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    Includes Expert Content
    Feeling out of control
    An_190390 posted:
    I have had anxiety for several years. And in the last year now, I get these urges to do something not in my best interest. I have never acted upon these. Like we were on vacation, and we had a balcony that I was out on, and it was like something was telling me to jump, or the thought of holding a baby, I might drop it. Just strange feelings where I feel out of control. 99% of the time I am fine, but there are those few times where I get this way. I have a family, hold down a full time job, but lack motivation. Is this all JUST anxiety? or has anyone had "out of control" feelings? Please give me your thoughts on this. Thanks!!
    Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
    Individuals with panic disorder often report feelings of being out of control sometimes. I've heard one woman described the situation very similar to yours and she realized that she would have to get some help for it. In fact she did get help for herself and, believe it or not, became a leader in a national group helping individuals with anxiety disorders.

    So, you might want to just have a few sessions with a cognitive psychologist since you say this seems to be a rare occurrence and that for most of the time you do find you don't have a problem. I think all you need to do is to learn how to manage this when it might happen or how to avoid this from happening.
    An_190391 replied to Patricia Farrell, PhD's response:
    Is it possible that this woman might have some information I may be interested in? I would like to take care of this problem.
    Brilliantmadness replied to An_190391's response:
    I get the same thoughts. It is just my anxiety and then I just make myself think about something else and it goes away. Like at times I feel that I'm about to go crazy or do something bad in a public place...just my anxiety. I've learned the more I focus on them the more intense they get so now I ignore them and the thoughts go away. That is me though you should probably talk to a Dr. to make sure but I thought I would let you know that you are not alone. : ))
    Gordman replied to Brilliantmadness's response:
    Thankyou for your comments!!! I feel like I'm going crazy. But I will take your advice and first try to think of something else at the time. If that doesn't seem to help, I will go see a Dr. It's probably because I am under alot of stress right now, and that can't be good for someone with anxiety/panic.
    I appreciate hearing from you!
    salgina01 responded:
    yes i am 36 female i get like the where i can even drive a car where when im driving my hands wanna take me off the road its so scary plus i cant really go into stores without taking a pill or get a job it doesnt want to go away i cannot drive long distancelone someone has to drive
    addout replied to salgina01's response:
    don' t worry about it !!!! i have been through that part of my life years back -----you will find it will eventually leave you !!!! just remember it is more common than you think !!!

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