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    Includes Expert Content
    Comments on Generic Lexapro?
    ariele1970 posted:
    Does anyone have any experience on the new generic equivalent of Lexapro? Notice any differences, side effects, etc? I inadvertently got switched to the generic version when on my automatic mail order refills since that is what the company does unless you tell them otherwise. I didn't even really notice until after I had started taking them. But I am having some problems now and trying to figure out whether it may be because the generic kind is not working for me or maybe it is just my typical stress/anxiety flaring up. Thanks.
    Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
    Generics are not required, by FDA guidelines, to be 100% the same as brand name medications and each generic manufacturer can be slightly different from the others. If you have problems, ask your prescriber to make a case for you for the brand.
    capricorn1234 responded:
    Sometime in winter my Lexapro was automatically switched to the generic brand as well. The pharmacist told it it's "exactly the same" so I thought nothing of it. My anxiety started up again in January. It is not until just recently that I thought the change in medications could be the reason. I thought that the medication was just not working for me anymore, as this can also happen. I'm finding that my anxiety symptoms are back and it is almost as if I am not on medication at all. I too wonder if the generic is not working for me, or my anxiety is getting the best of me again.
    condorat responded:
    There is quite a long list of people who have had quite severe reactions to the generic Lexapro over on Topix under Generic Lexapro. Several of us have listed complaints with the FDA as our reactions were quite severe including sky rocketing blood pressure, severe reversal of treated anxiety, depression, anger, etc. Lots of physical complaints also. People have been admitted to the hospital due to bizarre and out of control symptoms. Many people are furious that they were given the generic and didn't realize they were not taking the Lexapro and suddenly became quite ill or went backwards in their mental health issues.
    jeanwebb1 responded:
    I too got tossed onto generic lexapro through a mail order refill hit on the exact date it became available and since that namebrand only box wasnt checked by my doctor(because generic wasnt available yet), they said they were within their rights to send this to me. I had a very severe reaction to this new medicine and after talking with a local pharmacist I knew I wasnt going crazy. there are indeed fillers generic brands can use and they will lead to reactions severely enough to make you very very sick. This crap should be pulled off the market before someone dies. I know I was so beside myself with ill effects and knew enough that this medicine did it. And my doc and pharmacy confirmed it.
    jeanwebb1 replied to Patricia Farrell, PhD's response:
    Why ARENT generic brands required to follow these guidelines? I hope Obamacare will bring alot of this stuff to light in the near future afterall we ARE HUMANS, NOT GUINEA PIGS.
    mabelandsam2 responded:
    Hi Ariele, I have had the same experience, and it's not a fluke....THE GENERIC LEXAPRO DOES NOT WORK I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY! The first time I used it, I was unaware as the pharmacy filled it generically without my knowledge. I noticed it after the fact and wasnt feeling right, but was insure about it being because it was the generic version. The following month, I switched back to the name brand, and everything was back to normal. My last trip to the doctor, I specifically asked him to write the script for the lexapro to be dispensed as written, but when I went to pick up the script, the price difference was SO GREAT, that I decided to give the generic one more try. IT WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE! I believe there will be law suits against this generic version, and many bad things to happen to the people who are taking them. I believe this is very serious, and that's why I'm replying to your post. I can't even begin to list the changes in myself, and some of the things that are happening to me. Pay the extra money and get the name brand.
    mabelandsam2 replied to jeanwebb1's response:
    What exactly can we do about this......I too worry that someone will die as a result of taking this generic form. Someone needs to warn people, bu twhere do you go, and who do you tell?
    Jillh100 responded:
    I have been now taking the generic Lexapro for one week. I have had horrible gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhea. I thought I had some kind of stomach virus but now I am correlating it to the change over to generic Lexapro. I called the Pharmacist and he said it is highly unlikely my symptoms are due to the new medication. I was on the brand name Lexapro for 3 yrs with no problems. Anyone else experience GI side effects like this?
    condorat replied to Jillh100's response:
    As I stated in an earlier post, you can go to the FDA website and fill out a report on your experiences with the Generic Lexapro. I put a statement on my Facebook page warning people about it. Also on the Topix website under Generic Lexapro, you will read of many peoples experiences with the generic. It has lead to people being hospitalized, blood pressure sky rocketing. Nausea, diarreha, faintness, just about every horrible side effect has been reported and yes, there are people who are truly concerned that people may well have died because of the side effects and no one will ever link the generic med with the death. I wish I knew what else could be done because I think this is a very serious issue and I think this generic should be taken off the market until the company/s making it can prove they have a med that works without causing such horrid side effects.
    condorat replied to condorat's response:
    In addition and I forgot to add this fact, people who have attained good control over their depression, GAD, panic, anxiety who have been given the Generic Lexapro go back into depression, panic attacks, overwhelming anxiety and loose all the benefits attained on Brand Lexapro. There is no way that pharmacists haven't heard of the reactions people are having because it is so widespread. The generic Lexapro is just plain bad medicine some body needs to get the attention of the FDA to get it pulled until they can reformulate the generic. This is the only generic that I have taken that caused such severe issues, never had an issue before this. Psychiatrists are hearing back from patients also so this is not exactly new news.
    An_248036 responded:
    I am on the generic now and just emailed my doctor to say get that stuff away from me! I hate it! I notice that my depression has come back full blown and I have been pretty much symptom free for over 10 years. I did not put 2 and 2 together until recently.
    condorat replied to An_248036's response:
    You can contact Forest Pharmacueticals to report your negative symptoms and in turn they will report those problems to the FDA. There are many people who are slipping back into depression, anxiety, panic, etc who are using the generic Lexapro. It seems to be pure garbage.

