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    Includes Expert Content
    If you have anxiety and/or feel like you're dying, read this.
    HockeyGod1983 posted:
    I have been on this forum only a short time, and its odd to see so many people with similar situations.I'm a 27 yr old male, and I KNOW that everyone will always say " you have no idea how it feels, and I cant even describe it to you". I fall in that boat too. I'll give you the run down and see if you can relate.

    I lived in San Diego in 2009 and Drove cross country to get there. My girlfriend was living out there already so I wanted to be closer to her. I had a great job and was exploring and having fun! One day at lunch I was out shopping when all of a sudden I got extremely dizzy. More so that feeling when you are going down in a very fast elevator. My vision got blurry and my heart was racing. Typical anxiety attacks as people and doctors say.

    The only difference is that I have not felt "normal" ever since that day. I have great insurance and was able to have a battery of tests done in a short period of time.

    I saw TWO neurologists, one that specializes in balance.
    an Ear Nose Throat DR
    a Rheumatologist
    an Endocrinologist
    an Allergist
    4 Trips to the ER, where spinal tap was administered to rule out brain infection.
    multiple visits and bloodwork done by Acting Regular MD
    Cat Scans
    MRI's with and without contrast of brain and cervical spine.
    Ultrasounds of Lower stomach, and neck to check blood flow to brain.
    Currently seeing a cardiologist with a scheduled Echo Cardio Gram this week.
    New neuro appt. Next week for opinions on stuff.

    Bottom line is that, excuse my french, no one has found jack sh1t wrong with me. Ive had multiple doctors just say " it sounds like anxiety". My beef is that I know what an anxiety attack/panic attack is like. What i live through day to day is not that. I will get those attacks on top of the feeling I have, but my day to day is a feeling of not being connected to my body and feel like im going to lose control of my body/black out/pass out almost all the time.

    My major symptoms are as follows

    -The light headedess, feelings like im going to faint.
    -some minor neck pain. (i crack it a lot)
    -faint trembling in my hands at times.
    -Unable to sleep due to racing thoughts.
    -burning/cold sensations in my feet and hands.
    -heart hurts. Not like im having a heart attack, just a dull ache which isnt always there
    - I have lost about 15 pounds in the past two months. ( I'm 5'10, 142 pounds)

    Has anyone else gone through something liek this to find out its actually NOT anxiety? I have a nice car, a super hot girlfriend and I live in a nice house with a good job. I have some money. Its not like I have a lot of worries in this world ya know? I cannot believe that every single thing going on with my body is related to anxiety and panic????

    please help

    An_190534 responded:
    Hi Em

    Boy when I read your thread it sounded like I had wrote it for myself...every thing you have been thru so have I...all the doctors you have seen so have I...all your symptoms....the same thing with me...and believe it or not I have dizziness on a daily basis and this is how mine started out..

    I was at work and it started with vertigo and me like you went to every doctor...I went to every doctor like you and not a ONE of them could tell me anything was wrong....

    I often wonder myself can anxiety be causing me to feel like this all the time but I have read alot on anxiety and all your symptoms sound just like myself....My PA said anxiety can cause alot of symptoms in your body...but I feel like you do because I feel like something else is wrong with me but they never find anything and course when they dont find anything it only makes you think they arent findiing something an that just keeps your anxiety level up even worse....

    I have been going thru this for 5 years now and I have lost my job over it an now on disability...I hope you are still able to get out and work...I never go anywhere and so depression sets in also...its a horrible feeling and I wish I had some good news for you but I can say you are not alone and I do believe most of it is anxiety or I have finally tried to convince myself that it is because if I didnt I would go crazier than what I already am..

    Even right now my vision is crazy and it makes me nauseous to even type...I lost 40 pounds in 2 months when this all first happend to me...I also have severe neck pain,headaches,tremors in my body,my chest hurts,my heart pounds so hard,I feel like I will pass out...same things you discussed I hope and pray you find some help and get some relief...I will be praying for you cause I know how you feel and it hurts when people dont realize when we are suffering...take care and I wish you the best and pray you get passed are to young to deal with this all your life but alot of us do, but I pray you dont have to...

