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    Includes Expert Content
    panic disorder and pregnancy
    mommyofthree87 posted:
    Hello everyone... I have been a suffering from the dabilitating effects of panic disorder since the age of 14 and am now 25. I was on Paxil, 20 mgs a day for the past four years and during that time had one maybe two attacks, not severe at all. I became pregnant in Febuary of this year and my ob docts MADE me stop taking the med cold turkey. I had terriable withdrawl, and each month more and more attacks. I warned them that if I didnt have my med I would not be able to function. Now, almost 9 months later, I can not even leave my house alone. I cant drive, and I have 2-4 severe attacks a day. Ive been to the ER twice in the past week due to racing heart rate and severity of symptoms. I have been offered either lexapro or zoloft. Any advice, I am due Nov. 14th, so hope the meds would work before that, at least alittle bit. Also was wondering about others symptoms. Mine have gotten so severe during my attacks. The rapid heart rate (150), severe dizziness/vertigo, hard to breath, hot flashes, surges of adreniline, shaking, and a complete feeling of terror and doom. Any support and advice would be very appreciated. Thank you
    Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
    I'm not an MD, but your OB was right because during the first trimester is the most dramatic growth of the baby's nervous system, heart and lungs and meds have been shown to cause serious problems.

    Cold turkey is never the way anyone wants to go off a med, but in your case, there was no alternative. You might want to talk to your OB as well as research your med re fetal complications near the completion of the pregnancy. I would also think that you should have been referred for some behavioral help so that you could learn some way to help yourself.

    Take a look at our Tips column, view the relaxation breathing video tutorial and see how that might help.
    mommyofthree87 replied to Patricia Farrell, PhD's response:
    I have an appointment with a psych. doct. but not until Nov. 6th, the soonest they could get me in!!! The have a partial inpatient program that runs for three to five days in a group setting, where a therapists and nurses help guide pts. through depression/anxiety and teach coping skills. IDK if i could handle this at this point though given my agoraphobia and level of panic at this time. Esp. with it being a group setting. Im now getting palpitations, and was seen in the ER. They said that they are most likely anxiety related and encouraged me to get on board with a mental health specialist. I totally agree and am trying. I just feel lost in waiting so long to see a professional who can help me. Didnt know if there were any hotlines or resources I could utilize until then. Somedays, my anxiety is so bad, I cant even eat or sleep, and I know being 9 months pregnant, that that is hurting not only me, but my unborn child.... any advice. Thanks so much...
    Patricia Farrell, PhD replied to mommyofthree87's response:
    You might want to call the center that is offering the group sessions and ask them about available phone sources for hot lines or other resources in your area. They are the ones who would know.

    Do they offer any service that would pick you up so that you could go to the group? I know it's something you don't want to do, but self-help would be very good at this point. Have you tried our relaxation breathing video tutorial we have in our Tips column? At the very least, this might be very helpful right now.

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