    The phone number to report your issues to Forest is 800-851-0758. This is the adverse reaction desk. Please call them so we can get this garbage medicine off the market.
    Amino60 replied to condorat's response:
    Thank you, for the number to Forest Pharm. Will call them. The generic brand of Lexapro is not the same. I can't believe insurance companies raise the price on good name brand meds to price you out so they can force you to buy generic brands that do not work. This is not right at all! Shame on them.
    scramblez responded:
    I've been taking Lexapro, or the generic escitalopram, for several years. Although I suspected the brand name medication worked better for me, I never made a fuss since we are told generics contain the same active ingredients.

    Several weeks ago I began having nighttime panic attacks. While I have experienced this phenomenon sporadically throughout my life, I was disturbed to find they were showing up every night--full-blown panic episides--and they were increasing in intensity.

    I chalked this up to life stressors, but my life was going fairly well. I was eating clean, exercising, and forgoing alcohol. Still, my nights were terrifying and I grew increasingly distracted day by day.

    After a week of hell, I began to retrace my steps. The only event that corresponded, generally, to the beginning of my attacks was a trip to the pharmacy to refill my escitalopram prescription. I had heard that switching to generic from brand could cause issues, but I had been on generic for many months.

    Another week passed, and my panic attacks persisted. They began to seriously interfere with my life, and so I made an appointment with my psychiatrist. However, three days before the appointment I couldn't take it anymore and visited an urgent care facility, where they took mercy on me by writing a prescription for clonazepam. The idea was that clonazepam should suppress attacks and help me sleep. I was grateful, but I still needed to know why the attacks were happening in the first place.

    We went to fill the clonazepam prescription, and I decided to take a chance and tell the pharmacist my problem. I told him I knew it sounded crazy that picking up a refill of my current medication should wreak havoc on my body, but I wondered if anyone else had complained. The pharmacist hadnt heard of any problems, but to my surprise he began researching my escitalopram. It turns out Walgreens had ordered from a new manufacturer (Camber), and the timing corresponded to my refill. He explained that these negative experiences were not uncommon with this type of medication, and that I should check into having my doctor write for Lexapro. In the meantime, he let me purchase a handful of Lexapro at full price, a step I was happy to take if it meant relief. One day later, I have experienced my first restful night in weeks and appear to be on the mend. I meet with my psychiatrist on Monday, and will work with him to fine tune my prescription to avoid these problems in the future.

    Generic vs. generic: Who'd have thought? This experience was a good reminder to trust my hunches and question everything!

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