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    Panic/Anxiety with possible Depression, am I loosing it?
    An_249098 posted:
    I've been struggling with panic/anxiety disorder probably my whole life but officially since 2000. I'm 34 now. It comes and go. One day I'm traveling to foreign countries the next I find it difficult to even leave my house. Right now it has gotten especially bad again. The past few months have been a struggle but something shifted this past week. My doctor said that my ocd which usually attaches itself to medical issues or death is now focused on this fear that I may go crazy, need to be placed in psych hospital or constantly be trapped in this intense fear. Usually my anxiety is focused on the external like trouble breathing, heart palps, like I'm going to pass out and die. The past few days it is just an overwhelming sense of dread, sense of fear. On top of that I feel as though the feeling of ever feeling excited or joy again is gone. While struggling with anxiety these past few months I still got excited I could still enjoy certain things. The past few days that is a distant memory. When I look to the future it seems hopeless. Is this depression now mixed with anxiety. I hate this feeling of hopelessness, feeling of am I loosing it am I going insane. I have a wife a child and a business which need me. While functioning the past few months have been tough I've for the most part been able to handle my responsibilities. It now feels impossible. Has anybody else felt a shift like this when dealing with panic? Could I simultaneously be dealing with anxiety and depression?
    Understand responded:
    Hi. My anxiety is different from yours, but I know from firsthand experience that a person can be dealing with both anxiety and depression. Like you, I've thought I needed to be placed in a psych hospital--in fact, a year or so ago, when I couldn't do anything except cry during a session, I managed to ask my psychologist if he'd admit me to one. He refused, saying hospitals are for sick people, and I wasn't sick. (After that, I stopped going to him.)
    Do you use any coping techniques during (or just before) an anxiety attack? I plan to call Monday to try to see a psychiatrist, but in the meantime, if I have an attack (which affects me by causing nonstop crying), I want and need to try to stop it before it starts, if that's possible. Slow, deep breathing doesn't help me.
    Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
    Anxiety and depression very often come together and I call them "the Ugly Twins" because of this. You will see it mentioned in my book, How to Be Your Own Therapist (at

    Since you seem to be very engaged in business and this is a truly stressful time in the economies of the world, I would think that you may be quite stressed. Being stressed bring on many of the symptoms that you are describing and you may need a bit of self-help with this. There are several things that you can do.

    First, learn to do relaxation breathing (see our Tips column) by watching the tutorial I posted there. Next, begin a regular exercise routine (with the approval of your MD) which is not strenuous, but provides you with some exercise. Research has confirmed that exercise should be part of psychiatric treatments because it is so beneficial. Be sure you eat properly, get enough sleep and get some joy out of an activity, hobby, etc. All of this means a balanced lifestyle and that's what we all need.

    I hope things so improve for you very shortly.
    tkellyvt1 replied to Understand's response:
    I've recently become a big fan of mindfullness. I will say it takes practice and commitment not giving up if it does not work immediately. I start reading a book called the Mindfulness and Acceptance workbook. Learning to meditate and stay present with your emotions learning to not become so entangled with the mind is important. I know easier said then done.
    JodiKrause responded:
    hello, i am 20 years old and i was originally diagnosed with depression 3 or 4 years ago they put me on zoloft, that i took for about 4 to 5 months and it workd perfectly. then i stopped taking it because i didnt think i really needed it to began with... then 6 months later i started getting anxiety and panic attacks (which were new to me) i thought i needed it again so i took it for about a month then stopped, after that i was off and on it up untill this last year i havent taken it at all for a whole year, mabe a little longer.. anyway i wish now that i would have just stayed on it and committed to taken it because my anxiety has gotten so bad in these last few months i barely want to get outta bed, i feel sick to my stomach all the time (is this from anxoiety?? or depression or what) so ive lost 10 to 12 pounds in the last months from not eating cuz ive felt sick... i have a phobia that triggers my anxiety, its the fear of throwing up or getting sick. so feeling nausous all the time make me have anxiety even more all the time... i can barely drink water im afraid of what might happen to me?!? i tried taking lexapro last week, i took one 10mg pill and it made me sooo dizzy and sick to my stomach so i didnt take another one, im afraid to go back to zoloft because i dont know if im mentally strong anough right now to deal with the side effects with out freaking out all the time and i cant take time off my job for it either.. i made them precribe me 25mg to start off with instead of 50mg that they had me on orignally... i just want to feel the way i did 6 or 8 months ago seems like these past few months have been HELL. will i shake out of this or will it only get worse unless i take medicine? because like i said i want to wait till im stronger

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