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    Effexor XR Withdrawal Symptoms
    blackieskid5 posted:
    Has anyone had withdrawal symptoms from Effexor XR? I went from 75 mg per day to 37.5. At that point I began to get slight headaches and nausea. After a week, I stopped taking it altogether, the headaches were the same, but the nausea increased.
    effexorsucks replied to 8823343's response:
    I have been on Effexor for over 9 years. Now I have been weaning myself off with all the symptoms of withdrawl. I went from XR to tablets ...from 75 pill to a quarter of a pill to a quarter everyother day. Now I have not had any for 3 days. I cant stand the brain zaps and fuzzyness. I would like to hear from someone who has gotten over all of these withdrawn symptoms. I want to know if I have hope!
    blcjones replied to betterbrisbane's response:
    My doctor said she had never heard of the type of reaction that everyone here has mentioned. The electricution/brain zaps, the sweats, tremors, headache, body aches nausea etc. I questioned her doubt head on - she stepped back and said that she had never had anyone come off of Effexor without going on something else.

    I am tired of being chemically altered, and therefore will do whatever I need to in order to be free from this burden.

    After following the manufacturers recommendation for titration (weaning off) 75mg for one week; 37.5 for one week, I fell apart after being completing off for 2 days. I work with nurses and one of them contacted a physician who recommended that I take 2 extra strength tylenol and two (25mg each) Benydryl per the instructions on the boxes. This allowed me to sleep and took care of the pain.

    I spoke with my doctor who decided that I should go back to 75mg for one month and then try 37.5 for one month. I will see how things go this time around. From all of the blogs and posts I have read on the internet very few people manage to come off of the drug without a great deal of trouble.

    My question is what type of "Non-Addicting" drug is this? I know I was told that you could not become addicted to the med. If this were the case - we wouldn't feel withdrawal symptoms after 24-48 hours from missed doses or coming off all together. I would love to hear what the drug company has to say about all of this.
    An_190003 responded:
    I decided to stop 36 hours ago as I had had enough of sweating like a freak in public! Last night was bad, soaked with sweat & alternating between hot & cold sweats, very bad shakes, but today not as bad, until I have to speak or interact with people, then it's a little odd, beer helps, which is not good with effexor, and I bought excedrin PM to try & sleep a bit tonight, I'll keep you posted, I've had much worse hangovers in terms of pain though!
    Lizardoli12 responded:
    a few months ago I had a similar situation with trazadone, I was up to 150 mg and really did not like the feeling in the morning when I woke up, so my doctor said to stop the trazadone and to go on Limbitrol, I stopped and "oh Man", it threw me into a loop of sweating, naseua and then a siezure!