    God Bless
    Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
    Anxiety doesn't only come from problems with your love life, your finances or the stresses you may be experiencing; it can also come from "misfires" of brain hormones. So, although you've had a lot of tests (and I have to say I don't think I've seen so many tests done on one person), the cause isn't physical; it's anxiety and probably brain chemistry. I know that's hard to believe, but your symptoms, too, appear to be anxiety related.

    Has anyone suggested some small bit of an anti-anxiety medication? I think this might be something to discuss with the neurologist when you see that person. I'm not an MD, but I think you'll be hearing from others who will tell you they have the same symptoms.
    HockeyGod1983 replied to Patricia Farrell, PhD's response:
    I have in fact been prescribed Lexapro. Ive read some real HORROR stories about the side effects. I have a stash of xanax for the panic/anxiety attacks, but nothing to fix the everyday feeling. My doctors in Cali called me "House". Cause thats exactly what i was like, an episode of house. The symptoms are real. I think the major thing for me is the chicken or the egg.

    Is there something in my body causing the anxiety

    or is my anxiety causing the symptoms?

    It's a hard question to answer as I dont know what would have triggered this change in my body. I know you're not an MD but i appreciate your insight.
    HockeyGod1983 replied to An_190534's response:
    Hi anon,

    Thanks for your response and I am also sorry to hear that you are not feeling much better then I am either. I think my major concern is that there is no diagnosis. Can they actually do some kind of test to find out that you have a chemical imbalance or "misfire" before they put you on antidepressants or anti anxiety meds?? They can test for everything else I find it hard to swallow.
    missxmonroex responded:
    I know this is an older post, but it reminds me of what I've been going through.. I've been diagnosed with adult onset A.D.D. and everything you say you experience is happening with me, its just that the A.D.D. thoughts, the inability to calm them or stop them, causes me extreme anxiety and every night when I'm trying to make it stop, I shake, so bad, and it hurts, terribly.... but I don't know how to stop it, because my adderall wears off mid day, and they wont help me at night. Something to consider though.
    cyratliff responded:
    Hi my name is Crystal Ratliff..And i read ur mess and I just want to say im 28 yrs old i have a 2 yr old son and Im married and have a great job and have a house and everything too..But i am going thru the same thing u are....I think the same things...I have this fear of dying and that something is wrong with me everytime i feel weird.....All my major symptons are just like urs...everyone of them are the same as mine....I just wish i could get my anxiety and panic attacks under control..Now i have a upper respiratory infection and oh my lord im thinking im going to die and ill never get better...i can't never breathe or catch my breathe and its been like this for a month or longer....i went to the hospital and they said i have an infections in my lungs. A slight Bronchitis....But were i have this phobia im thinking im going to die or something and its not going to get better....I have been trouble breathing for a while now a month or longer...I just kept thinking well it will go away put adventually it didnt..But i do understand everything ur going thru cause im going thru it too..Just like you are...I mean everything just like you are.....I just want relief from all of this and i want to go back to being me and normal again..I just would love to have sum advice and what to do about it and how to fix these problems and issues.....I haven't seen any special person for it yet..But will soon...But right now im just trying to learn how to control my panic attacks and i just can't seem to get them under control myself....Im too young to worry and go thru this....I just would love to have my life back...I pray so many times a day....God will help us but theirs more that we've got to do also...God can't just fix everything we have to do sum of it...But that sum of it is what i don't understand to do.....But im here with you anytime you want to talk cause i do understand and we are going thru the same thing.....
    cyratliff replied to cyratliff's response:
    also want to add that ive been on paxil for over a month now and it just seems like it isn't working at all....i stress over everyting...i don't know what to do anymore...i just want answers and relief so bad to were it was affecting my daily living...i can't do anything anymore...i feel like something bad is gonna happen to me...ever since my breathing has been this way they say its due to anxiety...but sometimes i think its more...i have been on suboxone for over 5 yrs now and i wonder if it has alot to do with my breathing i have COPD...cause i have sum of the symptoms of COPD...i just pray that i don't....please someone give me the best advice possible of what to do for myself.....I always feel anxious and gittery my insides are going crazy....late at night i think of everything and then i start to panic and that don't make it any better...i start to have a panic attack and i just haven't got those under control either...i just want my life back and learn how to understand this better and get help for this to help me...please sincerely urs please someone answer and help me to understand what is going on with me personally and mentally....maybe i do have more than what is going on but i don't know anymore...i feel so tired all the time...i never have energy to do heart beat will flutter away even at times if i just get up or do something small or just so relief that other ppl do go thru and have the same symptoms even tho this is in a bad way to say....not that im glad they are or anything glad that im not feeling this way by myself....
    darrin replied to cyratliff's response:
    deal with this on a daily baisis been to the doctors had blood tests had a stress test done gives me headachs dizzy all the time i take a form of lexapro just dosent seem like it will ever goi away its affecting my life very bad i have a 8 year old son that i love very much but feel tired all the time i will come back to this later
    createdforyou responded:
    I know exactly how you feel and I know lots of people feel this way. (or so I've read). Me? I've been like this for as long as I can remember. I thank god everytime I am sick because I get so dellusional that I sleep through most of it (so kind of a relief). I hope you find some cure or just get better! (and sorry that there is no "good" news)
    deathinme responded:
    hi there...... i have the same problem as yours.....
    last two years ago it was October 5 pm, i went to my friends house to visit him. Suddenly i felt a slight feeling of suffocation. So i ignored it thinking maybe because i frequently smoke... I bought a bottle of water so may it will gone out and it deed. But it got more worst the next morning.

