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    19, young & dealing with panic and anxiety disorder..
    HungryForFreedom posted:
    I am a nineteen year old female who is in a relationship and is dealing with panic disorder. This community really helps me. So to tell you a little about myself..I have been experiencing really bad anxiety and panic since i was 17 years old. (after the passing of my father)
    When i was younger i dabbled with alot of street drugs. I now feel like everytime i get a panic attack i feel like i am back stuck in one of those "bad trips". Everything around me gets really dark and gloomy! My symptoms are sweaty palms, hot rush through my body, rapid heartbeat, tummy ache, tingling sensation, trouble breathing. I have tried CBT which seemed to help a little but was still getting the physical symptoms. (I did learn how to "control my thoughts") I was then referred to a psychiatrist and was then prescribed 1mg xanax four times daily. I only take .5 once daily for the fear of getting addicted! specially at such a young age. They say that Panic Disorder is hereditary which must be true, both my mother and father have/had panic disorder. I am learning to cope with this but sometimes i just feel like it over takes me. Its so weird i never feel panic if im at work or cleaning and organizing at home. I believe it is because i am keeping my mind busy. I think i have PTSD from having bad experiences on drugs. Everytime i get an attack i go and look at my pupils in the mirror. I have no clue why though. i guess just to make sure that im alive, lol idk! (FYI:Your pupils can dialate while having a panic attack because of the fight or flight response.) From what i understand when you are getting a panic attack your body believes you are in danger. Your hearing gets broad, your vision gets sharp to even sometimes light hurts. Its like our adreneline button gets left on the "ON" side. I do not believe i will ever be completely healed but i do believe one day i will have so much control of my thought pattern i will conquer this life hindering condition. For now i have an amazing mom and a terrific boyfriend to lean on in time of need. Although its like im always wondering when my next one will be, or where for that matter. For anyone out there feeling like you are going crazy or are alone..YOU ARE NOT!! dont give up hope.
    Helpful Things i do while getting an attack
    *Yoga/Deep Breathing/Meditation
    *Warm Bath
    *Being hugged
    *Confirmation(i.e "Your ok, Your healthy, & there is nothing wrong with you physically"
    *Cleaning or Organizing
    *& LAST BUT NOT LEAST..GET ON WEB MD Anxiety community for support.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Thanks for sharing all this with us here. I hope that others here will share some of the things that helps them, and I bet your suggestions will help others too.
    We never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace. ~Peggy Tabor Millin
    vhar717 responded:
    OMG i can relate been having panick attacks since1990.went away and came back 3 times,this time horrible,the cleaning,staying busy helps!!! Good luck i will keep u in my thoughts!!!!
    Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
    I know that everyone here appreciates your reaching out with your suggestions as to how to help themselves when they have a panic attack. That's what this community is all about; helping each other.

    You're right in that panic does run in families and you seem to have a genetic predisposition because your mom and dad both have panic attacks. But you do seem to be handling things very well, you're doing all the right things and you are learning how to help yourself and that's very important. It's also great that you have a wonderful mom and a supportive boyfriend because when panic hits, those around can be very helpful in supplying the calm that is needed.

    Again, thanks for the suggestions.
    HungryForFreedom replied to vhar717's response:
    Thank you so much..i feel so alone sometimes! Good to know other people are going through this too..
    Do you ever feel like your going crazy like pyschotic

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