    Not good times, I guess we all have to ask doctors questions to clarify things, but this one is a biggy for me as I take a lot of meds right now and they change them and it sucks when they do until I adjust to them.
    lksjfkj responded:
    I think Effexor sucks. I've been on it three years. It didn't work so I added wellbutrin...I've spent enough money to know that I'm going to have to deal w/ "clinical depression" on my own. I feel dumb that I've ever wasted my time and money. Now I have the lovely fight to get off of it. I'm down to 37.5 and I'm going insane. All I do is cry and i'm sick. I'm worse now than before I admitted to a shrink that something was wrong. I think doctors jump the gun on mental quick to give it a pill. Depression sucks and no one WANTS this crap. I've tried about 4-5 more. I'll figure it out. that's if i can make it thru the next month or so w/ this nonsense...
    An_190004 replied to An_190003's response:
    I am now into my 72nd hour & it's getting better, brain zaps are going on all the time, but other than that, I'm really glad I quit, it's really a legal form of speed, at least for my brain, without the good stuff! Shakes are gone & I'm sweating much less...if you can quit cold turkey, I'd say go for it....
    BLMartins; replied to JackcatfromHickory's response:
    I was on the max dosage of 225mg for about 5 years and was sick of not really feeling any better, so I stopped cold turkey. I didn't go through my doctor, I just decided on my own. YES, the withdrawal symptoms were horrible! But after about three weeks, I was feeling so much better. Somehow I still worked during all that time, but don't ask me how. Once I got home, I just kind of vegged out in front of the tv watching my daughter's musicals like High School Musical 1-3 and Camp Rock. The music kind of soothed the brain zapping and the zoning out. I luckily never threw up, but I also didn't eat much for the first week or so. Good luck to you, but don't worry, the withdrawals don't last forever!
    effexorsucks replied to BLMartins;'s response:
    Yes, I think I licked it. I tapered off till I got to taking 18 ish grams of Effexor every day , then every other day and I took a long weekend to kick it. I had head zaps , emotion and fuzziness. I have been on Effexor for 10 years. Now I am a little bitchy, but very energetic.
    Love412 responded:
    If I miss one day of Effexor Xr i get shocks in my head...and when i turn or more my head too fast ...strange i take 150mgs and 37.5 of Effexor XR
    An_190005 replied to effexorsucks's response:
    I was on this for over 3 years CIS due to a car accident where the driver of the bike who hit us died. I asked my Doctor 2 or 3 times if this was addictive? OH NO.... he said... well he like many others lied... or really have no clue. I tapered down from 150 to 112.5 for 2 weeks, then to 75 for 2 weeks and then to 37.5 for 5 days.Then took nothing and have been Effexor Free for 5 weeks. The first 5 days were like hell....all the symptoms as most of the others, but my husband who has been my hugest support continued to encourage me to walk every properly....I took a multi vitamin every day, also Ester C stopped drinking coffee.... drank more water. I am in no way saying this was EASY.... it was the hardest things I have ever had to do. I just wanted to stay in bed... pull the world over my head... I hurt every where, cried at everything, was instantly mad at nothing....headache and just the most overall feeling of numbness. I was angry at all the things that led up to this the guy that died in the accident... my doctor, and all in between. From the first week to week 2 things were a bit better, from week 2-3 I was feeling better physically. Most of the nausea was gone, but the emotional crying continued. I tried to keep positive and then I started to feel better every day by just a little bit. I think it goes from feeling like totaly crap all the time to 23 hours a day to 22 hours a day to 21 hours a day... as I write this tonight I am still feeling the nervousness but at a much less amount of time per day. I see a marked improvement in each day now but am not out of the woods yet.
    I will never go back on this medication or anything like it... I know that some people need medication for many different things, but sure do feel that my doctor prescribed me a medication that he knew nothing about coming off. So.... from what I can see you can have hope.... its like a huge graph way up is bad..... then down just a little... then way up but not quite as bad as the first one.... then down a little..... and on it goes...You CAN beat this.... you can have hope..... I am hanging in here with you...
    An_190006 replied to blcjones's response:
    They would never reply... what do we know about their drug? Other than we took it in good faith from our Doctors who are supposed to be helping us.... only to find ourselves on the internet looking for answers from other who were told it was not addictive! I lived thru pure hell for the last 5 weeks.... and although it is much better than the first few days, and each day there seems to be an improvement. I hope you didnt go back on the stuff. When I talked to my doctor last week saying HOLY CRAP this is terrible I feel soooo bad, his answer for me was simple. "I can give you another prescription for Effexor and you can go back on it and try again at another time.. or suffer thru whatever it takes" he said only 40% of people who are on this drug make it off the first time trying to quit. Of those who try a second time only 40% of those will make it... and so on. After 4 weeks of "HORRIBLE" I never want to go thru that again I will make the first 40%
    I wish you luck
    Cjae130 replied to BLMartins;'s response:
    You are so right about the not eating much.... and laughter and music makes you feel better. I hope all is going well for you.
    lisash7 responded:
    I have been on Effexor XR for about 14 yrs. Even if I miss one day, I feel sick with a migraine. I've been on 150 mg forever. My doctor has put me down to 75 mg. I got sick for a few days then too. But this is the best anti-depressant that I've tried and wouldn't try anything else. I also have panic attacks occasionally so I take Xanax for that. My daughter has the same problem as me and she's only 16yrs old.
    mymerry5 responded:
    think you should have streched out the stopping period,.... you have to decrease lil by lil,,,,,,
    kaza28 replied to blcjones's response:
    Hi, i was looking on the internet for informtion on side effects of withdrawing from Effexor and came across this forum. I too had all of the withdrawal symptoms you have mentioned when i previously tried weaning of my tablets it was an awful time which no one can understand unless they have been through it, but at the time i feel i wasnt given the correct information on the withdrawal procedure. I suffered from depression a few years ago and when finally felt well again and ready to stop my tablets the symptoms were hell, so very soon always went back on them. I was so sick of putting these tablets in my body when i didnt feel i needed them but was to scared of coming off them for fear of the withdrawal. I decided a couple weeks ago that enough is enough and i finally had the guts to face this head on again. My new female doctor was brilliant she was so understanding, the symptoms i told her about she had heard of them al she didnt look at me like i was crazy, she said my previous withdrawal was far to quick should never have been told to do it by my last doctor. She recommended her method for coming off them and scheduled to see me in a month for a review. I was taking 150mg of Effexor xl capsule. ( I threw these out)
    She told me to take a 75mg effexor xl capsule and introduced a 37.5mg effexor in tablet form. I therefore was to take 112.5mg in total. Usually missing a 150mg dose was enough to start bad side effects so was very anxious the first day taken 112.5mg, I did this for two weeks and i have to say symptoms were minimal, (tiredness, low energy, sweats). For the next two weeks i took 75mg effexor xl capsule and cut 37.5mg tablet in half so was taking 93.75 mg in total (hope i counted this right lol). Again my symptoms were minimal( same as above plus bit of brain zaps)
    I went back in to doctor who has told me to now take the 75mg for two weeks( if i want to do it even slower i could cut the tablet so im taking a quarter of the table, but to judge it on how im feeling only i know) Have been doing this the last few days and am not too bad (still have the above symptoms, tiredness has got worse but am trying to push myself to get up and do things, plus eyes feel heavy and hard to focus alot. I have just over a week left on the 75mg capsule then i will then see what the next stage will be, but for now although the symptoms are horrible im still able to function quite wel in my everyday life. Im not trying to tell you that this is the only way to do it by my method, just wanted to give a litt le help to let you know that tapering slowly seems to be the only way of doing it with minimal symptoms.. I think you came down in mg to quickly so the symptoms were very severe for you. Im so determined to quit these tablets im in a very positive outlook, my family are a great support and found that showing my parents etc these forums makes them more understanding to what we are going through. I will keep you updated as to my progress and hope that you to find you next withdrawal from your tablets as symptom free as possible. Take care

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