    the next day,I woke up very early in the morning, I took a shower and had a coffee only for my breakfast. i was on my way to my office-mate's apartment and i felt like i was in a shortage of air. so i opened my window but still i'm feeling irritable. i reach my office mate and he get into my car.
    he noticed i was pale and ask me if i'm alright.i said "man i think i'm gonna die pls. take to to the hospital". exchange seats and he drove mo to the nearest hospital.
    I was ex-hosted, and i cant hardly breath. i was praying because i really felt that day that i was going to die.

    finally we arrived at the nearest hospital. they gave me all the necessary test. the attendant said i was in a hypo stage maybe because i didn't have my breakfast. and so it was i didn't really have my breakfast but a glass of coffee only.

    three day after, my friends and i have a night out. we were very happy that night but me.... i felt so sad and i don't know why... suddenly i felt like i was drowning then i cant breath, there i go again i felt like i'm dying. they rushed me to the hospital and this time i got admitted.

    And again, I took all the test and since my brother is a doctor, i did afford to pay all the expenses since some of the doctors are his friends. all test was negative. and they all agreed that i was having a general anxiety disorder. they gave me pills which it make me calm when it attacks me. i've lost 10 kilos of my wright.....

    i was getting tired of my illness, so i research the net.
    there are three things you can do to control your anxiety:

    1. meditation - take a deep breath simultaneously and relax, think of a happy thoughts.

    2. aromatherapy - sniff something that will make you relax and divert your attention. menthol perhaps. (ex.balm or whiteflower)

    3. recitation - recite anything like songs (better with music) or prayer or even reading so you can divert you thoughts.

    THESE THREE DID HELP ME OVERCOME my anciety disorder.. i may not be fully recovered but at least it did help me and i can control it now.

    i hope this will help.

