my first panic attack last month out of no where while I was in my car backed up in traffic and it was terrifying. I'm 22 now and had a recent birthday a couple weeks ago. My doctors nurse pacticoner put me on xanax but the low dose and so then xanax lasts like 4 hours in your system so then I had to go back to my doctor to where I can take a medication to where it can last all day and she prescribed me with Paxil which was the low dose and so I'm waiting til my body builds up to it, so I know this will work for me and I'm also working out everyday and eating healthy. I have no side affects to paxil.

    Due to my recent anxiety, have a lot of stress with my adoptive parents that take care of my 4 yearf old daughter and so affects me especially her taking me to court for child support.
    junebug32449 responded:
    I too have a history of SSRI's causing more anxiety, palpitations, racing thoughts, and a doctor just days ago diagnosed me with low level bi-polar, which apparently manifests itself with more anxiety when on SSRI's. He prescribed Lamictal, instead of an SSRI, and this medication is for anxiety for those with low level bi-polar and unable to take SSRI's. Just started #3 today, have complete faith in my doctor and will see him in 4 wks.
    Junebug32449....good luck.
    ratliff6 replied to kaila88's response:
    hope you want to gain weight ...paxil packs it on.
    peaceforLaura replied to junebug32449's response:
    Please let me know how that works for you. Id like to ask my doc for that.
    Take care and Hang in their, God Bless you.

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