    pslovelives replied to cyratliff's response:
    Wow! I'm from NY, my name is Sabrina & i'm 25 years old & also have a 2 year old, daughter though & engaged to her father. I agree it is a bit refreshing to read that there are people that can relate to what your battling with on a daily basis. I've been suffering from anxiety & panic disorders since I was a little kid, probably as young as 4 years old. I remember worrying day & night as a child about things a child should never worry about, like my parents dying. I would cry in the night telling them "I DON'T WANT YOUS TO DIE." As i got older it got worse I feared people didn't like me & were always judging me. When I turned 16/17 my parents sent me away to FL. After a few days there I experienced my very first panic attack & my heart started racing i felt like i was gonna faint & got extremely dizzy. One day I was watching the 911 memorial from the disaster that happened in Manhattan & it literally made me sick to the point my mom took me to the Psyc ER Dept. Again I was only like 16. I started feeling weird feelings in my heart, I started becoming very "intune" with every glitch, pain, twitch etc... I would feel in my body. I fear I have a disease & that it won't be caught in time by the doctors & i'm slowly dying. The cardiologist has sent me home with a machine to monitor my heart, my doctor says all is fine. I just can't convince myself the same! When I feel a glitch in my body I become tense and my whole attitude changes. When I had my daughter I had a really bad case of preclampsia & had to have a c section & than I lost a lot of blood, was extremely anemic & had to have a blood transfusion. Than once released from the hospital I had to be readmitted due to high blood pressure & it was devastating to me! You can only imagine what that does to someone with an extreme case of anxiety. After being released the prescribed me labadidol a med for HBP, that gave me irregular heart beats so I took myself off of that & after that my anxiety got out of control. I have more frequent panic attacks, I feel like I can't do anything b/c i have like i can't breathe, my doc says it's from my anxiety & he hasn't put me on meds b/c he feels like i'm to young & i should try take cognitive classes first. Anxiety makes my mind constantly race, doesn't let me sleep, sends me in a panic for almost everything & makes me feel soooo uneasy. I feel like I have it all.. a very supportive family, my daughter is healthy & gorgeous, my fiance is amazing, I have a job, not to toot my own horn but i'm very pretty! It's like I have it all but the worry & fear is taking over me! I am a strong believer that through prayer & faith God will help me through this. I do go to my Christian church sometimes, & it does help, i listen to David Jeremiahs sermons from & it helps me fall asleep. My friends invite me out & it's like I want so bad to go but my anxiety leaves me paralyzed, which frustrates me so I don't go. I drink teas like sleepy time tea & tilo teas to try & help me relax, anxiety is mostly all in our mind so i'm trying my hardest to control it but most of the time I can't. I pray for all of you guys, may we all come to peace & learn to control these anxious feelings & panicky, racing thoughts.

    Good luck & God Bless

    Believer23 responded:
    Guys, anxiety can be a spiritual calling and chances are you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP). If so, it is a gift to conclude. Try reading "attaining the world beyond" by Michael Laitman and try reading about HSP. It all made sense when I started studying Kabbalah (I suggest the book I mentioned to begin with and I suggest to seek the education where it is authentic because some out there are bound to make money out of you) and discovering that I am HSP. I don't think medication helps, it will hide the true message beneath your experience. I don't think sharing my experience of anxiety will comfort you, it was bad but I made it without medications. May you be able to see the Light that has been shining upon you all this time but you were unable to see because of our love for ourselves.
    Aeriel_Dawn responded:
    Wow, i am so terribly sorry to hear. Sounds like you have been put through the ringer!!! Have you been tested for anything like Sclaraderma? There are many differant types of it based on the symptoms you have but basically sclaraderma is a bunch of differant diseases all in one essentially... Some Sclaradermas have more or less than another type of sclaraderma... Now there is no specific kind of testing for Sclaraderma but your basically diagnosed based on the symptoms that you have and they heavily monitor those symptoms before diagnosing you obviously but you should suggest that to your doc when you go in next. Its better to rule things out then to have those things rulling you everyday in your mind. Also Neuropothy? Does it ever fell like you have little bugs nipping or biting your fingers or toes?
    shadow_1 replied to Patricia Farrell, PhD's response:
    I have a friend who was told tha his brain was diying and he has all of these symptoms as well as not being able to write in cursive anymore. Do you have any idea on what kind of information that I can look for to help explain what is acually going on any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I have to say that I have an idea as to how these people feel because I have the blurry vision, lose the use of my hands from time to time as well as droping things all the time. I go to bed in pain and wake up in the morning in pain and hurt all day long. It is no fun to have the dizzy spells all the time.

    Again if you can give me some ideas as to what to look for I will be greatly appreciative.


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